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You are my life - episode 31

Always I want to say one thing-
"You are just Amazing!!!"

Ramya almost prepared herself for a conversation with Karthik, she made up her mind that she has to talk firmly with him without getting emotional. After all she always had the inner fear of talking to him by looking through his mesmerizing eyes. She told herself many a times, it's time to gather your self up Ramya. She's planning to meet him within a day or two.

"Ramya mam, principal madam calling you", said peon. It's evening time almost office closing hours.

For what it could be? Ramya was thinking while walking towards the principal's room. She's submitted some files for her sign. 'Did I do any mistake? Now a days I became so absent minded because of overthinking, have to be more careful' Ramya said to herself when she approached the room, principal was talking to someone else.

" Heavy recommendation, I think she's some connections in trustees level..."

After a knock Ramya entered inside the room. "Ramya see, you have mentioned the date wrongly, correct it and bring it back" princy ordered her and gave the file. Ramya received the file , came out of the room, stood there and checked the circular. It was not prepared by her, it's done by Sheela, anyway it has to be corrected now.

"What madam, that's it? I was expecting more from you..." The other person was asking principal madam. " have to be more careful with this girl, a simple phone call, then I will be at risk..." Princy was answering her, Ramya heard all this, standing outside the office but she didn't paid attention to it as she's checking the file.


After she came home, Ramya was in the kitchen preparing milk for adhira and tea for herself along with a snack item. Adhira came from school and gone for refreshing, after that she came in search of her mother saying, " mom, I already told you know our school's annual day function is approaching, see they have given each of us an invitation", her face glowed in joy as she secured prizes in some of the competitions conducted.

Ramya handed her the milk and received the invitation from her. "When baby?" She asked while glancing at the invitation.

"It's next Saturday", adhira drank the milk, took a samosa in her hand and ran outside for playing.

"Be careful adhi..." Ramya shouted behind her running baby and was about to put the invitation aside, something caught her attention in the invitation. She started reading the invitation once again, " we cordially invite.....

under the heading 'the chief guest', it read "the function was presided over by one of our beloved trustee and chairman, hon' Mr. Sivakumar...." the word 'trustee' caught her attention because just before in school, her principal was using the word. Now she once again read the name of the chief guest.... she had heard the name recently... where?...then it flashed in her mind at once, it's karthik's uncle name... her brows it so?!

With an instinct, she searched for Adhira's mobile which is a smartphone given by Karthik, Adhira taught her already how to operate and search things in net, so she opened the Google search and typed Adhira's school name, school website came in to view. She touched the history column and started reading....' Our RVK group of schools one of the renounwed schools in city started in the year... she scrolled down fast to see the founder name, it was unknown to her, but the picture looks familiar. Then she saw the trustees list where she found the same name, that's Karthik's uncle name in the it true?! Is it their school or am I confusing with other person's to confirm?!

RVK one of the big name in the city, RVK group of industries, top most in business having RVK educational trust running schools, colleges including arts and tech, being most popular, that's the reason why Ramya chose this school for Adhira's better future. She started searching once again about the details of RVK group of management history, scrolling down quickly, she found the details including how it started, established and attained the topmost position in the city, except one thing, everywhere it's being mentioned as RVK, RVK.... nowhere she read what's the expansion of the name....and finally with little bit of difficulty she able to find out what RVK stands for... she became flabbergasted when she came to know it's 'Ragunandhan Vijay karthik' ....that's what RVK stands for...Ragunandhan is Karthik's father's name...she saw on that day in his house, it was clearly mentioned in the bottom of the photo with DOB and DOD..... and the picture of the founder she saw in all websites is his grandfather's picture.....

At last she found the truth.... So it's their school !!!..Adhira is studying in their school... "that's why everything is free for her.... the reason being Karthik...."her mind stated it in opt time.

' no.. they said, adhira scored good marks, so they are providing scholarship....' she thought inwardly. 'Are you crazy?! who will provide everything free in a scholarship including bus spare?! Usually in all the scholarships, for the name sake, they'll give only a small amount as stipend that won't be enough even for books you Know...' her inner self mocked her revealing the truth.

"No, I called the office once again to confirm..the lady said, they will select a poor student every year from the trust, they provide fund and everything free to support her education..." , She argued with her self.

'That's probably Karthik's plan to hide this from you', her inner self suggested. Her brows furrowed, after thinking something, She looked at the watch, office must be closed now..she called Hema ( Adhira's friend Aksaya's mom) to enquire about existing of such offer in the school previously and anybody else benefitted from that. Hema said, to her knowledge she haven't heard of any such scholarship available in the school.

"See, it's only Karthik being the reason now adhira is studying in their school..that's why Lord Ganesh showed karthik's words to you while you were praying on that day...your serial instincts you had about him at the time were really true". She remembered the dream about him saying, " I will take care of her.." that's because nothing but her strong instinct. She remembered the theory about telepathy , she read it somewhere previously, ' if we are thinking about a distant person continuously, by any means they will try to connect us.' That may be the reason why she's getting the dreams about him continuously..

At that time she thought, her love towards him inside her heart, it's only acting as a moral support but the truth is he did the actual support... he really helped her.... how come he knew that I was in need of help... that means.....

Then one by one started coming to her mind, ' Vijay then followed you from Chennai' chitra sis told on that day but she didn't realize it's full meaning as she's in utter shock at that time, Kavita also said , he came here in search of you...

Somehow he collected the details, so he knew where I was living and what I was doing.... and helping me behind my back....

