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You are my life - episode 27

You asked me once whose life is more important to you, your's or mine?!
I replied, obviously it's my life. You went away with disappointment not knowing that "YOU ARE MY LIFE"....

💖 From diary note of a lover boy 💖

It's a beautiful city surrounded one side by Western ghats, and the other side by eastern ghats. Always the climate is chill, making the heart cool. Even though a well developed busy city, the outer areas covered with full of green paddy fields, coconut trees and palm trees an extraordinary feast to the green hungry eyes.

The time nearing evening 6' o clock. The sun saying goodbye to this world leaving a romantic orangish hue to the sky. The distant hill side view was breath taking, with the naughty breeze rumbling the paddy fields add on to that amazing scenery.

"You have to come here with your life partner not with your working partner, to dissolve in dazzling beauty of the nature, that would work out the romantic side of your love" Gokul outstretched both his arms above his shoulders to relax his body from the whole day tiresome work and was thoroughly enjoying the views by dispersing the words towards karthik.

Karthik said nothing. He was simply looking at the disposing sun in the sky, standing in front of the his car bonnet, by leaning on it.

"For that to happen, you have to propose her first. Both of you loving each other, but you are keeping quiet here like a mouthless creature, there she's concealing all her feelings like a rabbit hiding it's passionate carrot.... wow!!!... what an awesome romantic love story yaar?!! It has to be engraven on stone like an inscription..." Gokul's voice showed much disapproval.

Still he got no response from karthik. He seemed lost in deep thinking.

" I think we had finished the discussion about that cancer patient in the ward itself, we also worked out the possible treatment plan for him, do you remember?!" Gokul asked while looking at his friend's nonchalant, deep thinking face.

'ya...I do..." He answered clearly.

"Then sir, would you please tell me what for you have kidnapped me here?!" Gokul asked in falsely polite manner.

There's silence for few minutes. Only The chirping of flying birds on their way to nest was heard.

When Gokul about to lose his patience, Karthik opened his mouth and asked, "ok, as per your wish shall I bring her here now and propose her right away?!"

Now it's Gokul's turn to become silent. Karthik folded his arms across the chest and looked at his friend with a smile.

Gokul nodded his head in approval with his friend as he knew the result will be a big zero, that is a girl like Ramya would never accept the proposal.

A heaviness came and sat on his shoulder. He let out a big sigh. "She seemed to be a bit old fashioned for her age, maybe because of an orthodox family background. Our girls are more self restraint and being brought up in boundaries with high morals and ethics, they tend to sacrifice their life instead of enjoying it. Their mindset is in such a way, they never try to come out of it, even if they want, this society won't allow. For the sake of culture, custom, morals, principle, ethics etc..etc.. girls are admitting and sacrificing their whole life with no other go".

Karthik nodded in agreement. There's once again silence in between them. After a deep thought Gokul broke the silence and asked karthik, " Are you sure you want her in your life?? just think twice before you leap karthik. All of a sudden being father of a ten year old girl is such a big responsibility. Some times you may not get time to enjoy your personal life, you have to compromise on many such things..." Gokul said in concerned voice.

"Adhira is such a wonderful baby, it's not a burden to be her father, actually it's a gift for which I was waiting for long... " Karthik kept it short but made his point crystal clear.

Gokul answered "it might be true, staff also said she's an exceptional child, she didn't scare and scream on the day of injury like other children, instead she accepted it, showed a positive attitude towards her pathetic situation, she didn't cry asking for her mother but simply waited until she arrived. Above all she lied to save her classmate that she fell on her own, really amazing kid...." he exclaimed.

A proud smile started to spread across karthik's face. But Gokul still needs clarification about his friend's decision on his own life.

"What about Ramya? She looks like an introvert and self pitied girl not keeping pace with this generation of girls. Do you love her that much?!"

Karthik said nothing, instead he moved to the edge of the plain area, after which the paddy fields area starting. Soft blowing wind caressed his face and ruffled his hair, he closed his eyes, took a deep breath slowly and passionately. The day when he first met Ramya with the kid came in front of his closed eyes. He felt a warmth spreading across his heart. He remembered that 'lost look' in her eyes.

Then comes the day of light crash event during the apartment celebration...Her crying eyes with full of pain, "how come I forget those eyes, I felt like a sharp dagger straight away passed through my heart, I never be able to come across that moment, to my horrer it's coming in my dream on and off , my heart become restless indeed, pushing me hard to go and find her, save her, keep her away from all of her worries, wipe her tears off, never ever allow them to fall once again... " he let out a big sigh...

"That's what I was trying to do in all these years, I preferably want to do in rest of my life... she is not my love.. she is my life......"

Gokul was speechless, he was in a jaw dropped state looking at his dude without blinking. She is very lucky, he thought. But she must realize then first there's a bright future ahead, otherwise.....he can't think further.

" Let's hope everything will be good.... come we start" karthik said with a smile after seeing Gokul's cloudy face. How come he takes everything easy and simple without regretting and after all he's patiently waiting for her in years, Gokul amazed his friend.

Seeing his face, karthik laughed and said, " that's the life's basic principle man, take it everything as such, don't complicate too much.."

Gokul came and sat beside him inside the car, karthik started the ignition. After he reached the road, Gokul asked, " so you are following her all the way from Chennai, not leaving her and suffer in her life".

Karthik smiled respondingly, "i was waiting for the right time to come, now God has given me a chance and I should not miss it" he said firmly by changing the gear and pressing the accelerator. The car started speeding....

To be continued......

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