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The importance of It's okay

Ria and Raj, Sandhya and Himansh. These two couples have been friends all their lives, since school days. Raj and Himansh work in the same company, in addition to this, Ria and Sandhya are fashion designers and run a boutique together. It's been five years since both the couples are married and hold the same, healthy financial status. But Ria and Raj are a happier pair than Sandhya and Himansh. Here is the reason why.

Raj and Himansh, both love their wives immensely, nonetheless, the secret of Raj's happily married life is that he is considerate, doesn't often go on an ego trip and gives breathing space to Ria. Whereas Himansh is a complete believer of male chauvinism. For every small thing Sandhya has to ask him before she does something or gives a commitment for anything. This has led to many bitter fights, silent days and nights and eventually a souring relationship.

Ria and Raj have tried their best to put some sense into Himansh, but obviously however a best friend you might be, there's a limit to the extent you can intervene.

"Oh no!!" Sandhya exclaimed and Ria looked up from her design, quite baffled.
"Sandy, what happened?"
"Ria, the designer's workshop begins on Friday and today's the last day to pay the money."
"Oh yeah, we completely forgot!"
Sandhya eyed her friend worriedly.
"Now what?"
Ria shrugged her shoulders and pulling her laptop, started pounding on the keys.
"Now nothing, let's make the payment right away."
Sandhya sighed heavily.
"But I haven't asked Himansh."

Ria stopped typing and glanced at Sandhya.
"You can tell him tonight."
Sandhya shook her head no.
"I can't pay without asking him."
Ria slouched frustratingly,
"You know he doesn't take it kindly if I do anything without his permission."
Ria began typing again.
"Alright. Put a call through to him, while I make my payment."
Sandhya raised her eyebrows in surprise.
"Don't you want to ask Raj?"
Ria replied without looking up and continued to type.
"He's in a conference right now, can't disturb him. I'll inform him at night, he'll be okay with it."

Sandhya felt a pang of jealousy but at the same time was happy for her friend. She called up Himansh thrice and each time it was busy. 10,000/- was a big amount and she was sure to get a piece of his mind if she paid without asking him. She was biting her lips nervously when Ria interrupted her thoughts,
"Sandy. Don't chew your brains so much. Pay now, and talk to him later, I'm sure he'll understand."
Sandhya knew better than that, but she gave in and they made the payments.

At Ria and Raj's house

Ria began talking at the dining table.
"Raj, you remember the designer's workshop I was telling you about?"
"Hmm I do. What about it?"
"It begins on Friday and today was the last day to make the payment. You were in the conference, so I paid without informing you."
Ria was anxiously waiting to see his reaction. Raj nodded his head and said,
"It's okay. You know what you're doing and I'm happy you're upgrading yourself in your field."
Ria sighed a relief and thanked him.
"Don't be silly. There's nothing to thank for."

At Sandhya and Himansh's house

Very gingerly, with a lot of fear, as soon as Sandhya informed Himansh about the workshop, he threw the fork back in the plate and glared at her.
"How dare you!? So now you take decisions without asking me huh!"
Sandhya held back her tears and tried to reason with him.
"I called you up thrice, but it was coming busy and today was the last day to....."
Himansh cut her off and screamed,
"So? Couldn't you call the fourth or the fifth time? How dare you? Workshop is important or my permission?"

And it went on and on. Himansh kept blasting, Sandhya kept crying and finally had to apologize.

A big question to all of us. What is actually important? Situations, episodes and circumstances,


Loved ones and relationships?

Situations and episodes are variables and keep changing. It is the people around us that matter. They are the constant, vital strength of our lives. It is their thoughts and feelings that make or break the peace and happiness of our living existence. A little understanding, a small compromise and a dash of empathy, can work wonders and go a long way in maintaining a good rapport and harmony in all our associations.

And the most essential ingredient in the recipe of peace and harmony is the very tiny, but extremely beneficial.... "it's okay". The ability to let go and the strength to look over with understanding, goes a long way in helping us live the peaceful and happy life of our dreams.

Shamim Merchant, Mumbai.

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