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Buried Treasure In Deserts of Egypt - 2

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The tape started with, “Hello all I am Jack and I work as Indian Archeologist and while digging up found out an unknown pyramid. It is very big and I am entering it. OMG!! There is a whole heap of and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM !!!! Man screaming of death and tape stopped”
Jack was dead.
Raj said, “How many think there is gold inside? We tried to ask locals and they said that this is an enchanted Pyramid. It was enchanted so that an old bad King wouldn't come out.”
Anuradha saw something; she went there and with the help of a brush cleaned it. As soon as sand took leave from the thing her eyes were left open. She called Raj and Alok. She saw a brick where some pictures were drawn. It showed that when a 2 headed creature went inside lightning came and he was dead, in another picture a man was killed by a 3 headed dog. And 1 more picture was there but it was held and in that nothing happened to humans.
They thought the artist forgot to draw, but Aarav thought maybe by something the human in the picture was able to survive and nothing happened. Now it was all 3 turns to go into the deadly pyramid. As they went inside the darkness didn’t take time to spread. The torches were turned on. 1 hour later and 5 hour later, they did not return.
Children panicked and decided to think what to do. As they were thinking Aditi saw something that was unusual. There was a spine case made of cactus. When she carefully opened it she found a map. They both followed the route and reached Illusion Pyramid. As they entered they found a chit.
Aarav was surprised as it was a treasure map. The letter said that there is a treasure kept by Jack and location and time written below.
“A big white ball rays when falling on the skull, on the left eye of the skull will be a cave, consisting of something precious.”
There was something else also written which said about a big red eye monster. Aarav was shocked and tried to solve the puzzle, he then saw a map but it was half and the other was burned. Both Aarav and Aditi tried to find it out around the place where chit was found. But alas they didn’t get the missing piece of map. Both of them kept on moving, Aditi was smart and brought a rope, torches and other essential things. They were randomly moving torches to find missing piece. Aditi was found near a steep slope and suddenly a..

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Animax Lot of fun anime

I am read your story 😸 and I think something is missing this story