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You are my life - episode 33

"It's not a break up
It's only a break time
You will come back to me one day
I'm sure and
Waiting for you...."

After staying a week in that village with Krishnan sir and Lakshmi ma, Ramya and Adhira returned home. With a wounded heart, Ramya also much needed this time out to get herself gather up. So when Lakshmi ma asked her to stay back for a week, she agreed. In that one week, she somehow convinced Adhira, the kid was more convinced when Krishnan sir brought a new bicycle for her. Actually the cycle was bought by Karthik, only Adhira and Krishnan sir knew the truth. She happily spent her days by learning to ride it.


Days were flying at rocket speed. Almost a month has been passed since the meeting and their partition. Ramya managed herself enough not to think about him much, rethink about her decision and everything related to that and tried her best to move on, but only God knows how much it affected her.


Gokul was very much irked by the situation, he couldn't digest to see his ever laughing friend now always seen with furrowed brows and tightened lips which almost forgot to smile.

"Why girls are always like this ? So much frustrating and weird. No man in this world never found out what a girl is thinking in deep down her heart?!" His voice showed much annoyance.

Menaka raised a brow towards him. She said nothing as if it's only a waste of time and continued with her facebook in mobile.

"Why she's complicating things this much and making an issue?! too weak to take a proper decision..." He grunted.

Menaka able to understand he is so much worried for his friend.

"I don't think so.... until now she is strong enough to lead her life as a single mother, raised her child facing all the obstacles in her life without expecting any support. Maybe she doesn't want any hereafter too.....

" Then why she allowed Karthik into her life once again and was giving him some hope, instead she could have disappeared like she did earlier in Chennai..." His voice showed much irritation.

"How come she?! Did you just forget then Adhira was on her treatment with you people?! all of it happened on its own, how come you accuse her solely as responsible for the life's happenings?!!

Gokul said nothing but let out a sigh. He still surprised that thinking a girl denying her most secured and settled future.

Menaka continued, " maybe he could have waited some more by giving her time before all of this sudden proposal..."

"He already waited long enough I think..." He said referring the past 8 years and rolled his eyes over her.

She casually ignored him saying, " then no harm in waiting a little more...Girls will have their own reasons.. Men will always be Men and never ever try to understand the women...." She finished by pressing the last words.

"Your damn reasons...." he huffed.

"Your friend also keeping quiet..." She rightly pointed out.

He also doesn't know why Karthik is silent and where it's going to end....

Menaka kept her hand over her husband's shoulder as if to reassure, " both of them need a little push that's all...I think it's already more than enough they parted each other to realize how much they loved and how much they needed each other, if not we'll show them, I have a plan.."

He looked at her like "what?

"You already invited her to our son's birthday party know, she asked Gokul.

Gokul nodded yes. He did it as he also thought it may help to some extent.

"Okay, then leave it rest to me" she said. She knew for sure, Ramya will definitely decide not to attend the function just because to avoid seeing Karthik there. Not a surprise, a girl can easily make out another girl's feelings. All she has to do is, to bring her in, to the party hoping that she's already missing him. Then rest is all in God's hands, hoping and praying for good is all I can do, she thought.


Ramya was much annoyed and more distressed since morning, as her decision about not attending the party today has irking her more. She carefully avoided telling about the party to Adhira. 'What about Gokul sir, he personally invited you, you are disrespecting him' her inner voice told. She knew her heart trying it's most to convince her, so that it could meet it's love of life at least once. But she couldn't afford to meet him even once as it's too risky for her decision of being apart could turn upside down. Because the truth is always there she's already missing him.

His thoughts were drenching her all the time,
she couldn't even imagine how tremendous and how immense his love for her... She not even worthy for that, she's such an ordinary person, nothing special about her.... how come he able to love her like this, how pure and innocent his heart is....Enough Ramya.. you are getting no where having thoughts like this, it's already over, you pulled an end to all of second thoughts..

Is it all over?! Could it be?! Her conscience whispered her. It has to be, she snapped at it.
She lost all her artificially gathered strength. Sometimes love makes us to feel weak to the core. She felt completely worn out, more disgusted at herself.


When the door bell chimed, it's nearing 5 in the evening, Adhira went to open the door. She doesn't know the lady who's standing at the door.

"Hi baby, you look very cute, is your mom inside?!" She asked sweetly.

"Who's it Adhi ?!" Ramya came from kitchen to have a look who's at the door.

"Hi Ramya, I am menaka, Gokul's wife," she introduced herself by looking at confused Ramya, still standing at door step.

