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Revenge of the Ghost - 37

Baba took a pause before starting again as he knew that it was too much for everyone to handle. The ghost was too powerful to handle alone, and Baba needed Ravindra to his full strength. For Ravindra to retain his full strength, his Satya was needed there. But that was not currently possible. Hence, Baba had to replenish the heart of Ravindra with the hope of finding Satya safe and sound. Baba stared Ravindra with most possible kindness in his eyes and said, ‘Ravindra, your Satya is safe for now and no need to worry about her. As long as a single drop of blood is there in my veins, I won’t stop trying to bring her back to you.’

‘I would fight tooth and nail to bring her back to your loving arms and before that I won’t even allow death to come near to me’, said Baba. Baba asked everyone to sit and continued, ‘Surajsinh wanted to make an example of Shyam and for that he decided the most gruesome punishment and not just for him but for his entire family. Surajsinh asked Manusinh to call for Gayatri who was a young girl at that time and completely under the evil influence of Surajsinh. She was very ambitious, and she would go any lengths for money. After a while Gayatri came to him. She was looking beautiful, and she wore a very revealing dress just to appease his master. She was using every weapon in the book to lure Surajsinh towards her so that she could fulfil her desires. Gayatri came very close to Surajsinh, so close that she could hear him breathing heavily.’

‘Gayatri blanketed her hands around Surajsinh’s neck and said in a very exotic way, oh my love how can I help you? Surajsinh did not flinch, not even a single muscle by this act. He kept on staring her with a dead look in his eyes. Gayatri’s heart tremored, but she kept her calm. But she pulled her arms back and asked again about the task very politely. Surajsinh asked her about Shyam and his family. Gayatri told him whatever she knew about the three of them. Shyam was a teacher in the school and how his wife Sonal rarely talks to someone and most importantly how much they love their daughter. Gayatri could not understand the context, so she asked why you need all this information. If I know the reason maybe I can help in a better way. Suddenly an ear-piercing sound echoed in the entire place and Gayatri fell on the ground with a thud. Surajsinh slapped her so hard that a few droplets of blood clotted around her lips and her chick was tomato red because of the sheer force of the slap.’

‘Gayatri got tears in her eyes as no one not even her father ever slapped her. But she swallowed her pride and said sorry to him. Surajsinh gave her his hand and pulled her back up. Listen Gayatri, there is a limit for you, and you should never cross that otherwise next time it will be my bullet and not just a slap. She again begged for his mercy and said it won’t be repeated. Surajsinh did not say anything and turned his back towards her and told her that Gayatri has to be the best friend of Sonal and gather her trust and should not worry about the time. But this task needs to be done. Gayatri nodded her head into agreement and started to leave as there was no further instruction for her. The moment she turned, Surajsinh turned towards her and pulled her by her braided hair and he pulled that quite horribly. Gayatri was in too much pain and tears of pain appeared in both her eyes.’

‘Surajsinh told her that Gayatri this job needs to be done otherwise I will not just kill you but will torture you for months before I kill you and while saying these lines, he was dead serious. Some sort of evil maniac was there in his eyes and Gayatri was scared to her core seeing that dead look. She replied yes sir the job will be done please trust me and let me go. Surajsinh pulled her hair back and now she was very close to him. Surajsinh dragged her to the only cabin in the place and raped her to satisfy his evil physical needs for a few hours. Everyone left to give their boss some privacy. Gayatri came out after a few hours, she was hurt, and she was not even able to walk properly due to multiple rapes and physical assaults on her private parts. She gathered all the courage she had and almost ran towards her home to feel a bit safe from this cruel man.’

‘Gayatri was just a part of the plan. Surajsinh never told anyone about the exact and complete plan. He just asked Manusinh to keep a close eye on him and his friend Rupasinh. An evil and the cruellest plan was being given shape by these people and on the other side Shyam was completely unaware about it and as nothing happened for a couple of days he was feeling safe about that too and that’s when Surajsinh started to take his first step towards the end of Shyam and his family,’ said Baba. Baba was not fully recovered so his breathing was heavy after so much talk and he took some rest for a few minutes.

What will happen next? How will Gayatri coerce Sonal into her cursed friendship? To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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