'she has some connections in trustees level... have to be more careful about this girl....A simple phone call, I will be at risk..." another thing flashed in her mind. Had they talked about me?! the principal and her colleague...."

After a phone call she ordered to type the appointment order for you...' she remembered the peon words when she about to lose her job at the time. Even though it's not coming under their group of schools, he recommended for me by using his influence on high level connections. Everything came to her mind one after other like a chain of events unfolding the truth...

She thought he ignored her and he had forgotten her completely after her exit from Chennai...but He haven't dropped her at all, he followed her all the way in all these years and was helping her to get rid of hurdles of her life...he didn't leave her at all...

She dropped herself on the chair..... How come a man could be like this.. what did I do to him.... she felt numb totally, a drop of tear escaped from her eyes...


"Why did you do that?! " That's what all she able to ask him finally by looking at his eyes, her voice looked like as if it's coming out of a hollow tube.

It's a plain evening of a bright sunny day. After she found the truth, the very next day itself Ramya called karthik to come over here, one of the city's famous coffee shop. She knew her heart moved so much because of the truth she found out, it almost unable to refuse him hereafter. Her own mind acting against her, supporting him most, further adding to her inner battle, nobody could ever resist a man like him...but still....

She already reached the coffee shop with Adhira, after eating a big black forest cake now adhira is enjoying her swing outside in the play area for children.

Karthik was sitting opposite to her, his instinct told something is going to happen when she called him to come over here. Needless to say, at the entrance he unexpectedly met with the MLA whom he asked to help Ramya once she was in village. He was a well known person to his uncle, and also karthik did a surgery on his ankle when he met with an accident, from then on they both become well known to each other. So he personally requested him to help Ramya without revealing Karthik's identity.

Now it was out, he was caught in hand by her, as she was watching him talking to the MLA sir who's surrounded by his men near the entrance.

Karthik remained silent. He knew she refers to the help he had done to her earlier through the MLA, he knew it will come one day, and he has to face it now.

" I enquired in the school also... you are paying everything for her, you have given your number as the first line contact of Adhira, on the day of injury also they first called you, you directed them what to do... "She kept quiet for sometime as if her heart couldn't bear the load of love he showed on her and her kid. 'He was taking care of them already as if they belong to him, but what have I done for him until now?! I haven't even showed my love completely towards him and top of it, today also I am here to refuse him, only giving him pain' Ramya confronted with her own self inwardly.

With full of frustration, she asked in the same hollow voice, " why are you doing all this to me Karthik??...who am I to you?!....I don't even deserve....

"I love you" before she could finish, karthik said.

Ramya gaped her mouth as baffled with shock. As she never expected this, she was completely taken aback.. even though it's a well known fact, she knew it already, when he said directly to her in his heart melting voice, she felt something else... it directly knocking the doors at her heart she was trying to close...looking at him passively she was sitting inert even forgetting to blink her eyes..

A soft smile appeared on his lips on seeing her bewildered face. "The answer for your question, it's simple...." With soft spoken words he said by straight away looking at her eyes without moving his gaze.

Unable to hold, her gaze lowered down. She took a long breath, closed her eyes and once again made up her mind, opened her eyes and started saying "But it can't be continued... you have to forget me and move on... not every love becomes successful... Most of them are failures only..." A bitter smile appeared on her face. She released her breath as big sigh and continued, " A true love never fails.... it's just because of the circumstances they are going apart..." with spontaneous flow, more like Ramya was talking to herself rather than to him.

Karthik was looking at her firmly like ' Hell the circumstances...what to do with this girl....why she's so stubborn...'. He started losing his patience but controlled himself and kept quiet...

Ramya didn't raise her gaze to look upon, she continued, "just consider it a passing cloud, I can't be your wife, you have to marry someone else....a better choice for your best future.... uncle, chitra sis and Gokul sir all are there, they will find a suitable girl...

"That's none of your business...." The force of the words from karthik jolted Ramya, abruptly stopped her from what she was saying. She started trembling as she haven't seen Karthik before with this much anger..

Even Karthik was in shock, he couldn't believe he said that word with such a force, he can lose his temper this much. Some of the people from nearby table glanced at them once and again they continued their work...

The uneasiness in the air extended for few more minutes, karthik pacifying himself, frustratingly passing his fingers through his hair. Ramya controlling her shivering.

"Mom...I need some water...." Adhira came there unexpectedly, took the glass and drank the water. By looking at both of them she sensed something is wrong... before she could ask anything, Ramya stood up saying, "come baby, let's go... and started walking by holding Adhira.

Before karthik could respond, the server came with Bill, he shouted, " Ramya, please wait...", while paying the bill. But Ramya acted like she heard nothing and came out of the shop hurriedly dragging Adhira along with her, at the same time an auto came to drop a customer, Ramya called that auto, as it was near to her it approached quickly, she pushed Adhira first inside the auto then entered following her, and asked the driver to go, the auto moved from the place, before karthik could reach out of the shop.

He rushed towards the entrance, as he noticed Ramya getting inside the auto, when he came out of the shop, the auto almost passed through the gate.

With full of disappointment, he let out a big sigh by placing both his hands on his hips, watching the leaving auto....

To be continued.....


Sorry guys, this time also I came late, I am trying to post weekly, but because of my situation, it's getting late... within 3-4 episodes the story will end, I think I can manage with the updates once in fortnight. Once again I thank you all for your continuous support which made me write without dropping....

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