Ramya's expression immediately changed to surprise, " o..oh.. please come on in....I..I..a bit of confused.." thinking that what is she doing here, having her son's birthday party at her hand.

It's alright, we haven't met before know" she said while coming in with a friendly smile. She noticed Ramya having a great structure and a lovely face which at present clouded with sadness. 'No surprise in Karthik loving this adorable girl' she thought. She passed a comment, " you are so pretty..." .

After exchanging pleasantries and a little chit chat... Menaka said, she was on her way to parlour, as she doesn't have a company, she dropped in here to pick up both of them for the function, so that she'll have a company.

Ramya was blinking, doesn't know what to say. Adhira and menaka both are looking at her with at most expectation. As menaka came here in person to invite them for the party, with no other go, Ramya accepted. 'ok... you can do it Ramya, just stay strong...' she said to herself. Now both of them are going to parlour with menaka in her car. Adhira was so happy, after all she's going to meet her KS there.

The beauty parlour was big and busy enough, as it's city's most famous one, loaded with people involved in various process which Ramya doesn't have any idea what are they. While waiting, she even wondered now a days why girls are much interested in showing up their beauty.

After finishing menaka, the parlour lady asked Ramya, " what's your preference girl?!"

" I'm not interested" Ramya refused.

The lady said, " you are so pretty already, watch my words, you will look gorgeous after my work on you..."

Before Ramya could say anything, menaka also insisted, " why don't you go for it?! Adhira also pushed her mom from her back. With some hesitation Ramya followed the lady as she doesn't want to make it a scene.

Meantime menaka asked another lady to do Adhira's hair also. They made her hair into a high bun secured with white pearl beads hear and there matching for her full length attractive deep purple color party gown which decorated with white pealrs. She looked like a real cute angel now.

When Ramya came out, there heard a few gasps looking at her, so all of them turned to look around who the lady is... Ramya felt a bit embarrassed with all those eyes on her. The first thought came to her mind was Karthik, her cheeks started turning pink, she controlled herself cautiously.

Adhira happily ran to her mother and hugged her proudly saying, you are so pretty mommy!!! Menaka smiled herself as her plan was half success already. It's Karthik who's gonna suffer today, she chuckled inwardly.

The party hall was moderate in size and was awesomely decorated by balloons, color papers and flower garlands. There's a stage in one side of the hall and it's also decorated too with a 'happy birthday varun' words twinkling in the middle. As Adhira and Ramya already attended her friend tanu's birthday party, they both somewhat got familiar with the party surroundings and didn't get awestruck today.

The hall was having only few persons which Ramya guess relatives from the family, friends not yet started coming as it's too early for the function. Ramya cursed her fate thinking that she wanted to avoid the party but now she's the one who came early as a first person. Menaka got inside one of the rooms as she has to make ready her boy who's the hero today.

Ramya and Adhira sitting on the chair looking around when Gokul came towards them to welcome them.

" Good evening Gokul sir" Adhira said with a smile. " Call me uncle baby", he replied with a warm smile. "You are looking too good today" he complimented. " Thank you uncle" she giggled. Gokul turned to Ramya said, "thanks for coming.." for which Ramya just smiled with a guilty feeling.

Now guests started arriving one by one, Gokul went to receive them, Adhira found some friends to play with and now Ramya was sitting alone. Her thinking automatically started winding around Karthik how will he react on seeing her?! Will he be mad at me?! How am I going to face him?! She can't tolerate his eyes showing even a bit of hatred towards her. She wanted to escape from this awkward situation as early as possible. The last thing she wanted to do is meeting him like she's some distant unwanted person. She can't bear that. She doesn't know why her thinking goes too weird today. Ramya drenched in her own thoughts unknowingly keeping her eyes at the entrance waiting for him with the aching heart.

Now almost the hall got filled with the crowd, everybody seemed happily talking, there's some magic show going on in the stage to cheer up the children. Orange juice was served in place. As time being passed Ramya getting on her nerves, Karthik not yet come, somehow she managed talking with the people around her, but her eyes completely fixed on the entrance. She able to feel one part of her dying inside to meet him while the other part screaming inside about her decision. So she badly wanted to escape from that situation. By the time the function started. She felt relieved. She gonna leave right after that, she told herself.

The function got over with cake cutting and all, after handing over the gift, Ramya said to menaka that they are leaving. "No way, the dinner being served already, after having it you have to stay back as I am having something for you" menaka strictly told and Gokul also insisted on that. On seeing her nervousness, He also added that, " feel free.. Karthik won't be able to come today as he is attending a surgery instead of me, you are my guest, so stay with us let's allow Adhira to enjoy the party.

