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Buried Treasure In Deserts of Egypt - 3

Thank you” Animax Lot of fun anime” for your valuable comment… I will surely try to make it more interesting…

Aditi was found near a steep slope and suddenly a skull was formed due to the light of a torch which fell on a rock. She immediately called Aarav even though he was shocked and it looked like a skull referred to in a letter. They were more shocked when they saw the left eye and there was a cave.

They solved the mystery of the skull but still they didn’t know about the big white ball. Then Aarav looked into the sky in order to think and suddenly he saw the moon and now knew about the big white ball. And the very next day was full moon day. They immediately went home and started packing the materials required for climbing and much more important things. In this hurry they forgot about the big red eye monster. Then they did all the planning and went there tomorrow at midnight. There they waited for the moon to come in the exact position to form a skull through rocks.

At 12:00 there was a skull formed. Then they started going into the cave through a loop tied to stone with a small wheel with two hands for gliding. Aarav and Aditi both went inside the cave and were shocked to see treasure in the cave. It was too much that their 3 generation could live without doing work. Aditi then again went there on top of steep and Aarav gradually sent bags of gold, silver, diamond, gold coins etc. then after sending last bag of gold Aarav was coming up and suddenly a big red eye monster appeared with a big axe and tried to kill Aditi, Aditi kept on running until she reached end of steep slope.

As axe was going to cut Aditi into 2 parts with your great surprise 2 parts were there but not of Aditi but of Red Eyed Monster. Aarav found a sword in treasure which was much powerful; Aarav felt that power in his hands. It also had some inscriptions… Aarav appeared and attacked the monster with. And killed the monster.

But now they had to find their parents. They tried to go everywhere. They found another monster that cannot be killed. Wait a second, viewers, did you remember the painting our archeologist found in the beginning? Maybe it came to LIFE!!!

What else they could do they thought of using a sword but nothing happened. His body was like air, a sword went through him but nothing happened to him. What could they do? Although ghosts could hit them. They were kicked. Ghosts attacked Aarav so hard that from his hand the sword fell down and broke. There was another painting with a sword. It was the missing painting piece. Aditi opened it, Ghost was going to attack Aditi at that time Aarav came in the path of Ghost. Aarav tried to distract Ghost whereas Aditi opened and found half a painting, she couldn’t understand but then saw that under a big fox building there is an old book and inside it there is a gold coin.

Aarav tried to get the attention of Ghost and by the time Aditi got near the building, there was a soldier protecting Fox’s statue. Aditi using his brain made the soldier follow him and took him to a well and made him die in a deep dark well.

She went near the statue and found a whole. She kept his hand inside it and there was a lever she pushed it in upward direction. And the statue moved little where she found a book and brought a coin to the ghost. The ghost was attracted to it and was absorbed in the coin.

Ghost had died and a path was made which was earlier blocked by gates and the hostages included their father and mother. With treasure all were happy and of course Alok and Anuradha were happy and proud that they were saved by their children.
Now what happened to the coin?

To Be Continued, :)

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