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Kaliyuga The Age Of Darkness (Chapter 1)


Age of Darkness





Copyright@ Vicky (Vinod) Trivedi, 2018

All Right Reserved

Vicky (Vinod) Trivedi asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this book. This is a work of pure fiction. Names, characters, places, institutions, and events are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance of any kind to any actual person living or dead, events and places is entirely coincidental. The author will not be responsible for any action taken by a reader based on the content of this book. This work does not aim to hurt the sentiment of any religion, class, sect, region, nationality or gender.



To All those, who believe that Kaliyuga will end one day.


यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवती भारत

अभ्युत्थान्धर्मश्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम

परित्राणाय साधुनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम

धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय संभवामि युगे युगे





[Whenever and wherever there is a decline in religious practice, there is decline of Dharma, and rise of Adharma, O descendant of Bharata, and a predominant rise of irreligion-at that time I descend myself in order to deliver the pious, to protect the good and to annihilate the miscreants, to destroy the wicked as well as to re-establish the principles of religion, and for the establishment of Dharma I advent Myself by coming into being, millennium after millennium, in every age.]

­- Shree Krishna, Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta




          PATANAGAR: THE CITY OF THE FUTURE, city of the living God. A metropolis completely controlled by the temple towering in the centre. On the top of the temple is flopping a triangle flag, red in colour, officially made of cotton fabrics, carrying a face of the cruel owl as a symbol of the Creator’s monarchy. The city was constructed after Pralaya. Occupied by everything the body wanted and nothing the soul needed. Mostly the city is made of new invented grey steel and concrete. It has innumerable futuristic gadgets and owns all the latest technology.

          PATANAGAR - A super city of twenty-five thousand souls, most of them were with a cruel heart and bred with one or another technique of genetic engineering in which DNA is inserted, deleted, modified or replaced in the genome of a living organism.  

          In one of the abandoned hospital of the PATANAGAR, a man in white reached the navy double-doors with their metal band attached midway and their chrome handles. He pulled his eyes from the inferior stone floor to catch a glimpse of the hallway that stretches beyond, cut into miniature squares by the thin wire in the window panels. He pushed with his body weight, but he needn’t have, it swung open soundlessly and with ease. A draft of air hits his face. Air is cold and with creepy scent. He ignored rush of the air and came out of the room, into the hallway.

          The hallway was huge, long, dark, deserted, and lightless. He didn’t care for light as it was 36th century, when neuroscience and nano science, and genetic engineering everything was in human hand. The man in white had night vision ejected in his eyeballs that provide him superhuman eyes. He could see over 256 feet in the dark. His superhuman eyes noticed long metal tables packed with the various electronics machine trying to chase away emptiness but they weren’t enough. The emptiness of the place was like the world had emptied, the world had moved on somewhere else, leaving the place alone.

          The man in white moved hurriedly. He was in a white robe of the Devata. His head was shaved and so was his beard and mustache or maybe he had no hair over his body, not even on his eyebrows.

          He progressed through the hallway and ran up the stairs. He was anxious. He was tired and panting when he reached the terrace as he had climbed stairs for more than ten minutes, running.

          Upon the terrace was robotic cold and his eyes could see the whole PATANAGAR from there. The view in his eyes was alive with lights like someone had taken a handful of glitter and thrown it as far as the eye could see. It was too dark to make out individual buildings, but the lights were enough for him to see beyond 256 feet. He sighed, at the view laid out before him. The white buildings were rectangular and protrude proudly from the desert sands. He saw them lit by the neon lights of the clubs and bars, shinning on the deserted streets and sidewalks.

          He looked at the sky. The moonlight fell over his face, revealing all his features. Threads like green veins webbed his face and the same veins were visible where his robe was open at the throat. Strangely, his whole body was webbed with threads like green veins and his eyes were crisscrossed with red veins size of human hair.

          He was anxious for last nine months but today his anxiety was at the peak.

          He looked skyward, his eyes searching for something there. The moon was slowly making its way to the center of the sky, dusted with rust, brown and gold tones, it seemed so intimately bound with the land and broke the unwavering darkness that had enveloped the night until then. With the same slowness, his hand reached his robe and came back with a folded parchment.

          He unfolded the parchment and looked at the star map on it, and then into the sky, right at the moon.

          ‘It’s exactly where it should be – in Dhanishta Nakshatra, the sign of prosperity, fame and quick action.’ he thought and guessed about the sun’s position in its absence but from the position of the moon.

          ‘It will be into Swati Nakshatra, the Nakshatra of the sword.’

          The cold wind was tearing his clothes and his body but he neglected it and looked down at the star map on the parchment.

          ‘Jupiter,’ he mumbled, his eyes observing the sky again.

