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You are my life - episode 28

"The silent blushing of your's...
A never before, ever after
Happy thing in my life...."

- from diary of lover boy 💞💝

Days were passing in 4 G speed. Adhira started walking without support, she is now attending her school. Ramya also going for work, routine resumed in their life.

As all 3 were busy in their day to day life, there's no much time to see or talk with each other. So karthik planned an one day trip to nearby hill station at a weekend as already promised to adhira. She became very excited on hearing the news, she started preparing for the trip on the day one itself. Ramya actually forgotten this plan, now there's no way to refuse this, so she accepted it with half heartely.

The much awaited day has come, when Karthik came to pick them up in his car, adhira has jumped with joy as she haven't seen that much big car in her lifetime. He always used to come in a small size sports car, but today the show is different. It's sophisticated interior attracted Ramya also, she doesn't know what type of car it is, but for sure she knew, it must be too costly. When it's started and sped up on the NH it feels like they are flying in the air.

Adhira was talking all the way without gap, karthik was listening her with a smile, while Ramya kept quiet sitting in back seat as adhira was sitting in front. When they started to rise up the hill, karthik gave both of them a tablet to avoid mountain sickness and lemon mint flavoured candy to abolish the nauseating feel. Finally they reached the top, arrived at the beautiful hillside town.

The weather was so cool and pleasant, everywhere seemed to be tourists, shops, flowers, nicely sculptured gardens, sky height eucalyptus trees, their mild aroma filled air refreshing both the mind and the heart at the same time.

After finishing their breakfast, karthik planned to go boating first. When they reached the lake area, there was not much crowd, just now the boating club has opened, the queue is also small, there are only two or three boats roaming around the lake.

Adhira wants to go on a self pedaling boat, so karthik got the ticket for a two person pedaling boat, Adhira selected an yellow color swan shaped boat, the boat man helped adhira to step inside the wobbling boat on the water. Karthik stepped on it on his own, because of his entry the boat started wobbling more, Ramya trying to step in stayed back in fear, she's searching for something to hold, on seeing it karthik extended his hand towards her, after a minute of hesitation she held his hand and boarded on the boat.

After they seated properly, the worker untied the boat and both Karthik and Ramya started pedaling, Adhira seated in between them in center of the boat for weight balance. The boat started flowing smoothly on the water, still Ramya could feel the palpitation of her heart because of his simple touch.

The view of the mountain around the lake was heart melting, the weather was so perfect with chill breeze, after sometime it started drizzling with the slight warmth of the morning sunshine. It feels heavenly, both adhira and karthik were enjoying a lot. Karthik was showing the best views to them. Ramya felt much pleased, it felt like all of her life's worries disappeared and her heart becomes very light, it started flying somewhere in the sky.

After that they went to nearby park, it's called rose garden. It's having almost all varieties of beautiful roses in most of the colors. All the plants have blossomed in bunches spreading their classy specific scent across the air. The land was covered with neatly cut and well maintained grass. People are sitting, chatting, playing and enjoying the trip with their family. Both adhira and karthik taking selfies here and there. Karthik asked Ramya to come and join with them, but Ramya refused. With the compulsion of adhira, Ramya came along, they took 2, 3 selfies together.

Will you please take a picture of us?"

The foreigner lady with a big camera in her hand asked karthik.

Karthik took two, three shots of the lady along with her male partner in different poses, finally they said thanks and the lady added "yours is a nice, cute both look made for each other...God bless you" with a smile they left the place.

"Oh...thanks a lot..." a big grin appeared on karthik's face with their compliment, he looked at Ramya. Ramya raised an eyebrow asking what she said, why are you grinning like this? as she was few feet away from them, she didn't hear that comment actually. Karthik laughed and said, " nothing, she just thanked me" by shrugging the shoulders.

Ramya realized something is there, but she didn't poke him further. She quietly sat on the stone bench watching the playing kids. Karthik joined the children playing the ball game. Along with adhira and other children, karthik was playing like a toddler. All of them were running, throwing, catching the ball, giggling cheerfully, enjoying the game to the fullest.

After the game was over, karthik was walking towards Ramya by taking adhira in his arms. Both were talking with each other happily. Ramya was looking at Karthik casually but without her knowledge, she was attracted to his charisma. He was wearing coolers and it was perfect fit for his enigmatic face. His powerful radiant smile along with the complexion which challenges the roses present in the garden mesmerized her, she didn't realize she was gawking at him. Karthik noticed that ramya was looking at him for a long time, he laughed at her teasingly.

