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That girl in a wedding costume - 1

“ Can’t we go to the vacation to our native place this time dad? ” vyomesh asked to father with an excitement.
“ Son , you know your mother doesn’t like to visit any of the villages after we moved and settled here in Canada” Rakeshbhai replied. ..?? And they hear door knock ...rakeshbhai gave sign to shut up as he knew romaben was back from her beauty shop .

Vyomesh was the only son of romaben and rakeshbhai after so many complications and so many fastings as well as prayers so he was raised with so much of love .
Vyomesh went to open the door !( was making some plans in his mind but..) why are you home ?? What about your extra-tution classes?

Well..wasn’t the right time for asking about vacation...
Vyomesh acted innocent and said “ the teacher is sick mom” and left the common room right away!
Going towards his room..he texted his friends to not tell his parents that he got thrown out of class because he was doing cheating during in-class exam and while he got caught ,he misbehaved with the class teacher.

On the other side, romaben was yelling at husband “ why don’t you put our son in somewhere else rather than this old lady’s classes ..she is not capable enough to make our son brighter enough!”

(Vyomesh was hearing this from his bedroom’s door and was hoping the teacher not to call them) ..
Rakeshbhai bhai knew something was not right but couldn’t speak a word when romaben was angry and in the mood of constant arguments!
But , still he said “ I believe in my best friend’s recommendation and that teacher..I personally met her last time while I dropped him to the classes..she is a genuine lady who cares about her students and ...romaben stopped him and said “ please rak( she named him rak from Rakesh after they moved yo Canada) do me favour and talk to her later today..why she is calling sick every other day ..!
The parents were so career oriented that they couldn’t give anytime to their kid so vyomesh was becoming stubborn and careless day by day ..he started believing that he has all the money and he will join his dad’s business of restaurant so why should he study and do Master of science that his parents wanted him to do?

Rakeshbhai sometimes felt that the life at back home was much better but that was not possible now after almost 18 years..

Romaben went to the bedroom to have bath and Rakeshbhai fell into the memories..

Rakeshbhai bhai moved to Canada after few days of their marriage along with his wife after sudden death of his parents.

He used to work in a factory as a supervisor after completing bachelor’s degree in automobile engineering..he knew the meaning of money and relationships.
But , everything changed after he saw roma on bus stop..

Roma was an independent girl..the first girl child of her parents..into her on dreams of becoming an actor....she was wearing a traditional dress ..without doing not that much make up she was looking like a dream girl..a her eyes you can see a deep sea of happiness and the glow on her face when she smiles would take away your breath!

Rakesh was about 22 years old ..he used to take bus to the work..his mother induben and father prakashbhai sold everything they had to make their son capable except for the house near the village of Anand district.

Even rakesh was not a bad son..he knew from where he came up to this the first thing he did when he got first salary of 25000 was..the clothes and gold for his parents ..he got gold chain for his beloved mother..the smile on her face and that tears on her eyes were speechless!

Also, he got motorcycle from his next salary on instalments and gave the keys on his father’s hand ..prakashbhai had just on word to say.. “ keep up growing my dear..!”

On that day when he saw roma for the first time ..he felt he got something which was needed for him to be alive ..

On the other side , prakashbhai wanted him to marry his best friends daughter kavya.. he promised his friend years ago but never said to his son because he wanted him to be capable first..

Rakesh couldn’t even speak out a word to roma on that day but roma was in her own dreams so she didn’t noticed him .He made a decision on his mind to marry her at any cost or any how.

He daily waited at bus stop after that day but he didn’t see her until next few as he got a motorcycle he used to take bike rides after work just to see her but ..disappointment.

After almost 3 was raining heavily..all the workers from factory got leave early as it was storm warning..rakesh started packing his stuff..took his rain coat..worn it and left towards parking..he was expecting something good to happen..

Today his instincts were right , he saw her ..roma..oh she was standing there on bus stop waiting for the bus but was crying as she was all alone there..

Rakesh did what a gentleman does in this situation..he asked if she want a lift but she declined in anger and told him to leave her alone...

Rakesh didn’t want to leave her alone so he asked her again “ miss ..I don’t know what you are thinking of me at this time but let me tell you I am here to help you get home..if you are not feeling safe..get my name and my bike’s plate number..I promise I won’t harm you!”
Roma murmured “ I really want to go but I don’t want to take any help “.
Rakesh: “ Listen miss..I don’t know your name but please..let me help are not going to get bus in this rain and not even please sit on my motorcycle..I just want you to be safe ..this area is not safe to be alone..”
Roma: Listen mister , whatever your name is might be an opportunity for the guy like you to give a lift and take advantage but i am not that kind of girl..I am independent and I have responsibilities on my head to earn for my little brother and my parents.
Rakesh: Oh my god , you still don’t believe me..ok fine I am going..happy?

(Roma in her mind..oh god why did i tell this? I don’t want any attention.) “ please leave” she said.

Rakesh left but with willingness to get back ...

