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You are my life - episode 25

"Some say it's tea , coffee
Some say it's substances and beverages
For me it's always 'your eyes'
Making me addict....
Such an ecstasy....
What a feel !!!!!!!
Who misses it, definitely a fool!...
- From diary notes of a lover boy.

Good morning doctor sir" adhira welcomed Karthik with bright face.

"Good morning baby" Karthik smiled, it's a routine morning rounds, Karthik appeared so fresh and happy, Ramya carefully avoided looking at him.

"You look so cute while smiling" adhira smiled respondingly.

Karthik's smile extended into a laugh, "it never beats your's".

"Oh... thank you doctor sir, you are so nice" Adhira's face brightens much on his compliment. She happily adds, "Mom always says, there is a saying, " keep smiling, a small curve which can straighten many problems..".

"That's great baby!! Talking philosophy at this age...More matured.. good brought up", he smiled and just sent a look at Ramya. Ramya whirled quickly to the table to avoid her blushing seen by others, particularly by him. She started making juice to hide the awkwardness, "OMG!! why am I blushing like this for a simple thing?!" She thought. Even though she turned to other side, showed her back to him, it was clearly caught by him, he chuckled inside.

By the time the dressing on Adhira's wound was over, he removed his gloves and tapped her cheek. Nurse went out to dispose the things.

"How is my wound doctor sir? When will you discharge me?" Adhira asked curiously.

"I will answer only if you call me by name, I said we're friends already, so no more 'doctor sir' business hereafter, ok?! Karthik folded his hands across the chest.

Adhira hesitatingly looked at Ramya, as in our culture calling elders by name is considered disrespectful. Before Ramya could deny, adhira herself found a solution and said, " ok, I will call you Karthik sir, you are a big guy know?!" she pleaded in her childish voice.

"Okay then, it's your wish..." Karthik smiled, and added, " your wound is healing nicely, you are ready to discharge after your stitches removed".

Adhira's face dropped it's brightness, "It's boring here, I want to go to school, I am already missing my lessons and friends", her tone bothered a lot showing worry for being tied with the cot.

" will take another 45 days for you to stand on your own, then only schooling and all, until then you must be on leave and take rest", Karthik said firmly.

Adhira fell in silence, after writing the notes in her case sheet, Karthik left the place by looking at his cutie pie's worried face.


Ramya was helpless, she's facing a hardship. As she doesn't want to disturb Karthik, his peaceful, prosperous life, she decided to hide her feelings for him, so she buried them inside her heart and took a decision of avoiding him, but she can't do that right now because her baby is under his direct care. Adhira is discharged from the hospital and undergoing physiotherapy treatment. Ramya got leave for one and half month from her working place to look after her baby. Adhira's every hospital visit planned and executed by Karthik, dropping and picking up of both of them done by himself in his car. It happens like that most of the time they are spending time with him.

Previously, during all of her worries he came in her dream to help her like a moral support, but now for her baby he came directly in person, to help her baby like he saved her before in Chennai. It's a goosebump feeling while thinking about the connection between him and her baby's life. It felt like there exists an unknown bonding between him and their life, that's what is called fate, Ramya started believing strongly. Still she doesn't know, it was him who solved many of her problems from being behind the scene.

She can't deny as well as accept his favours, as she's fighting inside with her feelings. Now the thing is, as time passes, she couldn't able to control the spontaneous bonding developed between adhira and Karthik. Effortlessly their relationship started blooming beautifully, they mingled with each other like a long term unseen friends. She could feel her baby's ultimate happiness and bright face now a days, as a mother she doesn't want to spoil that. She doesn't want to break their relationship because of her foolish thoughts about him, so she simply allowed it to continue.

All of it started with a colorfully wrapped gift box given by him to adhira after she said it's boring here. When adhira opened the box, she drowned in sweet surprise, her orbs widened, she couldn't control her contained all the type of entertainments, story books, small gaming toys like Monopoly, Jenga, uno cards, and along with them, a new I pad loaded with games. Suddenly her boring world changed like a 'happy ever after' thing, she felt like an angel blessed her using her wand.