She doesn't know why Gokul provided the information but her face fell at once, she drained inside totally and wasn't aware of her expression clearly showing it. The couple exchanged a satisfactory look.

In dining hall, Ramya didn't touch anything served in front of her, she lost inside her, simply sitting by Adhira's side. ' you suppose to be glad and thankful for that Ramya, why are you worrying then?! Her inner self mocking and laughing at her. On the other hand Adhira looks calm and composed, she knew her KS will come for sure, he won't let her down.

After finishing when they came out, what Ramya saw was the most expectant sight of her evening. Karthik was standing in a distance and speaking with someone by shaking hands with that person. The words can not explain how much she felt relieved and her mind and heart felt relaxed on seeing him. At once she felt the place become so cool and pleasant and she was thrown on a cloud filled with rose petals.

His attire was too simple, a blue jeans with a white T shirt, even though his eyes looked tired with that disheveled hair, he's too handsome to take her eyes out of him. Adhira ran towards him shouting KS, he turned towards her and lifted her up with a cute smile. He talked something to her, followed by which she outstretched her hand towards her mother showing to him.

His eyes met Ramya's. Ramya felt pure chillness at her heart. A shiver ran down her spine with his continued glistening gaze on her. She's wearing the baby pink color designer saree bought by him during their hill station trip. With the loose free hairs reaching her chest curled up at the ends, mild muscara with eyeliner enhancing her ravishing eyes and pink lip glass she looked like a natural shining star. Spontaneously her gaze lowered down feeling the heat in her cheeks which now turned into beet red.

Instantly Ramya wanted to fly away from that place, but her baby went along with him to the stage. Menaka called Ramya also to the stage, but Ramya refused, then she came down to take Ramya with her and made her stand beside Karthik to pose for a selfie having all four of them with their two kids. Then she placed varun in Ramya's hand and took photos of Ramya and Karthik with two kids. Ramya was much more embarrassed, but for her goodness the hall was almost empty as most of the guests left. The time already past nine, when menaka and Gokul along with Karthik started moving towards dining hall, Ramya tried to stay back, but dragged along by menaka. She's in a trans all the way since being held beside Karthik.

After the first stare, Karthik didn't turn towards her even once. This made Ramya to flinch at her heart. Tears started gathering, she blinked hard to get hold of them. She felt menaka's hand on hers as if to console her, saying, " don't think too much Ramya, you both look marvellously perfect as couple, we believe you do great as his wife in near future". Not able to hold herself anymore Ramya stood up to leave, she heard Gokul saying Karthik, "drop them buddy".

Karthik raised his brow towards Gokul with curled up lips saying, "No, never....". After a minute Gokul understood and retold his words, " ok..ok... take them with you, now happy?! with a laugh. Menaka enjoying the wordplay between buddies while Ramya tried to deny. Whereas Karthik slowly walked towards the entrance by picking up Adhira who's now enjoying her 3rd ice cream. With no other go Ramya followed them.

With utter silence in between both of them throughout the journey, Adhira slept already when Karthik pulled his car in front of Ramya's house. When Ramya reached sleeping Adhira, Karthik said, " I will take her".

Ramya opened the door, Karthik with sleeping Adhira on his shoulder came inside, Ramya went inside the bedroom and switched on the night lamp followed by Karthik. He placed the baby carefully on the bed and pulled the covers over her. Ramya placed a pillow by her baby's side to secure her, at the same time Karthik said, " we need to talk..." The coldness in his voice ran down a chill in her spine.

It's a full moon day. The brightness of the sky perfectly filling the place with romantic bluish tinge moon light absolutely not matching with their racing heart. Both are standing in that small garden of her backyard, a gentle breeze flowing in between them and trying to ease the situation. Except the sound of night creatures, a heavy silence occupied the place around them.

Ramya was quietly looking at her favorite stone bench by standing near. She's too disturbed to think anything. Whereas Karthik was standing under the neem tree by holding one of it's branches. His mind is boiling like a furnace. It takes everything in him to getting his temper under control.

Nobody knows in that party how badly he wanted to have them as his family by his side. He proudly wanted to say these two fabulous girls are mine, introduce them to everyone as his wife and daughter. He hated that the situation is not under his control, out of the thing the worst is treating them like some unknown distant persons. That too, today Ramya in that saree.......oh shit !! His grip on the tree branch tightened.

Finally Ramya said, " it's getting late, I have to go to work tomorrow" carefully avoiding any emotions besides shakiness in her voice.