          ‘Jupiter is in Purva Ashada Nakshatra in the Sagittarius zodiac sign.’ he couldn’t believe his eyes. His doubt was right. He wasn’t anxious in the void for the last nine months.

          He checked the position of the Saturn as the parchment. It was exalted in the Libra as shown in the parchment in his hand, suggesting a perfect balance between justice and the sword. Then he confirmed that Ketu was in Scorpio, indicating that the child born in that time will be the apocalyptic horse rider.

          Now he had nothing to confirm in the sky. Every star was as the star map in his hand. He wanted to check on the identifying sighs over the child’s body. He was so anxious that forgot to take the elevator even for climbing down the terrace, he used stairs again.

          Vishnu Yasha was the name of the man in white and his wife Sumati had just given birth to a child. That was exactly about what Vishnu Yasha was worried for last nine months. All the signs in the sky were as said when her wife got pregnant and he knew about the divine secret, the Ashwatha tree in front of their three-story house, the dried river at the left of the PATANAGAR, the cruel and unjust rule of the Creator, almost half of the Nirbhaya of the Square had degenerated into plunderers – all signs were pointing at the Prophecy.

          It was the 12th day of the ascendant moon cycle of Baisakh month, as said in chapter 3, section 5, and verse 17 of the PURANA OF PROPHECIES. That was why he hadn’t taken her wife to the hospital. He was a healer and he had managed to surgery her wife in an old abandoned hospital. Any hospital in the PATANAGAR wasn’t safe for the child’s birth. It was the rule of hospitals in the PATANAGAR to set a GPS chip in each child born there. It was time when technology was at the peak and PATANAGAR police law said every child must have a GPS chip implanted so the police could guarantee their recovery in the case of a kidnapping. But he couldn’t go for it as he knew that wasn’t for ugly abductions. The true reason behind it was to keep watch on every child born in PATANAGAR. If the Creator would know about the child all the army of the PATANAGAR would have just one mission – mission to kill that child.

          Vishnu Yasha and Sumati lived in the Triangle also known as the PATANAGAR were proud to say they were a happy couple, perfectly normal. Their bodies webbed with the green veins, eyes crisscrossed with red veins and no hair over their body as the Devata should have. But the child born was the last thing they’d expected at their house, even in the PATANAGAR, the child was strange and mysterious because it had no green veins over his body, his eyes weren’t crisscrossed with red veins.

          Vinshu Yasha was the administrator at healer’s building, where a super computer tests every Sunyas coming inside beyond the wall in the train. His duty was to take aptitude test of Sunyas. He was a strong and tall man with a long neck. His wife Sumati was thin and beautiful and different than other women in the PATANAGAR, even in the reign of KALIYUGA she was kind and somber, always smiling a pure smile, which she possessed as she spent so much of her time in reading old and banned Holy Scriptures. She knew new God would be not happy if he finds out about what she was doing but she needed to know about old gods before Pralaya who lived in starts and were kind. She wanted to know the reason of Pralaya before 500 years.

          They had everything they wanted, a good three-storeyed house in future city, a high paying job in Government, a car named Ratha-26 which was rare in even PATANAGAR, even for Devatas, and the most they had a permit to get water, enough to bath regularly while one third of the world’s population had no water to drink. But for last nine months, Vishnu Yasha had a secret, the secret which he hadn’t shared even with his beloved wife, and his greatest fear was that somebody would discover it. He knew if anyone found out his secret, everything will be over. He didn’t fear death but the child was his only hope that can end the rule of the Creator, end the KALIYUGA and bring the SATYA YUGA again.

          Today was Thursday and the thing happened about which he was worried. He knew the stars in the sky are suggesting the age of darkness would soon be ending and age of brightness would soon be spreading all over Bharatvarsha. The last place he hoped to take birth for the Avatar was his own house, in the Triangle where the KALIYUGA himself rule in human form, claiming that he is the god and alias as the Creator. But it happened, just today.

          When he came back into the hallway it was neither dark nor empty. The signboard ‘WELCOME TO HOSPITAL HINDUS’ was shining with the red light over the wall. A man in a black mask was standing in the midway. He was in a saffron shirt and black trousers. Two leather belts crisscrossed at his waistline. The buckles of the belts were oiled and shining in bulbs of the hallways along with the metal hilts of two curved swords, each hanging at both sides of his waistband with leather belts. The holster on his belt was with internal locking tans, keeping a long knife secure and ready to use when he wants. On his shoulder was a short bow made of artificial semi-flexible metal and a quiver on another shoulder full of arrows. Arrows made of the same material but having strongest metal arrowheads, the best arrows of the PATANAGAR, the shaft straight and true, fetched with the lightest artificial feathers. 


To be continue.....

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