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You are my life - episode 17

Next day morning when she was at work, she received a call from the new school. She was very much surprised on hearing the news, she couldn't believe her ears. She once again asked the office lady who talked with her for the confirmation. "Yes, it's a confirmed one...." She let out a big sigh of relief after 3 days of stress and tension. The feeling is like a big rock which is blocking on her way just like that moved like a dust.

The news is ,Ramya has no need to pay the capitation fee, as her child scored high marks in the entrance exam, they're planning to provide scholarship for her. There's also reduction in the term fees. Books, notebooks, uniform, bus spare everything else is free of cost.

Actually it's an awesome offer, she just ran to the small 'Lord Ganesh temple', situated in her school premises, thanking 'Him' profusely with goosebumps. "Oh God, after this much suffering, you showered me with your blessings, I am fulfilled, thank you so much for your extensive kindness and love", Ramya was too emotional, standing in front of the God, eyes closed.

"Today the Almighty showed enormous blessings on you, 'He' has come in the form of 'that boy Vijay' to help you", a sudden wave of thought crossed her mind. She opened her eyes immediately, that was the old lady's voice on the day of light crash. "why do I remember that now?! What's the need for it?! She got confused and looked at the God. Lord Ganesha looking at her in smiling face, offering blessings to her.

Then she sat thoughtfully on the premises of the temple, her mind fully occupied with Vijay's memories. She has gone back to those days...his face, his smile filled her happy heart with ecstasy. Would he searched for me in his next visit to chitra sis house?!..... or he just took it as infatuation in that age group and forgot about the whole thing?! Second one must be the truth she thought... But 'those eyes'..... they said something the same time the temple bell rang, which made Ramya to come out of her train of thoughts about him... ' it's a good sign, so it's true', her instinct told.

She started walking towards the office room.
Now a days the frequency of his thoughts were increasing, she realized. Why?! An unanswerable question... but the odd similarity is, her mind was getting occupied by his thoughts accidentally, then the problem was getting solved automatically. She stopped short, jerked for a moment about this new thought.......she remembered the previous night's dream, yes it's true', she nodded herself slowly then. Is it a coincidence?! Again a big question.....whenever she thinks about him it brings a good fortune to her, 'may be he is my lucky charm ', she concluded herself, force fully put full stop on further thinking, entered inside the office, approached her place and started doing her work, innocent Ramya not knowing the actual truth.

"My mom looking happy today", Adhira chuckled and hugged her mother. "That's because of my girl, she made my dream come true", Ramya hugged her baby back and told about the scholarship. "Oh....then today is my day, my mommy is going to make chicken rice for me", Adhira giggled once again. That's one of her favorite dish, she always prefer to have it, whenever there's a chance. "Oh ...sure baby", Ramya tapped her girl's cheek, they're going to enjoy the happy day with this small treat.


Days were flying like birds. Adhira started her new schooling. She enjoyed a lot, new environment, new friends. She became the teacher's pet student easily because of her knowledge and obedience. Her smiling face and tender speech has won the hearts of most of the students at her class. She made friends with all of them.

Also she faced some hurdles at her school because of this fame and her quiet, calm nature. Under Ramya's guidance she tried to ignore them, only concentrated on her studies. Ramya was planning to shift their house to the city where Adhira's school was situated, so that it will be easy for her baby to attend the school. Instead of adhira, Ramya can travel, and come here for office.

Ramya was thinking about that while waiting on the roadside, one fine evening to receive her baby. The school bus arrived and stopped near her, Adhira got down from the bus carrying her school bag on the back and lunch bag in her hand.

Ramya took the lunch bag from her child and held her hand, they both started walking towards their house. Usually on the way home, Adhira continuously talk about her day at school, all the events without missing anything. But today she kept quiet.

Ramya looked at her baby's face and found it's a bit sad. "Why my girl is keeping quiet today?! Her voice soft enough to soothe her. Adhira didn't say anything. Ramya stopped walking, knelt down at her, gently lifted her baby's chin up and asked "what happened adhi ma?!"

"There's a girl called 'Tanu' in our class. Very rich girl and having much pride in that. She also studies well, before I joined there, she was the class topper, everybody used to praise her it seems. After my arrival she lost her first place position, she couldn't digest that others appreciating me. So she is showing her 'attitude' towards me because of the jealous. Some of the girls being around her, for which she gave them cookies and chocolates, they all together a group, annoying me and irritating me whenever possible", the little one's tone really bothered.

Ramya felt worried about her baby but didn't show it on her face, "I already told you adhi ma, just try to ignore them, don't get involved in quarreling with them or retreating something like that, since you are new to the school, try to get good name, be patient, everything will be alright soon", she tried to console her.

Still the baby girl's face not yet cleared. "What adhi ma?!" Ramya asked so softly. "Today she used 'that bad word' meaning fatherless kid against me", Adhira's eyes filled with tears. Ramya hugged her child and patted her gently on the back. She couldn't find a word to console her. She let out a sigh...

At the same time, a neighbor crossed them, telling, " Ramya, what are you doing here, there's a problem going on at your house, the local financier brought some issue on your house owners, that old people are standing frustrated not knowing what to do, you go and look after that".

Ramya got confused 'what it could be?', she lifted her child and hurried towards her house.

To be continued.......

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