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You are my life - episode 23

It's 3rd day after surgery, adhira was doing good. Second day itself they have transferred her to separate room. Her pain has come down, she started taking food properly. Ramya almost relieved of her stress, her breathing became normal only after seeing her girl is doing ok.

Nurse also mentioned the same to Ramya, " your face becoming clear today like a sky after a heavy rainfall. Where are they, the old people, looking like Adhira's grandparents, who took care of adhira yesterday?!"

" They have gone home sister, will come afterwards..." Ramya replied with a friendly smile. It's a small morning chit chat between them at the time of Adhira's dues.

"I thought they're your in laws, then the lady Lakshmi ma told the truth... really very kind people, helping you a lot, isn't it?!" Nurse said while changing the drip to adhira. She also asked, "where have you gone?! Any important work?! I didn't see you during yesterday's evening dues? Karthik sir came to visit her even though it's his day off, he asked about you?!" with a curiosity in her voice. She is ward in charge nurse in her middle age, but looking young when compared to post op nurse.

Ramya doesn't show any surprise, as she became used with the name Karthik. She planned to meet him today and once again confirmed it herself.

Then she started answering nurse's query, "We are living in nearby village sister, adhira is studying here, I thought of shifting the house here earlier itself, now I'm thinking it's time to do it. So it will be easy to come for further check up for her. That's why Yesterday I went in search of rental houses sister, you said it would take a week to discharge her, within this week I have to find a new house suitable for us....please do inform me if you know anything like that", she also made a request to the nurse.

"Oh.. okay...then I'll look into that", said nurse, by the time she finished all the injections to adhira and she left the room.

Ramya as though waiting for the nurse to leave the room, turned towards adhira and asked that question. It's Saturday morning ten' o clock, Adhira was quietly eating the biscuit given by her mother to forget the pain during injections.

" Now tell me adhima what happened on that day?"

Adhira blinked her eyes, as she couldn't expect this from her mom. She swallowed the remaining stuff inside her mouth along with the fear factor and then some how she started saying, "After the lunch bell we were getting down via the steps mom, it was so crowded, I just misplaced my foot....."

Ramya interrupted before adhira could finish, "Stop it adhira, don't lie to me, I am your mother, others would believe your composed story, I won't..... I know my girl in and out, you are not such a careless person.." Ramya raised her voice a bit to bring out the truth, as she strongly suspect something had happened.

Adhira didn't say anything, she kept her head down.

Ramya's eyes get concerned after seeing her baby's lowered head, she came and sat beside her on the bed. "Won't you tell me the truth adhima?!" Ramya asked softly.

"I will tell you aunty..." A third voice came from the door step, as Adhira's friend Aksaya just entered inside the room, followed by her mother. After self introduction with each other, enquiry about Adhira's health, Aksaya started telling, whereas adhira gestured her like 'dont tell'.

But Aksaya ignored and broke the truth. "Adhira was not slipped on her own, It was Tanu who pushed her from behind, as I was stepping down just behind adhira, I saw it clearly.." Aksaya's voice is clear enough to justify her statement.

Both Ramya, and Hema (aksaya's mother) were shocked on hearing the news. " Is it true?! Ramya asked adhira in meak voice, remembering Adhira's complaints against Tanu who used to illtreat her a lot in the class.

" Yes, it is...." A fourth voice came along the door way, it's tanu's mother Neepa standing there and asking permission to enter inside.

"Please, come inside..." Ramya welcomed her.

Neepa entered inside followed by Tanu along with her father, they introduced themselves, tanu's parents asked about Adhira's well-being, handed over lots of fruits and horlicks they bought for her. Neepa then turned to Ramya, " sorry, I apologise for what had happened to your baby, it's indigestible, as a mother I can understand your feelings, I regret it's tanu's fault, I feel bad for my girl's wrong doing..."

Tanu came forward, said sorry to both Ramya and adhira, her eyes started pouring water after seeing Adhira's big bandage, "I didn't mean to hurt you this much, because of me you are suffering now, I am ready to accept any form of punishment..." She said in between her sobs.

All of them are touched after seeing the baby girl tanu's sobbing, Ramya was standing speechless not knowing what to say, as she didn't expect all these.

Silence occupied the room for a minute.

" Here is your punishment..." Adhira announced in bold voice, breaking the silence, catching all others attention.

After a minute, she said with a grin, " be my friend hereafter, that's the punishment I wanted to give you..".

" That's not a punishment, actually I wanted to ask you for that...." Tanu replied, both of them hugged each other, a soft smile appeared on everybody's lips. After that the scene became very light, heaviness on air disappeared, all three kids started chatting with each other, and the mothers formed a group.
Tanu's father said to Ramya in a bothered tone, " feel free to ask any help, we will pay the total amount spent for surgery and hospitality".

"Oh... that's alright, don't get me wrong, it's not needed, by God's grace I am having enough money, let's forget all these, just think about something good happened out of an evil thing", Ramya replied in graceful manner showing the happily talking kids.


All of them left after spending somemore time. After finishing lunch provided for patients from the hospital Adhira started sleeping. It's around 3'o clock in the afternoon. Ramya was standing near the window, leisurely watching the people's movement inside the hospital premises.

A soft breeze came and caressed her, relaxed her, made her more comfortable. She just closed her eyes and get lost in that pleasant feeling. At the same time there was a knock on the door, which she didn't realize, followed by footsteps as someone has entered inside the room. With an instinct Ramya opened her eyes and turned around to see the person, a doctor wearing surgical cap and mask was checking adhira using his stethoscope.

Ramya felt something deep inside..... she doesn't know why but continuously looking at the person who's leaning towards Adhira, who's face three fourth covered with mask and the whole head along with forehead covered by the cap exhibiting only the eyes.


Her heart started beating fast, all of her cells in her body electrified, she became restless for unknown reason. He finished his checking and turned around to see her and he just looked straight into her eyes.

"Oh....those eyes"

Ramya felt a jitteriness throughout her body, she gripped the window frame tightly for support. All of her inside, her heart, lungs, mind suddenly gone for a strike... While she's looking at him without moving her gaze, He slowly untied his mask, expressing a pleasant, gorgeous, radiant smile along with little blush on seeing her awestruck face.

Her orbs widened, jaw dropped... Such an awesome smile that sparkles little stars in her soul... which brightens her face, captivating his eyes....

That was an excellent picture, both of them couldn't forget in their lifetime. The moment was perfectly captured and saved in deep down their hearts.

"Waiting for you
such a long time
When we met
Our world turned upside down
Letting ourselves drown
In love and love only

To be continued....

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