After 10 minutes ..
Rakesh came back but this time roma was scared and wanted help to go home as she was not feeling safe anymore after one thief tried to grab her purse.
She said : Sorry mister , can you get me home I am just leaving nearby but can’t walk in this weather.
Rakesh: Sure ..lets go!
(Roma was in hesitation but she felt it was the right thing rather than waiting for no reason)
They got to her home which was an old home in an old colony where there was hardly any light ..he dropped her and she said : thank you mister... Rakesh ..Rakesh is my name miss..roma ..she said and they both smiled at each other’s sudden words!

Roma went in the house but rakesh was still in her dreams..but got awake by the voice of two clouds hit each other!
He had dinner with his parents but he was somewhere else in roma’s thoughts !
Parakashbhai was noticing some lines and unknown smile on his face so he asked: “ beta, whats the matter?, is there something you want to tell us?” But , rakesh didn’t want to share anything until he tells about his feelings to roma so he just shaked his head saying “Nothing bapuji”.
Prakashbhai told to his wife before about kavya and she was also wanting her to be daughter-in-law as she was the best bride anybody could have ..they decided to tell Rakesh about her on next few days .
Rakesh knew kavya since his childhood and they were best friends but kavya went to study law in another city , her parents moved there too and then they were not in contact after that.
Kavya on the other side knew that his father talked about her engagement and marriage with his friend ‘s son rakesh.
Kavya and Rakesh shared a great friendship and Kavya was falling for him everytime for his generosity,caringness and respect for dear ones.
But, Rakesh was eagerly waiting to meet roma again so that he could make her friend and could take the relationship further.
After Three days, roma gave hand signal and called him near the bus stop while he was passing by ..they smiled at each other and then roma came closer and whispered in his ears”thank you for the lift that night..Rakesh you are truly a gentleman..would you be my friend?”
The moment Rakesh was waiting for was there and he replied “sure , why not? and sometimes we can go for hangout together if you don’t mind” he ended.

Roma was kind of free minded girl with modern thinking but she said “possibly” .
They had telephones in their home so they started talking at midnight privately.

The days became longer for them , the talks became longer, the night’s became shorter and then they started dating..roma forgot her career ..rakesh became blind in her love ..he regularly waited for her calls..her voice, love and her company were only thing he was missing.
They wanted to talk about their relationship with their parents. Roma’s parents were so modern and they wanted to find groom for her after few years so they declined after hearing her.On the other side, prakashbhai and induben were in shock and broken after hearing about their son’s decision.
But prakashbhai still said with broken heart.. “ get her to meet us” .
Rakesh didn’t observe changes on their face and rushed to roma’s house to get her but she refused to come at that time because the surrounding was not favourable for rakesh and her .
Next day, roma went to an audition which went well and producer promised her that he will call her in few days for short movie.Roma was so happy and she informed rakesh too . Roma’s parents organized a special dinner for her and relatives for her upcoming project but before that happens..Rakesh went to that location and roma was wearing the small skirt which was making her look modern and attractive girl.He took her to his house in same clothes without thinking what they will assume.
They welcomed her but induben was still staring at her and was thinking “ kavya is much better for my beloved son “ but then she said “ beta , you look so pretty” .
They had some talks and then induben asked her while they were in kitchen “ you know how to cook ?” And roma replied with attitude “ Not at all , why should I cook? I will have my servants who will cook and take care of my house” .
Indiben was hurt but she said “ my son loves home made food and he doesn’t like hotel’s food”
Roma was angry and she said “ I am a working independent woman and I would prefer to work after marriage and Rakesh knows too.”
Roma toon her purse and went out in anger.. rakesh was shocked and he asked his mother “what happened?” She said everything and said “this girl is not a right choice for you” but Rakesh was not in mood of argument.
He took motorcycle, stopped the rickshaw in which roma was and asked her to sit on the bike..they went to the temple and got married.Roma’s parents stopped talking to her and broke all the relations.

When induben and prakashbhai got to know, they got so hurt that they both got cardiac arrest (heart attack) and died within few hours in hospital.

On the other side , kavya got to know that Rakesh got married and she told her parents..her parents were in shock because they almost told their near ones about the upcoming event so they thought that prakashbhai didn’t keep the promise( they didn’t know that the marriage was against Rakesh’s parents wish) and they drank rat poison after kavya went to sleep at night and died .When kavya got up in the morning she got shocked and she almost lost control . Although she was an educated girl she jumped from balcony as well but before that she took an oath to destroy rakesh and his family.
Over here, rakesh didn’t know about anything happened to kavya’s family and he fulfilled all the final proceedings of his parents.

Roma suggested to move abroad based on Rakesh’s work experience, they filled visa and got approved. They didn’t sell the house but they took all the papers and keys with them to Canada.

Kavya was still waiting at the village even after her death in the same costume she bought when she went to the market with her friend for her marriage.

Over here in Canada when they moved, they had lots of struggle ..they had son after few years too but finally they made it to beauty shop business which roma was handling and a restaurant which rakesh was handling.

Rakesh heard roma yelling at her “ you don’t want to go to sleep.. ?” And he got back to present from memories.

Vyomesh had his birthday coming in 2 days so he convinced his mom and dad for vacation as a birthday gift . He was so happy to let the journey begin but he didn’t know what is coming up for the family when they go to the village.

To be continued...

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