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You are my life - episode 21

"My first and last thought in a day
Is Always about you
Ever since I met you...."

After finishing her works, the staff nurse checked with the time, it's already past nine, she came out of the post op unit and saw that ramya was standing alone by leaning against the wall with closed eyes. The nurse's heart melted on seeing her like this, she thought, 'she not even made an attempt to sit'. She approached Ramya and gently tapped her in the arm.

Jolted by this sudden touch, Ramya opened her eyes to see the nurse. "What happened sister, is my girl ok??? She hurriedly asked in tensed voice. "Cool lady... nothing to worry, she is ok and quietly sleeping, I came here just to check on you", sensing her apprehension nurse replied in a soothing voice. She also added " you could come and stay in my room and spend your night there after having food".

Ramya let out a sigh of relief after hearing her baby is doing good, realized little late nurse's concern about her and replied, "oh so kind of you sister, but no thanks, I will sit here itself and wait.. also I don't want to trouble you as well" with a nonchalant smile.

"Oh no.. how can you spend the whole night by sitting alone here, see everybody else has gone to their room, it's not at all a problem, you come with me, I'll show you my room" staff insisted.

"But sister...." Ramya tried to oppose, but interrupted by the nurse, "come, come let's go, otherwise I won't be able to answer Karthik doctor tomorrow" she started walking towards the end of the corridor.

Finding no way to stop her, Ramya followed her, but again... she come across the name "Karthik" said by the nurse stirred her mind in confusion. "Who it could be?!...I just wanted to see him, but I forgot.." Ramya was thinking while walking. By the time both of them reached a small room, situated at the corner of the corridor, nurse opened it, switched on the light. Inside that small room there's a medium sized couch with small mattress on it and a mini table nearby. There was barely enough space for changing the dress, hangers on the wall having the color dress and a nurse duty uniform, on the table there kept the nurse's hand bag, an empty tiffin box, and a food parcel.

"You can take rest here by using the couch, feel free to use it as I won't be able to come here today, my colleague is on leave, so today night I have to take care of the patients alone, kindly adjust, the couch is so small, tomorrow you can go to your allotted room, that will be big enough for both of you" staff said.

Ramya felt somewhat awkward by this all of a sudden care, not knowing how to respond, she said eventually, "Thank you very much sister, it's more than enough, you are so nice to people, I owe you so much.." she expressed her gratitude.

"You have to say all this to Karthik sir, actually he is the one who asked me to take care of you and ordered dinner for you from the canteen", nurse pointed out the parcel placed on the table. "Ok, have the food without fail and try to sleep, we will take care of your baby" nurse turned to leave.

"Sister one minute please..I want to ask you something... who's this 'karthik sir'?! I haven't seen him before, but he is helping me a lot, he also paid the advance amount instead of me, where he will be?! can I meet him now?! I want to thank him..." Ramya asked in a hesitant voice.

"Don't you know him?! I thought you were related to him..." nurse showed surprise in her voice. Ramya answered 'No' by nodding her head, deeply thinking inside, is there anyone in the name of Karthik she had come across in her life.

"He is taking special care of your baby since he received her in casualty, he already visited her in the post op unit, he himself signed the consent form ( patient relative's approval form) for surgery, actually he can do this simple surgery by himself, but he personally requested our renowned chief to do it for your baby, as the chiefs usually attend only complicated cases, your luck chief is free at the time", nurse answered still in amusement.

Ramya was totally confused and dumbfounded... some unknown person is helping her this much and taking care of her baby.......all she could think at the time is, 'God is helping her always in the form of someone, not letting her down, humanity still exists in this world, that's what the reason making the earth to spin till now...'

Nurse continued with a satisfied and proud voice, "Karthik doctor is always like's no wonder he has won everybody's heart in this hospital by his friendly and helping nature. He is doing his masters in orthopedics here, now he is in operation theater doing surgery, tomorrow he will be having the day off, so you can meet him the day after tomorrow, I am leaving now, please be comfortable and take rest", without waiting for a reply nurse left hurriedly as she's on duty.

It seems, if she's is not alone in her duty, she will definitely deliver a mini speech about that so called 'Karthik sir'..... and also she is not the only person praising him, Ramya remembered the cash counter ladies talk... actually Ramya was a bit annoyed at that time when she came to know that some one had paid the advance amount instead of her, as because she has the ability to pay it by herself.

But now, after hearing everything from this staff nurse, Ramya was touched by that 'unknown person's ' care and concern, she's also feeling very grateful to him....unknowingly a curiosity developed inside her to meet that person.

By the time, she finished eating and lyed down on the couch by her left side, curling herself by folding her knees up. All the while her mind is thinking about 'the new person' without her knowledge, Who's that person taking care of her, even arranged for her food, rest and comfort?!

"Ouch... Ramya.. what's all these?!! You are thinking too much about a stranger, that too you haven't met him once in your life... " her rational mind knocked her down. Ramya stopped her thinking about 'him' right there and started sleeping by thinking about her baby...

Poor, innocent Ramya not knowing the truth, her soul is seeking it's love.....

To be continued.....

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