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You are my life - episode 22

"Your candid shot
A lovely portrait
A lively epic
Engraving my heart
Vignetting smart
Imprinting my brain
Inscribing my cells
Capturing my eyes
Warfaring wise
Fulfilling my soul
Engulfing me like a black hole
Pen bends
Paper ends
Feelings never....."

Then how is she now?" Karthik was swimming already in the pool, since it's early morning, nobody is there except him.

Gokul just now entered in after taking shower, and joined him. For the past two days, he didn't come to work as he was busily nursing his wife Mena (alias Menaka) who got acutely ill.

Gokul let out a sigh, as though he has just crossed a pathetic situation in his life. " Now she's somewhat ok...." it's obvious that real concern etched in his voice. Karthik knew well about his friend, his love for his wife and son.

Both Karthik and Gokul are friends since their undergraduation college days, both are like bros, more than friends. Gokul and Menaka started loving each other since then, as Menaka also studied in the same college. When they completed their UG, both parents arranged their marriage, since then they're happily married couple, with a proof of 3 year old Varun in their hand for their love.

"What's the physician's opinion?" Karthik asked. For a simple two days fever, which can be cured with rest and paracetamol, Gokul did all the investigations available for his wife, which showed everything normal and got the city's popular physician's consultation.

"It's a viral fever!!" Gokul's voice sounds like Mena has got some fatal disease.

"Don't create scene man, it's just a fever", Karthik smirked at him. He already called Menaka to ask about her health, she was in the stage of crying, " I couldn't bear anymore, please call him to work, for a simple fever he is taking care of me like that I am some ' crystal glass bowl', not allowing me to get down from the cot, feeding me with spoon that saltless porridge, that's ridiculous... asking me to sleep and take rest 24×7 not even allowing me to take my mobile and also he sent Varun to his parent's house, OMG.... please save me from his 'tender loving care", especially she pressed the last 3 words. Karthik literally laughed at the imagination, Gokul carrying the vessel containing hot water carefully by using the kitchen towel.

"You don't know Karthik.... She became like a dried leaf within these two days of fever, she is too flexible to tolerate even 100° F, not at all eating properly, always giving importance to me and Varun, not thinking about herself...." Gokul muttered. A true family man and loving husband exhibiting his real concern.

Karthik tried to engulf his laugh, but failed.

"Don't laugh at me.... your turn will also come one day, it's not too far..." Gokul said casually not knowing the incident happened at hospital, as he wasn't at work yesterday.

"It's already came..." Karthik thought inside, his smile faded at once, his face showed pain, eyes getting concerned, he remembered the picture, when he came to attend adhira in casualty........' its horrible, the feeling.. he had seen so many patients previously, with serious life threatening injuries, profusely bleeding wounds, but this one shook his heart...he can't be able to digest the simple small injury of his cutie pie, sweet little angel, he couldn't bear the pain seen in her face at the time.....' He let out a big sigh. After all, we all human beings, can't bear our beloved one's sufferings.

Gokul was watching his friend's face keenly, confused at why his face showed such seriousness, what could be the reason?... Since both are friends from college days, Gokul knew his friend and about his life in and out till now, he could sense him well all his moves, so he was deeply thinking why he is worrying now, that too while talking about family something happened in his life without my knowledge? Is his dude trying to hide anything from him?! he doubted heavily. He wanted to use this opportunity to poke him. When ever he gets a chance, he will use it to make his friend a family man, as karthik's uncle placed this huge responsibility over his head.

"well...then who is she?!" Gokul suspiciously asked expecting a knock back from his friend.

"mhm.. what?!" Karthik jerked by this gokul's sudden quiry, he didn't expect, Gokul would find him exactly what he is thinking. He hid his feeling, changed his expression, brought a smile on his lips and asked once again, " what are you asking for?!"...

"You were seriously thinking about something, I thought it might be a woman..." Gauging his friend's reaction, Gokul wanted to threw another stone, " I caught you red hand, you are going to tell about her today.." not sure of whether it will work out or not.

Karthik's smile extended into a laugh knowing that, 'he won't leave me today without getting something from me....anyway the time also has come'.

"Alright I'll tell you....." Karthik inhaled a deep breath and started saying after a gap...., "I was attracted to her at around corner of my teenage...."

"What......?!" Gokul sat upright from his lying down position in the pool side couch because of this unexpected reply from his friend. "Oh.... that's why I didn't know about her" Gokul was in utter surprise, he didn't expect his genuine friend already fell for a girl, that too in his teenage itself.. with a doubt in corner of his mind, whether it's true?!

"Such a beautiful face, lovely eyes...." Karthik started to feel about those days.

Gokul awestruck, doesn't believe his ears.

"Cute lips, curly hair....."

"Ok....ok....I understood she is pretty, for that to explain, you don't need to spoil those LKG rhyme and all, better try to use something correlates with your age next time you tell about her," Gokul was totally happy finally his friend's life going to settle now.

"She felt much happier whenever we spent time together, our bike rides....outings.... she was more fond of chocolates which I used to buy her everytime we go out" Karthik said looking at his friend who was listening to him with open mouth.

"Already 2 mosquitoes entered inside, close your mouth man", Karthik chuckled and got a punch on shoulder by his friend. Gokul gestured him to continue...

"We enjoyed watching 'tom n Jerry' movies together, she used to play 'talking Tom ' eagerly in my iPad, whenever I tossed her in the air.....

"Wait.... wait.... what?! you used to toss her ah?! Whom you're talking about now ?! What's the matter yaar?! Gokul asked in confused voice scratching his head.

"Don't a baby want to be tossed by someone?! I also did it already with your son Varun, it's pretty normal you know?! She was a two year old baby, all the way I am talking about her only..." Karthik tried to control his smile on seeing Gokul's facial expression.

"From the beginning itself my instinct told something strange, I should sensed it earlier when you used that LkG rhyme, well played yaar...." Gokul muttered.

"Yeah...we both used to play well", Karthik said in innocent voice to tease him further.

"I'm just talking about your well played trick on me, you dumbass...." Gokul replied in gritted teeth, searched something to throw upon his friend, Karthik hurriedly escaped shouting, " remaining story I will tell you later".....

"Who wants that talking Tom, Tom n Jerry story, you brat..." Gokul shouted back with full irritation.

His mind told, 'something is there....'

To be continued......

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