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That girl in a wedding costume - 3

The clock in the wall was doing tik-tok-tik-tok ..there was a pin drop silence in the room ..
Rakesh , servent ,cook and vyomesh were staring at each other and then on roma’s face..
After rakeshbhai got romaben to their bedroom..he became so emotional and started crying like a kid ..he couldn’t understand what he could do ..vyomesh came to forward..he took a glass of water and gave it to his father.
They both were little scared, shocked and nervous but vyomesh knew that that his mother might have faced that spirit.He called the servent and the cook from the guest house and told them what happened.
The servent called the doctor and they were waiting for the doctor to come.. after waiting of an hour doctor showed up.Doctor checked romaben and said “ nothing to worry she is tired and has little fever which will go after taking this injection!” He gave medicines and took the fees for the visit and left.
After 2-3 hours, when they all went to sleep, roma suddenly started walking towards the main door..rakesh head footsteps and tried to stop her ..
All of the sudden, she grabbed him from is neck and throw him in the corner..rakesh couldn’t understand how come she got this much of energy while she is sick?
He tried again to stop her and she said in anger “ You can’t stop me all are going to die” .Rakesh somehow managed to call vyomesh and vyomesh called the servent and cook so that they can take roma to the hospital..
They called an ambulance, the doctor gave sleeping drug injection to roma ,but only one person was allowed to go with her so rakesh went into the ambulance.
On the mis way roma escaped and got lost into the forest.Even police failed to track her . Next day, rakesh went to the temple to pray for her where the priest told him “ your wife is posssed with a spirit who seeks a revenge”
Who is that spirit sir? Rakesh asked him .
“I don’t know my son but your wife can tell us”
After few minutes..
They came at his house and then outside the room where they tied and locked roma ..they could hear the voice coming out “ the rope the door ..I won’t leave you all all are going to die..hnnnn...
The priest gave sign to open the door , they all went into the room..roma had injuries on her face, hands ,legs from past night’s struggle..but that spirit was not allowing her to do anything...she was lying on bed with open eyes ..staring at each other in the room ...
She murmured at the priest “ Go away , this is my time revenge time ..don’t bother me can’t stop me ..or else you will loose your life too!”
The priest got the holy water from temple which he used on roma..that spirit (kavya) was in pain and she used all the energy to get out of the room ..she got succeeded to run out from the window..
Everybody in the room were shocked and they all went in different directions to search her..
Rakesh went on the direction where kavya used to leave ..unknowingly just to search his wife ...
Priest , servent and cook we’re looking nearby areas of the house and vyomesh went near the dark area of the village.
Rakesh heard something when he passed by the house of kavya was like woman was crying out loud..he went in and saw from was roma ..
He tried to come closer and the moment kavya was waiting for was there ..there was nobody with him to save his life...
“ I waited for you for 18 years over here, unknowingly that you will come here and I would get a chance to take a revenge” she told in a heavy voice.
“ But what did I do wrong with you? Who are you?” He replied.
“ Who am I ? Don’t you remember this house? And the people who used to leave here?” She said in anger.
Rakesh took a moment to remember and then said “ This used to be my best friend kavya and her family’s house but they moved to another city years ago and then we didn’t have any contact”
“ Oh please, don’t act innocent your family betrayed us and I lost my parents in few hours” she said with heavy voice.
“ That means...?” He stopped in between
“ Yes I am kavya” she yelled at him.
“ But , what happened? you were moved to another city to study and your parents moved for your comfort right?” He asked .
“ Yes..but your dad didn’t keep his promise and my parents died just because of your family” she said with broken voice.
“ Ok , first thing I don’t know what promise you are taking about and secondly , My parents couldn’t hurt his best friend and his family”
Kavya was so angry that she grabbed him from his neck and threw him agaist the wall .. rakesh was badly injured but he kept telling her that his family didn’t do anything but worthless!
“ kavya , listen to me if you have ever considered me as your best friend! Kavya please!” He requested.
Kavya stopped for a moment and said “ where were you when I needed you by my side? I almost considered you as my husband and started shopping..even the wedding costume..You got married to someone else without thinking about your dad’s promise with my dad”
“ I seriously don’t have any idea , tell me what was that dad never told me about it.. I considered you as a friend nothing else and there is nothing I know about!” He replied with shocking reaction.
“ Oh please, you are a liar and I died thinking you and your family betrayed us without thinking about us” she said.
“ No seriously, I loved roma and my parents asked me to get her home so that they get to know her but after few arguments with my parents, she walked out of my house and I didn’t want to loose her so we got married in court without telling anybody!” He replied.

“ And I seriously didn’t know about that promise, dad didn’t mention it anytime before”he added .
“ And after that I lost my parents in hospital because they had heart-attack” he said with broken heart.
“ Why didn’t any of you tell us that you like someone else ? you kept us in dark and you are responding for our death and now you are going to pay for that” kavya replied.

Roma was running all around the house, knocking her head , legs everywhere ..roma took an iron rod and broke her hands ...her legs ..roma could feel the pain and she shouted “ save me rakkkeeeshhh” but rakesh couldn’t even catch her.

Suddenly the priest came to rescue , he applied the holy water on roma and was murmuring gods name .

Kavya didn’t want to leave romaben’s body so she tried to fool them . But , the priest knew that he took the holy cloth which god’s clone wear at temple and tied her .
She was sitting in the corner with red eyes starring at them .. just like she was thirsty for blood .. and then priest made a circle around her with a holy colours so that she couldn’t run..

The priest was trying to catch her spirit so that he could leave it somewhere safe .. suddenly kavya came out of romaben’s body and said “ You won’t be able to catch my soul.. I got what I I am leaving for the new journey!”

Everyone in the room was thinking what happened..but when they checked romaben’s breath they realized that kavya took her revenge.Romaben couldn’t survive and she left the world.

Rakeshbhai was thinking in his head “ who is responsible for all of this? Why did we come to India? How I am going to leave with this guilt ?”

Vyomesh was in shock , he wanted to enjoy the trip before his parents send him to another tution classes but ..

Kavya was happy somewhere as she got her revenge !

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