Ramya came to her senses and lowered her head at once, she actually doesn't know how to react, to her embrace she's sure she's utterly blushing now.... hurriedly she turned to the nearby bush and acting like seriously searching for something. By the time they approached her, karthik said, " don't search for us inside the bush, we are here", with a teasing smile. Adhira also laughed at her. Ramya bit her lip to control flushing of her face, karthik without fail observed her blushing face passionately.

After lunch, they went to the pine Forest area, it's fully covered by mist as the weather changed abruptly, cloudy sky with impending rainfall it looked amazing. Karthik and adhira went to buy popcorn and hot spicy sweet corn, while Ramya was waiting for them on the road side. At the time a speeding Jeep of adolescent boys crossed Ramya, splashing the rain water from the road side small muddy puddle over her, her saree now became half of it wet with mud. Ramya was blinking like a child not knowing what to do now. Karthik asked her to get inside the car, he drove the car to a townside boutique shop and stopped infront of it. He asked them to stay inside the car and he alone went inside the shop and returned after 10 minutes with a package in his hand.

Then he drove the car to the estate area, where individual estates along with the residential area were situated. He gave horn by stopping in front of a king size entrance gate, it opened immediately. Then the car entered into the driveway of a big lawn, after 2 minutes of drive it came to a halt in front of a guest house.

The house was open, karthik entered inside directly, Ramya and adhira followed him with some hesitation. The house was big like shown in movies, adhira was watching everything with widened orbs. It seems nobody staying in the house. Ramya didn't ask him whose house is this, as she never asked him like those unnecessary details before. Karthik showed Ramya a big bedroom and handed her the package he bought in the shop. It contained two sarees for Ramya and 2 pretty frocks for Adhira also.

After taking shower, Ramya dressed up with one of those sarees, it contained ready made blouse piece also, in her life time she haven't wore this type of costly saree with desighner blouse. If it's some other time she never accepted this type of gifts from him, but today she doesn't have any choice. When she came out of the room, karthik who is standing in the hall near the floor length glass window and talking through the phone, stunned for a second, he was speechless for a moment.
With that silk cotton saree, she's shining like a doll, she is walking by adjusting her fleets, the saree was very soft and shiny, sparkling on her, with the fresh bath her face was glowing like a moon. The dazzling beauty slowly walking towards him and came in front of him. By the time he ended the call.

She looked at him with some expectation in her eyes, for which he replied with a big satisfying smile. She never wanted to ask that, that is his appreciation but everything happening perfectly without fail, without her control. "OMG!! Please somebody teach me how to control this blushing thing.. it's embarrassing me quite a lot now a days..." Ramya tried her level best to control her feelings, 'I should have refused to come over here along with them' Ramya blaming herself for accepting this karthik's trip idea.

Karthik asked Ramya to change Adhira's dress also, so that she will be happy. Adhira looked like a cute little angel in her new pretty frock, she is excited to the core. After that once again they went to pine Forest area, then suicide point and finally children's park, with that they finished the shopping also.

It's already 6'o clock in the evening, the darkness started hovering the sky like a curtain earlier itself since it's a hill station. Within 10 minutes of starting of their journey downhill, adhira started sleeping. Karthik asked her to lie down comfortably on the backseat, Ramya placed pillows by her side to prevent from falling. She came and sat in front by his side.

The car is sliding smoothly in the curves of the mountain, Ramya was astonishing with karthik's excellent driving skills, each and every hairpin bend was brilliantly and neatly crossed by him, under his hands the vehicle is obeying nicely like a trained puppy. With the mild romantic hits playing inside the car, the journey played an ecstatic hide and seek game between both of them. She's silently looking outside in the dark, whereas he is concentrating on the road. But they both wished inside their corner of the heart, this journey should continue everlasting, without coming to an end.

When they reached city outer, karthik pulled out the car in a Chinese multi cuisine. It's time around 8 pm, adhira in deep sleep, since they don't want to disturb her, karthik decided to buy parcel for them. They both stepped out of the car.

" It's city's one of the best Chinese restaurant, chicken fried rice is Adhira's favorite know, I will get it for her, i think she will love it, it will also help you to wake her up easily for dinner after reaching home" karthik said with a chuckle.

