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Revenge of the Ghost - 26

Baba continued, ‘Shyam was an expert in hand-to-hand combat, but there was a question of weapons. Surajsinh’s men were given automatic and deadly weapons to protect the shipment. Shyam was capable to handle the goons of Surajsinh but without the firepower he did not have any leverage over those people. So, Shyam decided to take help of his best friend Rupeshsinh. Rupeshsinh was an ex-army man and had a long-range rifle too. Shyam made up his mind and went to convince Rupeshsinh whom he used to call Rupa. Shyam knew at that time Rupa would be in his farm. Shyam went there.

Shyam explained everything as quickly as possible and tried to convince Rupa to help him save those 30 girls from a possible hell. Rupa’s blood boiled in the veins after listening to that entire incident and he got ready immediately to help the girls. Shyam took a sigh of relief, and they planned. The truck was supposed to pick up the girls from that same underground hall. There would be heavy security at the hall but there would not be that heavy security while the girls would be in transit. Using the army training, Rupa suggested a spot which was near the border and easy to lay down a trap for Surajsinh’s men. The spot was a perfect one, as there was a very sharp turn, and every vehicle has to decrease the speed before taking that turn.

There was a huge banyan tree just near that sharp turn. Plan was simple. Rupa will take a spot in the tree with his rifle and Shyam has to stop the truck dressed like a girl. Seeing a girl alone on the road, it was definite that Surajsinh’s men will stop the truck and try to either molest the girl or kidnap her too to sell her with all those poor, crushed souls. The judgement day arrived. It was a Sunday. The truck started around 5 pm in the evening so that it could cross the border having a blanket of darkness to safeguard them. There was no fear of Police as all the policemen were bribed regularly by Surajsinh. Shyam was walking on the side of road wearing his wife’s clothes to trap the goons. And it happened exactly as they both anticipated. The driver and his partner stopped the truck and walked towards Shyam. The moment they pulled Shyam’s clothes, Shyam turned back with a lightening speed and knocked down the driver. Shyam killed the driver very swiftly. Rupa took a head shot and killed the man with the driver before he could pull out his gun.

It was swift and effective. Shyam took out the keys from the driver’s pocket and opened the lock at the back of the truck. The girls were there, chained together, some praying for their death, some praying to the God to save them. Shyam jumped in the truck and consoled them and helped them to step down from the truck. Shyam could not stop himself from crying to see all these girls in these much pain as every girl took blessings from him by touching his feet. Rupa was still there in the tree and keeping a vigilant eye on any other movement on the road. The girls were confused about where would they go at that time. So, they all looked at their saviour for an answer. Shyam already made an arrangement for the same. There was an old factory building near the border and Shyam and Rupa both took all the girls to that factory.

Some food was also there cooked by Shyam’s wife for the girls. By seeing all these, all the girls started crying and hugged Shyam tightly. Shyam told them not to worry as their brother was there and he would not let happen anything to them. Girls ate the food and fell asleep as they were feeling very safe with Shyam and Rupa. Whole night Shyam and Rupa were awake and keeping an eye around them. Early in the morning, they woke up girls and asked them to walk to the nearest bus stand. An early morning bus was there which could take all the girls to the other town and out of the evil clutches of Surajsinh. Shyam and the girls reached the bus stand without any issue as it was still unknown to Surajsinh that his truck with 30 girls was missing.

Shyam took the tickets for all of them, and they all sat in the bus in the hope for a better future. It was a touchy moment. Every eye was shredding the warm tears, but those tears were filled with the oil of happiness and not just salt. Shyam and Rupa were confident that nobody was aware, and they had successfully saved those girls from their supposed painful journey. But they were wrong. Two eyes were watching them carefully from a distance. It was a police constable who was early at the bus stand to see off his wife and then went into the bushes to urinate. He saw this entire incident. ‘

What will happen next? What will that constable do? Will he inform Surajsinh or not? To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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