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You are my life - episode 19

Disclaimer : Contents of this episode are truly and totally fictitious, not representing anyone or anybody or else the current situation - author.

Next day morning, when Ramya woke up, she felt very refreshing, all the tiredness were gone. She recalled the dream, her inner hope increased now. God would be there to help her, she thought. The feeling was so pleasant, she inhaled her breath slowly, deeply, quietly with relief of so much pressure. It's very pleasing now, she started doing her work with full of confidence.

That evening when Ramya reached her home from work, she received a call from an unknown number saying that, the area MLA planned to visit her at her home regarding the issues of 'usury interest' problem, want to do some favour, so "be ready".

Ramya was totally surprised and also confused, is it true?! Is it possible to happen like this?! The person who talked with her said he's MLA's PA. So it might be true, but how come the MLA knew about this issue? Is somebody had complained about this?! That too why they called me instead of Krishnan sir?! Now a days, have politicians even time to look after commenor's problems?! Ramya's mind raised series of questions. Feeling mildly tensed and not knowing what to do now, she rushed to Krishnan sir's house and conveyed the news. "Elections are nearing know, that's why these stunting and all" Krishnan sir guessed. Within minutes the news spread to people nearby, crowd started gathering in front of Ramya's house.

Within half an hour, 3-4 big size cars in all varieties followed one by one in that small street along with a police jeep. The MLA got down from the vehicle which showed government symbol infront. The crowd cheered at him. He waved his hand towards them, and entered inside Ramya's house surrounded by his men. All of them were in pure white and white cotton shirt and dhoti.

Ramya and Krishnan sir welcomed the MLA with a flower Garland, Lakshmi ma provided coffee to all of them. Aadhira was watching all these scenes with her widened orbs. The MLA started speaking after the formalities, "I came to know about all what had happened to you people, I personally register my regrets for that, I have been receiving lots of complaints against the usury interest problem in this area, as I'm always wanted to be a helper of poor people, it's my duty to take action immediately and bring relief and peace in people's lives, after all we all elected to 'wipe out the tears' of the common people like you" he finished his mini 'speech' with a broad smile, covered up every thing to ensure his votes for coming up election. Crowd once again cheered as most of them were inside the house which were blocked by local police men from approaching the MLA.


Just before half an hour of all this drama, babu's mobile rang in his house. The display showed a number, leisurely he took the call and said "hello..."

A "teasing stylish whistle" came from other side.

"Who is this?!" Babu crooked his eyebrows thinking who it could be.

"Your macha....." Said a male voice, he haven't heard of previously.
(Here the word 'macha' is used in the meaning of teasing the opponent. One way of annoying a person.)

"What???? Are you playing with me?!! Do you know whom you're talking with??? " Anger built-up in babu's voice.

"Yeah....I know who you are....of course I know whom I am talking with.. and your history as well... the cheap usury interest money lender babu who's calling himself as a big financier.... the great cheater who deceiving poor farmers with his so called tricky ideas... the absolute fraud who gathered money by exploitation , extortion of people....... a stupid moron who thinks himself as big arrogant rogue who showed his pride and strength to weak elderly couple and to a poor innocent girl..."

Babu was in total fury, head to foot. His eyes became red hot in much anger as a result of the description about him, his one part of brain was continuously thinking who it could be, he almost yelled "who are you man?? If you're in front of me, I chop off your head....."

The other side laughed very cool and said

"I am waiting...."

"Oops....." Babu was speechless as he was completely taken aback by the reply, he didn't expect this much courage. He doesn't mean it actually as he is not bold enough, he just wanted to threaten the speaker, but 'he' casually thrusted it back towards him.

To his surprise 'he' continued in firm voice, "I am waiting in the playground, situated in this village boundary, You can come straight away right now, I am all alone your biceps ( bravery) to a man, not to poor innocent people. I don't bother if you come along with your men......But before that like an obedient child, do what you're asked to do, if actually don't know whom you're encountering with, what you told to me, I will do that to you...." the phone went off.

Babu was sweating like as he was standing inside a hot air oven. He was completely dumbfounded and motionless. Actually Babu is not a professional rowdy, only doing some simple rowdyism by using his men to scare the people to make lot of money in his financial business. So he felt absolutely intimidated by this unknown caller. Not knowing what to do next, he was standing like a statue. At the same time, to peak his tension, one of his men hurriedly came and said, "MLA sir asked us to come and meet him right now".

It took some time for Babu to get back to normal, then only he asked, "What are you saying? What's the issue? Where is he? He understood for sure something is wrong.

"He is in that girl Ramya's house, regarding the issue of that old couple's house, he knew everything it seems, I think he's in anger, the local police is also along with them, his PA sent people in search of us, I was calling you, standing behind for the past 5 minutes, you are unresponsive, what happened? What's the matter?"

Babu recalled the mobile talk with that unknown man, he felt the cold feeling in center of his chest. 'This is what he asked to do obediently huh?!... Really he is some big guy...From His voice and the way of talking, definitely he might be waiting for me in that playground, better not to turn up there', he thought decidedly. Hiding his tension and shivering he sent some of his rowdies to the playground mentioned by 'him' just to know what would happen, before leaving his house to meet the MLA.


Babu was trying a lot for a long time to enter inside the political party by using his money, because an imposter like him, always needed a political support. For his job, name and fame only comes with that political background. So he was totally upset when he came to know that MLA sir got involved in this 'usury interest' issue.

He entered inside the house, walked to the front of MLA like a submissive person. With full of anger MLA shouted at him, "what you are doing is totally wrong, stop it right now, return all the papers whatever regarding the agreement to this elderly couple, do it right now without any delay, hereafter I should not receive any complaints against you, so be careful". He also ordered the local police men to take immediate action and arrest him for his offense and produce him before the court of law. Police handcuffed Babu at once and thrusted him towards the Jeep. The crowd once again cheered for MLA and praised him for his action using slogans shouting from their bottom of the throat.

Then MLA sir gestured his PA, who brought some cash amount, gave it to him. He gifted the money to Krishnan sir, saying this is our party's fund which meant to help for the people in need, and allowing the local news channels to take pictures of that scene. Then he took selfie along with the Krishnan sir, Ramya and the crowd for his Twitter page to tweet it as "man of humanity" in service of mankind, later on by his men. Then he left the house along with his men followed by police, crazy crowd and lined up cars everything gone like a stormy wind leaving behind Ramya, Krishnan sir and Lakshmi ma in total bewilderment.


PostScript : later on Babu came to know that the rowdies sent by him to fight with the ' unknown caller' got admitted in hospital with substantial injuries, they said they met a man there who was seen alone and being the reason for their injuries, they described it each punch of him was like a thunderstorm. They also handed a note to Babu given by 'him' saying, after his release from jail, Babu must close his money lending business, return all the properties and agreement papers of that village farmers seized by him to the concerned people, has to live his life quietly without disturbing others. The note also said, "if not.... remember the last sentence of my phone call....". Now Babu leading his life by working in his paddy fields inherited from his father, living life peacefully and quietly in that village.

To be continued.......

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