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Are we destined to be together? - Part3

Amy's pov :
Lots of dilemma in my mind comes to end with thought that It can be false gossip to damage his reputation since I have already heard a gossip that Harry is committed which is also false news. I have decided not to think more about it.
Myself, Maya, Kiren and Harry used be group and have conversation in leisure hours but Harry and I don't used to have direct conversation.
Kiren had habit of smoking Whenever He forgot his wallet, He used to get 20rs in last hours to have ciger after college is over. Kiren asked me whether I have 20rs. Before my reply Harry asked me Not to give him as He is going to buy ciger with it. Maya suddenly asked Harry whether he is teetotaller. Harry said, I am teetotaller till now but it may change if someone hurt me and if kiren continue ciger daily it will affect his health.
I was little happy as well as sad by his words. Way of caring his friend and still now he is teetotaller made me happy. But he may change from teetotaller this hurted me a lot.
Morning Harry, myself and one or two of our classmates used to be early entry in class. Harry used to share everything happen on yesterday after class hours to person who is near to him which I used to hear. His morning breakfast is biscuits as he doesn't go for canteen or hostel mess.
1st years has been completed. Vacation period of 1 month is like 1 year. In this period myself and Harry got connected in social media he is one who initiated it. But still we didn't start the conversation in social media.
Vacation ends and college starts, we guys are in same bench arrangements. But to the shocks our staff said that class is divided into two as strength is high. I was worried about class separation. They have divided our class and have read our names in two class. Harry, kiren, Maya all are been in different class. I have been seperated from all I am little bit worried about it. It is announced that Class should be separated from tomorrow. Kiren teased Harry that Have you decide to change the class as you as your lover is in other class. When we three are moving in the corridor. Harry just smiled asked him to be silent.
Next day when our staff were reading again names to move to their respective classroom my name has been shifted to Harry, kiren and Maya's class. I was little bit shocked as well as happy regarding this. I doesn't want know how it has been changed but I was happy regarding this.
In this class also, we are in same arrangements as previous class. I am so excited regarding this.Class continues as before. Harry was absent for few days. I was little worried about him. Maya asked kiren what happened Harry why haven't he came to college. Kiren said that He was suffering from fever so he went to hometown and will be here after he is alright. I was listening to this conversation I was worried about him. I decided to text him after college hours. I haven't initiated any chat with boys in phone. This is the first time I am going to initiate chat I was very confused regarding this but I want how he was. So, I text him that Are you ok.. How is your fever? . Within a second I got reply that I am fine. How is college going?. I replied that good. This was first conversation we had in chat. On very next day he came back to college back. As usual kiren start to tease when he entered. Kiren teased something special had happen yesterday it seems. I think Harry had said regarding text.
College hours has been completed everyone have left except Harry, Kiren, Maya, myself and other two of Harry's friend. Harry, kiren and other two were waiting outside class to talk something. I was worried and nervous about it I doesn't why but I am feeling like He waiting outside for proposing me. Though I love him I can't accept him because of my fear in love. If he says facing my eyes I can't lie.. What going to happen what should I do now.
Whether amy's thought were right. Is harry waiting outside to propose...
If Harry propose her, amy would accept it or not..
Or Harry isn't waiting for her
Let see what happening in next chapter
This is my first novel provide some review so that I can improve myself in writing

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Pramila Matrubharti Verified 1 year ago

College days are the funniest of all 😂

Inshul Singh

Inshul Singh 1 year ago