He also gave adhira a brand-new cell phone for their easy personal communication. He taught her everything about how to use internet, access you tube learning videos, face book, what's app, e mail connecting. Adhira heard of all these earlier from her friends and from her school computer class, but because of her Mom is not having a smartphone, and also there is no computer in her home, she can't get access to those things herself. Now she's so delighted, like her city friends she is also playing games with gadgets. Ramya couldn't resist any of this, as because she just can't be able to say 'No ' firmly to him. Talking and all is next thing, she couldn't even be able to just look at him properly first, how come she able to talk firmly to him?!.... Pathetic ramya, what would she do with her mind which is going for a short shutdown during encounters with him?!!...

For Adhira, karthik's entry in her life is like a boon. Being a fatherless kid, she always felt an emptiness inside her for a father's love, now that's easily filled up by karthik's enormous caring and sharing of love.

But for Ramya his re-entry in her life became problematic, her water clear personal life now became turbulent. Each and every meeting with him she felt like walking on a knife..... When ever she faces him, she felt something inside her heart..When ever she saw him, she just can't look at his eyes...Those eyes talking with her silently, persuading her internally, requesting her constantly to change her mind.. It's pleading her just to look at them at least once.... Those eyes silently killing her by expressing it's enormous love.... It just drilling her heart , she couldn't avoid them as well as she couldn't look at them, she get caught in between. The presence of him around her gives a sweet discomfort like a small ball rolling inside between her throat and stomach. It needs a big effort to look normal outside as like nothing has happened, in front of him. So she's avoiding most of the situations then and there as much as possible, but he is making it difficult for her by brilliantly planning such situations.

Like wise this new rental house, shown by him in which now Ramya and adhira were living, a perfect compact beautiful house for them. When adhira got discharged, he himself lifted the baby in his hands, shifted her to the car and they directly came here. She didn't even had a clue, how he knew she's searching for a new place.

It was very difficult for her to find a new suitable house within ten days of Adhira's hospital stay. If the area is good then the rent is high. If the rent is ok then the house appears like a dungeon. In that critical period, He asked her one-day to come along with him and showed this house, she was surprised and asked how was it possible for him to find it so quick, he just smiled and replied it's his native place, since birth he is here in this city, so that he has some contacts. She really wondered how easily he solved her big problem.

The life became very easy and simple being along with him, he is taking care of simple small small things, for which before his entry, she herself has to look after each and everything as single handed. She felt much relieved, and she's currently feeling the gentle breeze as life's most of the pressure has come down, she realized life's biggest moral, a cart needs two wheels to ride smoothly and it happens with the magic of love.

But this is only for short period, it can't be continued like this, she knew well one day she has to come out of this comfort zone. How come she able to place this huge burden of a family over his head directly??? How he will face the society by marrying a widow and becoming father of a ten year old child at this young age??? She herself never ever allow that to happen.....As an energetic youngster He is yet to enjoy the life like a free bird...Ramya would never be the reason of loss of his fancy world, so she's trying to close her heart more and more tight.....


As for as Karthik is concerned, both Ramya and adhira's re-entry in his life is like a jackpot to him. Now he has become a totally happy and much delighted person. His world completely turned upside down, his ordinary boring bachelor's life has changed as colourful one. Throughout his life, he haven't felt a girl's love, kindness and company as because he lost his mother in early childhood itself, being a single child, he couldn't be able to feel the taste of a family thing....he knew it would be good, but he didn't know it will be this much joyful.. now he is under the direct care of his little angel, she is asking him, ' have you had your food?' then and there in her childish voice, which fills his heart and satisfies the stomach... on and off their tit bit chats, her small small reactions, cute little expressions.. the way she talks about her friends, school, old village life, her grandparents and of course most of the time about her mother.... for him it's like eating sugarcane with added sugar.....such sweet, pleasant moments, he haven't felt them at all before in his life..

He was very furious with the God in his childhood, as God has taken his mother abruptly from him, when he totally immersed in the love of his mother without the knowledge of an world exists outside. He felt like, God has suddenly ditched him without even a bit of kindness....but for now God has rectified that, He enormously blessed him by gaving him a double shot!!! He is cheerfully and completely drenching in the feeling of a caring fatherhood as well as playing a sweet lover boy part even though Ramya carefully avoiding her feelings for him. He is clearly able to perceive her battle with feelings in his presence. Obviously he is enjoying her embarrassments, blushing and rushing, cute little pretty memories of his love life...

He is fully aware of that Ramya is curling like a snail, but he has the fullest confidence that she will come out of it one day and he's eagerly waiting for that say "YOU ARE MY LIFE".....

To be continued.......

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