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That girl in a wedding costume - 2

Vyomesh was expecting the flights to be booked sooner but rakeshbhai was discussing about responsibilities of the restaurant with his manager on video call and romaben was on call with her oldest employee who could possibly handle the shop in her absence .

They took approximately 1 hour on call so vyomesh was kind of upset and nervous by chance if they cancel the plan but they didn’t.

Rakeshbhai called his friend to bring book 3 tickets for a month after talking to vyomesh’s college as well as tutor.( The tutor lady told him everything about vyomesh but rakesbhai was kind of dad who didn’t want to force his son for anything at this age so he handled the situation by just telling the teacher “ vyomesh will get over the things when he comes back “ )

Although, roma was kind of upset to go back because she didn’t attend final proceedings of her parents and didn’t even try to contact her baby brother after they moved in Canada.
But , the trip had to begin so they got to the shopping and got ready for the flight which was on next day.

And they arrived on Ahmedabad airport the day after...they booked the cab to car rental , took a rental car for their use until their stay of month and arranged everything before they came to their village so that they can relax after the long flight.But, as soon as they came into the village, strange things started to happen; the surrounding became blurry and windy just like something was just waiting for them. The car they got for rental got damaged with the rocks and dust particles but they somehow managed to go into the house.

They just assumed it to be windy weather so they got into the house without any fear .they had one servant who took care of the cleaning and stuff . They hired a cook who was responsible for their daily food needs.They had lunch and then they went to the rental office nearby which was the branch of the rental company from where they got the first car they got the new car and paid the damages for that other car .Then they visited nearby history places in the rental car they had from the rental service.
The next few hours were going to be hard for them and they didn’t know that because they were busy taking family pictures with their DSLR camera .

The car they got suddenly got disappeared and they couldn’t even see it nearby. They were assuming it to be stolen so they reported it to police station.When they came home the car was just there parked at their home so they asked their server and cook but they said they don’t have any idea.

Now the things started getting worse ...they had dinner after informing to the police and they went to sleep around 12 am but vyomesh couldn’t sleep so he started walking into the huge balcony they had . Suddenly , he felt someone just passed by his back so he moved to see but he couldn’t find anything. He thought might be a cat or bird but there was pin-drop silence there.

He heard dogs barking loudly and the birds noises suddenly just like they saw something there....

He was covered with perspiration and his eyes were wide open searching what’s happening here?

And there she was ..kavya ..the girl wedding costume..her eyes were red and wide open , her hairs were open and messy , her eyeliner was leaking on her face , the anger on her face was way too much that she came to take a revenge.. all he could hear voice of ankle ornament( payal) ..jnn..jnn..jan..coming in his direction..vyomesh ran towards his room covered his face into blanket and started praying “ dear god, please help me I don’t know what is wrong here but I didn’t do anything wrong..please god please!”

And everything became normal for a bit so vyomesh ran to his parents room to tell them what happened but they were in deep sleep so he thought he will tell them in the morning.

Kavya was still standing there outside in the same wedding costume she bought for marriage but this time she wanted revenge of loosing her life as well as her parents without any fault or mistake.She waited this long to come back and take revenge from rakesh and his family for the betrayal and she didn’t want to miss this opportunity ..not at any cost !
Next day, vyomesh wad still sleeping at 8 am but romaben came to make him soon as she put her hand on his head vyomesh shouted with fear “ I didn’t do anything, please forgive me and leave me” .Romaben slapped him thinking he was day dreaming but vyomesh told her about last night’s experience.

They both were in deep thinking
and rakeshbhai said “ hey buddies, why are you sitting over here? We must enjoy everything over here ..common, it’s our vacation time..lets go out”. Romaben gave vyomesh sign to shut up and they gave fake smile to him.

They went to the temples, old heritage buildings , museum, science centres, malls , shopping centres and finally for dinner.
Vyomesh slept early because he couldn’t sleep yesterday night after that incident happened with him .About 2 am at night when they all were sleeping, Romaben heard something just like something fell from the storeroom cupboard...she got awake ..she went there but as soon as she opened the door.. electricity went off and it started raining.. with a wind so windows started knocking..doors were not closing as the wind wad forcing them ..Romaben got scared a bit but thought its just wind .
Romaben started walking towards her bedroom and then..someone slapped her ..she moved back and forth to see who is there but nobody was there..she again got slapped and this time she felt voice of someone laughing..she was so scared and she ran..but she failed to save herself..kavya pulled her leg..took her to the store room..rakesh heard noise of something falling down( it was roma who threw glass to get help) so he got awake and was looking for the place from where the noise was coming!

And he heard Romaben shouting “Help..Help please rakeshh...vyomesh somebody..Helpppp!” and he was sure he heard it from store room..he ran there but it was too late! Roma was possessed and she fainted so rakeshbhai took her to the bedroom.

To be continued..

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