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1992 (Horror-Mystery-Magic) - 4 - Varma’s heaven


Varma’s heaven

I kept that wooden box very safe with me taking the utmost care. But unfortunately, one day, my small kid without knowing its importance opened it quite innocently and pulled the silk fabric out, I tried to put it back immediately into the box, but…”

Kottarathil Sankaran.

Next day…

Varma’s car stopped in front of Sreeksha’s house. Varma came out of the car and walked briskly inside with Sree Latha’s make-up box in his hands. Sree panicked for a moment but she knew how to handle such situations beautifully, she said,

“Ji, welcome to the hut of this poor girl. You could have sent this through someone!”

“Why, should I not come? After I called you, my lawyer said that there was a civil case coming for judgment today and that my presence is needed, actually, I came for that, then I thought on the way I can give this back to you personally. ”

Varma handed over the makeup box to Sree which she received with a lustful smile and she did not forget to touch his fingers casually by making use of that chance. When she opened the box, she was shocked to find that the box was filled with bundles of two thousand rupee notes in it.

“Ji, What is this?”

“Don’t mistake me, it is our traditional practice not to return a box empty and you know well that I am a Zamin, that is why I filled it with some currency notes! Ok, bye, we will meet again.”

When Varma was about to go, Sree said, “ Ji, one minute”.

As he turned back, Sree purposely slipped off the loose end of her saree and Varma’s eyes saw, what he should not see for a moment, which aroused the lust in him.

“Ji, please, at least have a cup of coffee before you go from this poor girl’s hand!”

She continued…

“Just as you are having a traditional practice, we do also have a practice. If a Zamin visits our house, we wouldn't let him go without doing a ‘Pada Pooja’!”

“Pada Pooja’?”

“Yes, Ji, it is a way of honouring the Zamin who visits our house. Not all visit our house only very special people like you and we have to honour and take care of them and make them happy!”

“I am not so special, I am an ordinary person only.”

“Ji, for us you are not only a Zamin but the Maharaja of Lakshmipuram and I do not have any doubt about it!”

Sree has already started weaving her net for Varma arousing the lust in him in whatever way possible so that he will be caught in it as prey forever.

Meenu brought some fruits and nuts and placed them on the teapoy and left the place after whispering in Sree Latha’s ear” Ma’am, make use of this chance at your best.”

Sree who missed an opportunity earlier at Lakshmipuram does not want to let go of this golden chance.

She said, “Come on, Ji, I’ll show you the house around.” She planned very cleverly and brought him to her bedroom and locked the door from inside.


“Call me ‘Sree’”

“Sree, I am a bit worried about the court verdict, just a minute, I will give your telephone number to him so that he could contact me in case of any emergency!”

“Ji, do not worry about it, that will be in your favour only. Please feel free to use my telephone”

She showed the telephone kept beside her bed.

Varma called his lawyer and gave Sreeksha’s number without disclosing whose number it was!

Sreeksha undressed while speaking and came closer and closer to Varma. Varma lost all his control and he could not hold it anymore.

The judge finished reading his verdict. Sree’s prediction came true! Varma won the case. The lawyer came out of the court and searched for Varma everywhere. He could find only the unfortunate people who lost their cases and sat weeping there. Varma wasn’t there anywhere. He called Varma but the phone was ringing and ringing and no one attended. At that time Varma was very busily engaged in finishing the second round of the blue vodka keeping company with Sreeksha.

The telephone kept on ringing and Sree attended it, she asked, “May I know who is this?”

The lawyer was quite surprised on hearing a woman’s voice.

“Is Varma Ji there?”

“Who are you?”

“I am his lawyer. I would like to speak with Varma Ji for a minute?”

Not answering his question she continued, “oh lawyer, has the verdict come?” Sree asked him very casually.

.“It came. We have won. We got back all the properties but I have to pass on another important message to Varma Ji. May I know who is this? Could you please give the receiver to Varma Ji? ”

“I told you that we will win!” she gave the receiver to Varma.

“Tell me Iyer.” he asked the lawyer in his style.

“Ji, a good news for you, we have won.”

“Oh, is it? I don’t know why but today I feel it’s my lucky day. ”, said Varma.

Sree kissed him on his forehead.

“Ssssh...Sree...keep quiet...I’m talking with him, right?” as Varma blabbered, The lawyer could understand the situation….

“Ji, where are you now?”

“In heaven, you can also come and join with me!”

“Ji, be serious this is not the time to play with. You might have won the case. But it seems like some things are going on behind the curtain to put your life in danger.”

“What are you blabbering?”

“Your enemy, that Sekhar Varma, has come with a witch to the court!”

“Nonsense! A witch? Who is that?”

“She is a professional black magician and she looks very dangerous. It was good that you didn’t come to the court today. If you had come, she would have taken the sand underneath your feet and might have used it for doing black magic against you!”

“What is this nonsense, shits. Black magic. I do not believe in all this!”

“Yeah, even I do not believe in all this. But I have seen in some cases the people who have won were completely destroyed by the people who have lost by using black magic. That is why I warned you, Ji. You should be on the alert. ”

“Ok, ok...Where are you now?”

“I’m now in the court, You don’t come here. I don’t think that they will spare me also. That witch was staring at me, continuously for some time!”

“Why are you like this, fearing about Black magic and all? What era are we in? Don’t be so foolish and ignorant.”

“Ok. Where are you now? I heard a lady's voice!”

“Oh, that is Sreeksha!”

“Sreeksha! Who is that, Ji?”

“That is none of your business. ”

“Ok. Sorry, Ji. I have to meet you and get some signs and it is very urgent.”

“Ok, then, I’ll ask her to tell you the address. You can come here and meet me.”

“Ok, Ji.”

Varma gave the receiver to Sree.

She told the address and placed the receiver in the telephone and looked at Varma as if she was very much worried about what all had happened.

“Ji, you were talking something about black magic and all, I am quite worried about you!”

“Oh, that is nothing. Sree, my enemy, he is a lunatic. In the angst of losing the case, he wants to take revenge up on me by doing some black magic.”

“Who is your enemy, Ji?”

“My uncle’s son, Sekhar Varma. When my grandpa died, we, grandsons, could not come in to an agreement with regard to the division of our family properties and the issue went to the court. Now he lost and I won. That anger is with him!”

“Ji, you shouldn’t take it lightly!” Sree said.

“What can I do? In life, you should understand one thing, what has to happen will happen. Now, how did I came here? Did you expect that I will come?”

What Varma said made Sree to think and rethink many unsaid versions of it.

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