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Sector-19, The way go to death... - 2

Part 2, sector-19...

Bubbles are bursting in water and in sudden a black spirit come out from the water.His hands are colour with blood and his body is looks like a giant which is covered with black clothes.His big hair is touching back ,he is wearing a damage black hat on head.He smile horribly with his redish teeth and in a moment he turns to smoke and that smoke begins to move around the cycle which is lying down. Suddenly the smoke turns self into that man which the spirit killed before a minute. Eyes of the man is still have dark circles under it,he starts laughing horribly.
He moves his hands in a smoke and some bundles of newspapers get appear in his hands and begins to shout " newspaper"....
He get disappear with cycle in a smoke.

At the same time, In the printing press shop,the owner of the shop is in anger and he is calling the posterboy for the delivery of newspapers.. but he finds the call is not reachable.He got angry and he throw the mobile on table.What to do in this situation? Who will distribute the papers to the city..He make calm himself and
Then he call Ace who is his cousin's son and he get ready for delivery.
In other moment,..

Rizz, come on son get's up and call the newspaper man ,till we have not the today's newspaper..( rizz mom).
Rizz get up from the bed and he suppress a big yawn.He have some water in a glass from glass jar.His mom again start shouting" rizz,call the newspaper man.......".
Rizz making stress on head reply," doing".

He leave the room and went to the living hall where he connect the mobile with charger on a table yesterday and he disconnected the phone. He start moving forward to the entrance gate ,trrr trrrr ...( mobile is ringing).
But suddenly his sight falls on the newspaper which is at the bottom. Mamma,...the newspapers are here you didn't see that, father is not at home so,why were you wanting for it.Voice comes from inside," so you read the newspaper". He get calm, hmmm will have to do now,he went in.

Then ace shout",newspaper". He throw the newspaper from the space of the gate at the bottom.Rizz move back to see the person who shout for newspaper,and newspaper get falls from his hands and he peg to lift the same time black smoke come from the space and in a second he turn the newspaper into ash and which get blow into the air.Rizz went at the place while saying that we just had the paper and you again come to give it.He move his sight around but he finds no one.
Hey..was I talking to the air,he start laugh at self.He went to living hall and get sit on the sofa.He begins to he turns the first page,he get horribly surprised...he saw his own image in which he is hanging on fan with black cloth covering his neck and his whole body begins to sweat.Suddenly his ear feels a scaring voice inside from the paper", Ready to die". And same time the paper turns to black smoke and hands from the smoke moves forward to hold him..He begins to call for mom," mom.. mom." His mom is cooking food in kitchen and his voice is inaudible to her, because of the spirit. He is crying with fear and his body start sweating.Ghost crossed his arms across his chest and removed his heart from the body and his voice get calm.He created the same image as newspaper.He hang him on fan and create the perfect image like he committed suicide.

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Kapadia Amisha

Kapadia Amisha 2 years ago

Akash Saxena "Ansh"

Very well written with few mistakes but that's totally fine as a new can polish your writing by reading some of the MB writers and writing more....keep it up......Welcome here #Vidhi 💐

Sandip Choudhary

Sandip Choudhary 2 years ago

અધિવક્તા.જીતેન્દ્ર જોષી Adv. Jitendra Joshi