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Revenge of the Ghost - 42

The constable got cold feet when he could not figure out what he just saw. His favourite sir’s eyes got turned crimson red for a fraction of second and that site was evil. The constable got his tongue locked and even forgot to breathe or blink. Ravindra passed him and that constable’s heart rate rocketed. He was fear struck and stunned. It took a while before he came to his senses. He knew something was going on around the Police station and this case was not normal. There was something supernatural about that, but he could not put his finger on the same. Being an honest man and his respect for Ravindra, he decided to follow his hunch and decided to follow Ravindra. But he was unaware that he was putting himself in a grave danger.

Ravindra came out of the Police Station and was going towards his jeep. Something strange happened and went back in instead of going towards his jeep and go back to Baba’s hut to let me finish the story so he could find his beloved Satya. The constable mustered every ounce of courage in his body and interrupted Ravindra and asked, ‘Sir you were going out right, did you forget anything? Why did you come back? I think Baba must be waiting for you.’ Ravindra started to feel annoyed and that exact moment the constable asked about Satya. Ravindra’s heart felt heavy and for a few moments he could not answer a very simple question.

Meanwhile Baba was resting in his hut or rather a secret hut. He woke up with a scream and sweat beads were there on his forehead. He quickly glanced at Shashtriji and said, ‘Something is wrong with Ravindra, and I think we need to find him before he hurt someone, or he gets hurt by someone. Shashtriji was dumbstruck and kept staring Baba as Baba was too afraid of the situation. Hearing the scream Nagesh quickly ran in and without uttering a word, he knew what needs to be done. Nagesh helped Baba quickly to stand up and the trio went out of the hut to find Ravindra.

On the other side, Ravindra was still perplexed about his thoughts. He was unable to understand his state of mind. A sudden rage appeared in his eyes and his eyes turned bright red for a fraction of second. A shiver ran down the constable’s spine. He was shocked to his core as if Ravindra were a devil himself. Ravindra kept staring the constable and constable felt something weird, he was unable to breathe. He was losing his breath and was about to lose his life. The commissioner came out and Ravindra lost his concentration, and he was unable to connect the dots of what had just happened. The constable coughed vehemently. Ravindra patted his back and asked what happened. The constable was unable to speak as he was too afraid of Ravindra.

Nagesh had a car, and it was just outside the hut. The car was white, but no one was aware that the car was painted with all kinds of runes and sacred symbols to protect the passengers from any kind of supernatural danger. Baba and Shashtriji sat in the car and Nagesh started the car and drove towards the Police Station as that was the last known location of Ravindra to them. Soon, the car passed the place where Ravindra met with an accident, but he was not injured. Baba felt something and asked Nagesh to stop the car. Baba stepped out and sniffed the air around the place. Shashtriji too felt something sinister, but his powers were limited so could not figure out why. While Baba took some powder from his bag and threw in the air. The air turned red, and Baba knew that something was terribly wrong.

Baba didn’t say anything, but Nagesh understood, and he helped Baba quickly to sit in the car and started the car and drove like a maniac to reach the Police Station. Baba started to chant some mantras and Shashtriji started Mahamrityunjay mantra for the safety of Ravindra.

The commissioner was surprised to see Ravindra like that without any motive just wandering around the Police station instead of inquiring about the cases. The commissioner tried a stern look and Ravindra could not react as all the staff members were watching. Ravindra started to feel week and fumbled. He fell with a loud bang as his head struck to the nearest table. For a few moments he blacked out. There was panic everywhere and, in that chaos, someone called the doctor. A few constables lifted unconscious Ravindra and took him inside his own cabin and put him on the couch. Someone brought a glass of water and tried sprinkling some water droplets on his face.

A car just stopped outside the Police station with a screeching sound as Nagesh was driving the car at full speed. He jumped out of the driver’s seat and helped Baba to get out of the car and he quickly asked the constable who was standing outside the station about Ravindra. But he could see the panic in the station and his heart sank. He quickly glanced at Baba, but Baba denied.

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