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Revenge of the Ghost - 30

Baba started to walk towards the jeep and to his surprise before Ravindra and his team could step out of the jeep. The jeep was pulled up in the air by some unknown but very devilish strong force. The jeep was still, but in the air around 20 feet high. The ghost appeared under the jeep and said, ‘Baba go away from here and save yourself. You cannot save anyone now. I kept you distracted for 15 days and now I am more powerful than you. You cannot save anyone. I will exert my revenge over these people and if you want to save yourself and Shashtri run away from here. This is the last warning for you.’
Baba didnot even flinch and pulled something out of his bag. Shashtriji was also trying to help and pulled out a bottle of some material. That material was like some sort of dust. It was the ashes of the yagna from Kashi mixed with the holy water of the river Ganga and no evil force can survive the touch of that mixture as it burns their skin when that mixture touches them. Shashtriji drew a circle around them so that no evil spirit can enter the circle without getting serious burns. Shashtriji then lit the dust and it produced a holy fire around them like a protective shield.
The ghost got angry, and she waved her hand, and all those ugly looking hungry creatures were back and ready to attack on her signal. As soon as those creatures reached the holy fire, they all got burned and the entire area was filled with their loud screams. Ravindra and the other constables were scared to their core and almost stoned to statues. They did not even dare to look out and see what was going around. The jeep was still in the air, and it was not possible to jump because of the height. Ravindra checked the nearest branch of a nearby tree. But it was too far away to jump. He was helpless and could not do more till the time the jeep was in the air.
The creatures got burned and the ghost lost its control. She attained her real look and that was damn scary. Her face was partially burned. She had a deep cut across her face from her left eye to the right chick and the cut was so deep that her teeth were visible from the cut as there was no skin to cover that. There were no lips at all and just hideous looking teeth. Her head was almost a skull, and her eyes were burning red like an endless pit of pain. Blood was dripping from her body from various cuts and every drop falling on the land created an acid like effect. She was floating just above the land and trying to raise something. Before Baba could finish his chants, the ghost did some sort of sign with her hands and there was a deep pit between Baba and the ghost. Every sort of daemon and damned soul were coming out of. Skeletons, horrific looking creatures, gnarly souls and all of them gathered around that circle and trying to enter. They were using their entire force to break the circle.
Baba knew that the circle of holy fire was not going to last. He sat on the ground and took a meditation pose and chanting the mantras louder and louder. The entire surrounding area was filled with agony, painful screams, horrid sounds and every living soul was feeling unexplainable pain because of that. Their hearts were covered in some deep dark endless pain and there was no way out of it. The ghost knew that it would not be easy to defeat Baba and Shashtriji while they were in that circle. She flew to the jeep and saw directly into the eyes of Ravindra. She raised her hands, and her razor-sharp nails grew larger and larger including her hands. With a loud bang, the front glass of the jeep was shattered into a million pieces and those pieces flew with a rapid bullet like force and pierced the body of the jeep and punctured the skin of all the constables and Ravindra at many places. Everybody covered their faces with their hands, so no major damage was done.
But the constable sitting next to Ravindra was not very quick and a big sharp piece of glass cut through his neck and his neck was cut entirely and the head fell in the lap of the constable sitting behind. That constable held the head in his hands and turned the head towards him to check who was he. As soon as he turned the face towards him, the eyes moved and gave a jolt to the constable, and he got so scared that he just jumped out of the jeep and fell with a loud painful bang. Both his legs were broken immediately, and that sound was heard by everyone. Ravindra saw the entire incident but could not do much as he was being choked by the overgrown hands of the ghost and he was trying desperately to free himself from that evil grasp.
Will Ravindra be able to free himself? What will happen next? To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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