Ramya looked at him in surprise, how come he knows everything like what's her favorite dish and all?! How on earth I missed to think he may be a vegetarian on that day?! OMG, why I made that mistake?! What had he thought about me at that time?! Ouch... Ramya such a fool you are..en number of times she regretted inside and once again now she cursed herself for umpteenth time... she was looking at him in vain, drenched in her own thoughts....

It's a full moon day. With an awesome climate, cool gentle breeze caressing both of them by ruffling their hair, both looking at each other, karthik for a reply, Ramya wandering in her own thoughts. Her nonchalant pretty cute face glowed in the bright moon light, her big attractive eyes always showing a mild sad tinge now looking at him for more than usual time that embarrassed him, he became restless..her pink glossy lips now faded due to hillside ice cold climate not yet regained it's original color became very pale... that disturbed him a lot... since morning, the togetherness, hillside view, climate, the foreigner lady's words, simple touch in the boat, her blushing in the rose garden, the shining beauty of hers in new attire... everything made his heart melted... now in this moon light, her glowing face and that pale pink lips.....

"Oh shit.... what am I thinking about?!!!" Karthik needed a big effort to tear his gaze from her face, he was then looking at the dark road and to change his mind from the thought, he just ran his fingers through his hair and put the hands inside his jeans pockets.

Without putting him in further trouble, Ramya said, " I am sorry...." in a meek voice.

That word brought him from his wayward feelings, he got his senses back, he asked in confusion, " for what?!..."

Ramya remained silent, what would she tell?! The huge mistake done by her now appeared like a mount Everest standing in front of her.
A hard lump arising from her stomach blocked her throat. As though in air hunger she couldn't regain her voice, her face showed much pain, her eyes filled with pooled tears ready to come out anytime....

Karthik by looking at her face, he sensed something is fishy... her silence conveyed she's fighting inside with her feelings... that worried him, he convincingly said, " babe... that's alright, what ever it is leave it as such, please don't mind and don't think about it, just forget it..." In a quiet soothing voice.

That care, that comfort, that single deary word increased her feelings inside... 'Such a person of wonder..I don't deserve his caring, I don't deserve him at all...I don't deserve any of that happened since nice the day was... what an wonderful experience being with him..if it's extended for lifetime, how beautiful the life will be...why that was denied to me....a simple happy, lovely family life... everything was tragedy in her life from the beginning..why her father has to disappear all of a sudden? why her mother wanted an urgent marriage for her too early?! Why that life has to end abruptly?! Why am I left with my baby alone in this world... Why has karthik crossed in my crystal clear streamline life then....

Ramya was flooded with thoughts, her whole life events came after one by one rapidly, streaming in her mind, drowned her like an ocean, she couldn't bear at all, she felt shearing pain which made her weak, she felt her legs heavy, was not able to stand anymore, she at once placed her hand on the car bonnet for a support....

" Hey... anything wrong? are you ok?...." Karthik asked walking quickly towards her.

Once again the soft, caring voice....

"What baby?..." He came closure.

With the gush of feelings and overflowed emotion, unable to hold herself further, she just leaned on his shoulder, her tears started flowing uncontrollably....with a sudden hack in his chest karthik stood still rooted to the spot... it took sometime for him to realize what's happening....only her forehead resting on the tip of contour of his shoulder, he could feel her tears wetting his shirt...his spontaneously raised hand to caress her back stood in mid air, then again went back to his side without doing anything....he felt numb at his mind, he doesn't know how to comfort her... his heart was moaning "Oh my dear, please don't....."

A sudden car horn sound and headlight flash made Ramya to get back from him, she mumbled the word " I am sorry" once again with much awkward feeling. " It's alright... just get inside, I will be back in 5 minutes..." Karthik replied without looking at her and strode towards the restaurant.

When they reached home, while Ramya was unlocking the house, karthik took sleeping adhira gently in his arms and brought her inside the house, layed her on the bed. Then he went out, after a minute came inside again and placed the food parcel on the table and said to Ramya in a firm voice, "don't skip your dinner" and went out of the house. Ramya followed him and stopped at the doorstep. He opened his car door and turned towards her as though to say about something, but he didn't utter a word....most of the time silence is the one which speaks in between them... His eyes met clearly said, "I am always there for you......." then he was gone.

To be continued......

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