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Buried Treasure In Deserts Of Egypt - 1

Hello Dear Readers, Thank You for your support! This is my new novel. I hope you like this one too!!
The Egyptian Treasure
Genre- Suspense
The thriving areas where plants cannot have scope of water loss, an area where people die for water, an area where people experience Déjà Vu, an area where people have suspicion of Aliens link. Yes they are the Deserts but not any Desert they are Deserts where scorching heat of sun falls and the mighty Sun is right above your head, most enchanted place. Welcome to “Egyptian Desert”. Where camels are found more and humans are found less. The people in the desert who rome here and there are called Nomads often called “Banjaras”.
In one of such Banjaras lived a Banjaran family. There was a father named Alok with his wife, Anuradha and 13 year old boy Aarav and his younger sister Aditi of 10 years. As you know, at day temperatures are very high and at night temperature 5 °C to sometimes “–°C”.
Alok and Anuradha were Indian Archeologists who were sent by Relive Company. This company was one of the best in the whole world.
One day when Alok and Anuradha were sleeping they got a call from their company asking for an archeological job in Egypt. How could they say no as they were at the edge of the Financial Crisis. They agreed and they were given all the information and next day with help of Governmental support they were sent in a Supersonic Jet and in a few hours they landed on the soil of Egypt. One man was ready with a jeep. Aarav being small loved cars as many of us do. He decided to sit with his father in the front seat. After driving for a few kilometers they reached a place which was more like a tent but made of bricks.
Man with a car asked them to be rejuvenated. He would come at 4:00 p.m to pick the 2 Archeologists and take them to site. Alok looked at the watch at 3:30 p.m and nodded. It was 3:55 and the jeep had arrived. Luckily where our Archeological family lived there was a village. Aarav and Aditi did not take much time to be with the village children. The children were of approximately Aarav’s age. They warned their parents to not go there.
On the other side our Archeologist had reached the Great Pyramid of Illusion. It was last found by as Indian archeologist who was dead by heart attack as he went inside and got to know some information. The man who transported him said that his name is Raj. He is also part of this case study. He made bth archeologists hear something.
It was that archeologist who had found this pyramid. He had recorded all this on a device. When another archeologist who was part of the last mission found this and was horrified hearing it. It was a tape; of course you cannot expect a phone…
The tape started with,

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