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You are my life - episode 16

Days were passing by. Ramya started her new work at the office side. Although she felt missing her previous job, aching inside for teaching profession, she just concentrated on her current job, did her work sincerely. We won't get always what we like in our life, sometimes we have to accept what life provides us and be satisfied with that, then only we able to feel the fulfillment of our life journey. Knowing this truth, Ramya accepted the present situation and settled with her new environment. For her self satisfaction she started taking tuition for the poor students of the village, free of cost at her home.

Once again life goes on like sailing in a boat in a quiet river. Ramya was planning to get admission for Adhira in a big school in nearby city. It's a renowned school, getting admission is really a tough job. Some said, they admit the child, only if she is having a recommendation letter from any 'big hand'. Some said, the capitation fee is too high, which Ramya couldn't afford, why wasting time.

But Ramya decided to make it a try, as good education is important in life than anything else. For that a good school is must. To accomplish her aim of life, she is willing to knock any door. She knew this school is the one which is reputed in the whole city, everybody trying to get admit their children in that school. They're a big group of concern having even 'tech' and arts colleges in and around the city, all have got a good name, studying under that 'concern' means traveling towards the good fortune.

Ramya was very much tensed and became apprehensive when she saw the crowd while getting application. Most of them have come by car, she wondered if there's any chance for her to get admission. If at all, she gets admission, she worried, how she is going to meet the expenses. But anyway for her child's better future, she's ready to accept any form of trouble.

"Now the first problem is getting an admit card, then would think about other things afterwards" Ramya thought like anyother parent who are all fighting to make a better possible outcome in their children's future.

To her relief, now a days all schools are conducting entrance exams for the newcomers for each and every grade. Ramya relieved of her stress, breathed easy then, as Adhira made it easy. Since she's very brilliant, she cracked the exam easily by scoring high marks. They have provided the admit card for her.

Now comes the next problem, the capitation fee, when she got the fee challan in her hand, her breath caught for a second. Although it's an ordinary one, for her it's a big amount. She looked all around her, everybody else who has received fee challan along with admit card seemed ok with it. But for her, she has to spend her whole savings in all these years for this capitation fee, then what to do for the other expenses like term fees, books, uniform, bus spare etc..

She took a big breath to pacify her mind. They have given a week time. She started thinking possible ways of arranging money. "I could borrow some amount from somebody", she thought. She felt ashamed about the thought, until then she haven't asked anybody for any money. There's no such situation occurred to her. She led a simple life, habituated herself and her baby for that, never ever allowed her expenses go beyond her income. She even did some savings within her earnings, and tried to help others in need of money at times.

"Why looking sad, my daughter?!" Krishnan sir, the old man, her neighbor and house owner, asked Ramya.

His wife Lakshmi, brought coffee for all three, they're sitting and chatting with each other. Adhira gone to play outside.

Ramya remained silent. "I think it's the fees amount that bothering her, big school know", Lakshmi ma said.

"You are taking a big leap, have to face the hurdles, don't worry, let's see what could be done", Krishnan sir tried to reassure her.

"I'm planning to borrow some cash amount from that local financier," Ramya said thoughtfully.

"No..", Krishnan sir said firmly and some what angrily. "Think of other possibilities", he finished the topic for sure.

Ramya was confused why he denies the idea, but she decided to follow his advice, as because they are the one supporting her now, a lot like her parents, and also she knew following the instructions of experienced elderly people is always good for life. But it's also a truth, for arranging money, right now she couldn't find any other way.


For the past 2-3 days, she is not able to sleep properly, as she's constantly thinking about her money problem. She even thought once, is it necessary to place the baby in that school?!.. On that night also she was pacing the bedroom until after midnight, then felt tired in both body and mind, laid herself in bed and slowly drifted into sleep.

"You can come and place the baby inside, I will take care of her, you don't worry", she heard a voice in her dream which made her suddenly woke up from her sleep. Rubbing her eyes, she tried to orient her thoughts, and it took some time for her to realize that it was a dream. "It was 'him'...... his words on their first meeting some eight, nine years ago....why do I remember that in my dream right now?! Why the thoughts about 'him' popped up suddenly?! That too in this problematic situation.....

She let out a sigh and drank a glass of water. Maybe the lack of sleep and the confused mind responsible for disorientation, inappropriate thoughts from deeper side popping up", she thought. Even though it's inappropriate for the situation, it pacified her heart, provided her peace of mind, she felt. She drank a glass of water from nearby table.

Thinking too much about a problem will only bring health issues like this. She thought her confused mind is responsible for the dream, so trying to omit his memories, pretending that she doesn't remember him, she slowly fell asleep because of fatigue.


To be continued......

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