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Are we destined to be together? - Part4

Harry's Pov:
I love amy lot but something stops me from proposing her. I doesn't know when I started falling for her. I love her speech which never fears and talks to anyone facing their eyes. Her speech which makes anyone attract and hurt badly. Her facial expressions which are cute which speaks her heart morethan her words, Her powerful eyes which can kill anyone with its looks and Her attitude never let anyone propose her which makes anyone to respect her.
I have decided to propose her today. I believe she loves me as her eyes show care, affection and love. Her eyes always searches to find me whether inside or outside class. Eventhough I believe she is in love, I was little scared in my heart because she is not one who shares emotion but she is one who hides every emotion or pain or secret and she is too adament so if she decide to hide her love she can do it. Other challenge is proposing her facing her eyes is real task.
I was standing outside the class with my friends for amy. My friends were teasing to say. Amy is packing her things inside the class. Amy came outside the class but she wasn't alone but coming with Maya. Eventhough Maya is with her I want to propose Amy. My friend was asking me to propose her. . My mind went completely blank when both of eyes met. She crossed me and My friend asked me why didn't u propose, I came to real world by their words. I just tried to stop her but staff came to same corridor so none other go we have to drop this plan here.
Whenever I decide something happens and stop me from proposing her. This isn't first time my plan dropped. My first time is during valentines day I thought to propose her but I didn't since she isn't in mood to accept mine as she wore black dress. So I have decided to make her propose before that I wanted to confirm whether she loves me Or not. But what should I do know. So I have ask my friend kiren for any idea. While myself and kiren were talking about how to confirm Amy loving me or not. We heard she was talking to Maya about her possesive nature that she gets anger or disturbed when her close friends get attached to someone. By hearing these words kiren asked me to Ask a detail of a girl who is in other department (which is located just opposite to our department ) in front of Amy so that if she loves you she would be possesive..let check. I decide to do it. So, I asked details of girl infront of Amy to one of my classmate lily. While asking details I was just watching Amy's expression. Amy's eyes were shocked and filled with anger as well as with sadness and she moved out of class immediately. I have to feel happy as she is possesive on me but I wasn't happy I couldn't see her with sadness. So suddenly asked my classmate( indirect speech to amy) Why are you leaving class. She doesn't respond and went out. She always used to listen to my indirect speech but today she wasn't listening to me. I was little worried too.
I was worried about how to make her alright. I was one who made her hurt but I can't able to see her getting hurt. I followed her she went to library so I too went. She wasn't even mood to check surrounding. She didn't even notice my presence.
Will Harry makes Amy alright
Will Harry makes Amy propose to him
What will Harry to do Amy alright let see in upcoming chapter
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