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Rings of Memories

"Abhay please! How can you take pleasure in my pathetic situation!"
My clothes were soaked because of the faulty shower, and Abhay? He was busy laughing and clicking pictures of me.
"Mrs. Avantika Goal, you don't know
how beautiful you are looking right now. Almost like a mermaid."

These were his words. Tears well up in my eyes, as I flip through the album. Another picture left me with an incredulous gasp. I can't believe my twelve year old son, Anand, actually took a snap of us fighting. The image shows our facial features contorted in rage, moreover, Abhay and I are pointing fingers at each other, as if accusing. I try to recollect the topic of debate, and burst out laughing at our silly, childish bickering. 

It takes me a good one hour to go through the entire collection, which happily took me down the memory lane. It's truly shocking that all these pictures are from many moons ago. Huh!!! Fifteen glorious years of togetherness, to be precise.

Although we both come from middle class families, Abhay and I have amplified dreams. All our lives, we don't want to survive in this one BHK flat. After our arranged marriage, we literally glowed and grew in close proximity. Love bloomed and flourished, in spite of deary circumstances. We are like pillars for each other. 

For twelve wonderful years, we lived together. But one fine day, a golden opportunity knocked our door, which took my husband abroad. A slogging struggle, for a better future. Before going, he'd wrapped me in his arms and tried to console my whispering tears.
"Avani, come on! You're a strong woman. You know I'm doing this for us. Just a matter of a couple of years, then I'll call you and Anand also. Darling, very soon we'll be a united, happy family again."

Hoof!! This was three years ago. And since then, I'm only surrounded by this, the timeless treasure of my heart; my rings of memories. 

With the glow and smile still plastered on my face, I switch on my laptop and with glassy eyes, wait for it to come to life. Opening my gmail, I click compose and begin writing a letter to my long distance loving husband. After the pleasantries and an account of all that transpired through the day, I write....
"Abhay, today I was flipping through all our albums. Yes, you're thinking rightly. I cried and laughed in equal measure. I'm sending you some of the pictures which touched me the most. I'd love to know your reaction. 

Jaanu, no doubt we've made enough memories for a lifetime, but they'll never suffice your presence. Nevertheless, no worries and no complaints. I'm only thrilled that finally we're going to be together really soon. It's just a few days, but I can't seem to wait that long either. Anand is equally excited. He's clicked a picture of the visa, and keeps looking at it.

Abhay, we're waiting to be with you, so that we can encircle ourselves in more replenishing rings of new memories, and later reminisce them together."

Taking a deep satisfied sigh, I add the attachments, click send and close the laptop.
"Mama, my suitcase is not closing."
Anand hollers from the other room and I go to complete our packing. 

Shamim Merchant, Mumbai

Shades of Simplicity

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A beautiful short love story of hope, emotions and reminisces. Life is filled with rings of memories. Make sure you collect good and pleasant ones🥰🥰 please read, like, comment and share. Thank you so much.


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