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You are my life - episode 18

Ramya got confused 'what it could be?', she lifted her child and hurried towards her house. When she entered into their street, she saw a small crowd gathered in front of their house. When she approached, she able to hear someone is talking loudly, actually shouting, using all the bad comments.

When she squeezed through the crowd, entered into the scene, she saw that ' Babu' so called local financier (usurious money lender), who is running a small finance business in that local area, in and around 2, 3 villages nearby, an 'unruly person' in behavior, shouting towards Krishnan sir.

Ramya didn't come across this person , until now no such situation occurred, she just heard about him that he is more arrogant in nature. He always collects too much 'interest' (usury interest) for the lending amount, if anyone calculate the whole amount settled to him it always exceed well above the total money needed to pay. For most of them, which were mostly farmers in that village not able to repay that much huge amount instead of a little money borrowed by them, he used to abduct their land or house in exchange for the money. Because of this he became rich, doing all unmoral things, torturing and harassing the people by keeping some rowdies around him. He kept the local police in his pocket by bribing them and doing some politics in and around that area. So nobody dare to raise question against him, they can't live there peacefully after questioning him. Ramya came to know everything about him and the issue between them from Krishnan sir after he left the place.

Both Krishnan sir and Lakshmi ma very much frustrated by this incident, both were very quiet in nature, leading a respectable life in that village. Krishnan sir, a retired government teacher, living life by his pension. They have only one son, living in Chennai with his wife, not taking care of his parents. Their daughter in law cut off their relationship forever.

Some ten years ago, when Krishnan sir undergone a 'bypass surgery' they borrowed the amount required for the operation from this Babu unknowingly about his nature. At the time, he was only emerging as a financier. Krishnan sir was paying the interest in all these years with replacement of most of the principal amount, which is more than enough for the total amount, yet that greedy babu is telling it's not enough and not allowing them to free from his agreement. Now for the settlement of left over amount he is asking that house, in which they are living now including Ramya's portion.

"It's quite wickedness", Ramya was much furious, now she understood why Krishnan sir said 'No', when she decided to borrow money from him. What to do now?! He is asking to settle a huge amount within a week, if they are not willing to give their house. Ramya advised them to ask their son for help, but they refused to do so as they know for sure it's of no use.

Instead of them, Ramya tried to reach their son through phone, without even listening to the problem, he cut off the call. Ramya realized, calling him for help is like banging our head on the wall. She dropped the idea.

Meanwhile the time given by Babu was over. They tried in all places, but they couldn't made out because money is the main problem everywhere. At the end of the week, Babu came with some rowdies, asked to sign the papers regarding house registration. Krishnan sir refused to do so and pleaded him for some more time. He pushed Krishnan sir away, nodded his head to his men, they entered inside the house, grabbed the things whatever they come across, threw them out of the house.

When Ramya tried to oppose him, saying this is unfair, he looked at her as though he just now noticing her. He came closer to her in slow motion, in fear Adhira hugged her mother's leg tightly, he said, " Beautiful!!! Even after gave birth to a child, you look so young..." with an unwanted glee. Ramya in peak of anger started saying something, but interrupted by him. ", cool....I am not a womenizer, so I won't touch you, but if at all, you cross my path, then I will show who I am..." He turned to Krishnan sir, "only another two days time, be ready to sign after that", then he ordered his men to leave the house and left along with them.

Ramya's face appeared too pale, in height of all emotions mixed up, anger, hatred, panic, frustration... She bit her lip hard, not to express them in front of Adhira, who's already afraid enough and ready to cry anytime. She hugged her child tight and gently stroked her back, trying to ease down both her baby and herself.


Ramya made her baby lye down on the bed since it's already past ten in night, covered her with the blanket and asked her to sleep. Adhira started sleeping by holding her mother's hand tightly and keeping them by her side. She able to understand her girl's fear, but doesn't know how to reassure her since she herself doesn't know what to do next. She wanted to go out and get some fresh air as she felt choking by all these troubles, but Adhira held her hand tightly Ramya couldn't let them move, so she lyed down beside her slowly without disturbing her sleep.

Ramya is brave enough to face the life's difficulties independently but she didn't expect situations could be worse like this. Krishnan sir and Lakshmi ma compelled her not to get involve in this issue, and asked her to change her locality. They became so frightened after babu's behavior towards her. Krishnan sir told Ramya that, one of his friends was living in Chennai, both Ramya and adhira could go and hide themselves there for sometime until this issues got over, after that they can return. But Ramya refused the idea firmly, she doesn't want to run away like a coward while her beloved people facing trouble here, whatever be the outcome, she wants to stand beside them.

She went to the police station today evening to Lodge a complaint against him and the usury interest issues, but they tried to avoid her in all possible ways, eventually without giving any importance they filed her complaint. Ramya realized the truth, they never take any action in this issue. Money played it's part here too. Station SI advised her not to indulge in these problem, make them ( the house owners Krishnan sir and Lakshmi ma) ready to sign the papers brought by Babu. Ramya felt bitterness throughout her gut after seeing, how people are running behind money now a days, throwing the justice in dust bin just like a waste paper.

Ramya sitting in the bus, which is moving in city's heavy traffic. She closed her eyes and deeply thinking about her problem, recalling the incidents one by one. She was feeling so tired, completely worn out, she felt like she couldn't move her limbs at all, she just gave up... Suddenly she felt a small, warm, soft hand holding her palm and gripping it tight as though to reassure her. She saw a baby who is sitting in his mother's lap next to her, trying to play with her hand. The baby's mother smiled at her saying proudly he's becoming more friendly now a days. When Ramya asked for his name, she said "Vijay". Ramya jolted on hearing the name, because of that, she came out of her dream, that is she woke up from her sleep.

It took some time for her, to realize it, meeting with the baby was a dream, she is sleeping with Adhira at her home. She recalled that she wanted to go out to the back yard, as Adhira held her hand tightly, she dropped the idea and lyed down, while thinking about the police station events, she just drifted into sleep.

Adhira is holding her palm tightly that's why she felt a baby's hand, she thought. But "his name..." She took a deep breath and tried to relax her. Even though She can't decipher why she remembered his name in her dream, she knew for sure, it's been happening like this in recent times and it brings good fortune to her.
Thinking about him with complete placidity and serene feeling, she once again slowly fell asleep peacefully......

To be continued.....

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