" That's what I am trying to say Ramya, it's already getting late....why are you acting so naive, hereafter I can't go leaving both of you here or elsewhere suffering and sleep quiet alone in my house. Back in Chennai When I first saw the pain in your eyes which shattered my heart into pieces, I swore myself from then on, you both are my responsibility.
Don't you see the love in my eyes, don't you see it's pouring lots and lots of affection over both of you and seeking the same in return?!! Can't you accept that you also suffering by your uncontrolled feelings towards me...I am damn sure, by refusing you are directly killing yourself....
it's not only between us, we are having a baby and our decision would hurt her also....can you say it doesn't have any impact on her life and her happiness.....why are you so adamant?? What's your problem, what's bothering you, at least tell me that, we will sort out then...." he didn't raise his voice, even had good control over his temper, but said the words in between his gritted teeth, firm and clear enough....

Ramya started shivering as she could sense his anger clearly in his voice. Her voice stuck somewhere in her throat, she remained silent. Karthik saw Ramya who appeared so scared and her delicate figure quivering like a lonely chick get caught under the thunderstorm. He noticed she lost a good amount of weight in that past one month. He ran his fingers through his hair with much frustration and let out a big sigh...

He came towards Ramya and stood close to her, with concern in his eyes, said in a deep indifferent voice " I really don't know how to convince you....I won't compell you hereafter....but one thing I would say for sure, you are my life... without you I will be nothing.. he paused for a minute and then said, if it's bothering you about Adhira's position after our marriage, I can assure you she will be our one and only child for ever... and will be my heiress too..." before he could complete the sentence Ramya closed his mouth instantly with her hand... she felt a sharp tug at her heart when she understood the whole meaning of his words...

"Don't say like that... please don't....I never thought like that ...", instead of voice only air coming out of her mouth. She can't look at his painful eyes, she removed her hand from covering his mouth, she turned back to him. Because of hurt hitting her strongly, she felt a hard lump blocking her throat. Not in a heart to stay or leave she's battling with her self.... for sure she knew if she stand here some more time, she will definitely end up with crying by leaning on his chest.... struggling hard to control herself, not knowing what to do she started leaving...

"Hey Ramy!!...."

Ramya stopped there at once not because his hand held her arm, it's because his word held her heart. After so many years, a person calling her, like her father used to call her.
That's a surprise shock for her, how he knew that name. She didn't turn towards him. Her heart is already half melted, she knew very well, if she now look into his eyes, she won't be able to leave at all. So she stayed like that by posing her back to him.
He sensed her feeling, so he didn't force her to turn towards him, instead he asked in deep husky voice...

"will you be mine?!"

There was utter silence, everything around them was standstill except their heart beats. Ramya held her breath without her knowledge, in an unexpected moment, he whirled her around, pulled her and brought her close by gently holding her waist...his eyes looking at hers like straight away looking deep down into her heart.... they both don't aware how much time passed like that...

"I ...I match to you....

"No baby you are perfect", he said softly and caressed her hair.

Noo.. she shook her head, fluttering her eyelids to disperse the tear pool in her eyes. Her nose flaring in heavy breathing, sniffing her nose, she more like whispered, "I am not pure anymore, no innocence left over in me which every girl saves like a treasure to gift her man...Oh no.... this should not can't be....I don't deserve.....I am not worthy for you.." while Ramya started blabbering, and tried to wriggle out of his hold,

"Sshhh... Ramya...." Karthik placed her index finger over her mouth trying to stop her... with his sudden touch on her lips everything went stand still in her...he started gracing her cheeks gently with his thumb which made her to inhale sharply...." You are so innocent, more than pure and very precious to me something I should treasure in my life"... he said slowly word by word at the same time firmly, all the while his eyes staright away looking in to hers... she started melting in his hands like a lit candle...

Her cheeks turned so red and hot, unable to hold her gaze against his, she closed her eyes and lowered her head spontaneously. Her deep blushing stirred something inside him and got him in a trans state....He placed his index finger under her chin, and softly lifted up. Ramya's big eyes closed like two lotus buds, he just traced her eyebrows with his thumb. The slight touch gave a mild shivering of her body which is transmitted to him like a wave of jitterness.

"Hey..will you?!"...... once again he asked in same deep voice. Ramya opened her eyes, looked at his most expecting eyes, she just then slowly fluttered her eyelids only once with a slight nod in gesture of "yes..". Then with atmost blushing smile, she just ran from that place...

" Hey Ramy...." He shouted behind her punching the air by his fist as a victory sign while a big blushing smile beautifully adorned his lips...😍🥰

The End


The story ends here, I'm not sure if I can manage with an epilogue....if time permits I will.... once again my hearty thanks for all who took time to read this story...😊

Chill out.... have a great day....

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