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Are we destined to be together? - Part7

Amy's Pov:
As I am became friend with Jessie as usual Harry too became friend with her... Even though Jessie became my friend, I don't share my crush or love or inner thoughts to her, only she used too share.. Oneday she asked me to say my crush name... She asked me is Harry your crush... Suddenly I replied no.. As I doesn't want to share feeling to others.... She keeps on asking me... I just avoided... At time Harry came... So to make him irritate I just named one of my friend's crush name.. Suddenly he went off class... Small happiness when he get irritated... 😅.. I know this would be his reaction because he doesn't like me giving importance to someone.. ( Small Flashback: During freshers entry in our department , I told to my classmate that my school junior has joined.. Junior and myself studied in even same tusion.. Harry started saying.. He doesn't like to stay in the class.. And went out of class..) He doesn't like even when I talk about other boys.. I can see through his eyes.. It is just jealous.. I like it too..
Jessie started talking about new boy named Vinay.. He was her new crush..she was talking with him most of days in a week.. Nearly 4-5 hours in call... Jessie and Harry are too friends.. I doesn't even thought Jessie had crush on Harry...
One day while chatting with Harry.. He started question me How did I got his number.. I was shocked.. When he asked I started blabberings some stupid reason.. Harry replied ok I believe it..
I know very well these words are just teasing words.. I started staying something some stupid things to make him believe me.. But he didn't believe it.. Every thing ends haste.. Reply are just teasing me.. I doesn't want to say truth that in secret way.. I memorized his number.. If I say that it like admit myself that I love him or I have crush on him..
He went to attend some competition.. I messaged him about techniqual issue is social media he replied too.. He said that we have own competition.. He was too happy.. And we chatted for hours.. I didn't see him online after that I felt something wrong.. His dp and status nothing is visible.. I messaged him... I found that mine number is blocked.. I shocked.. Why did he blocked him.. Yesterday he was talking to me soo good but today what happened... I was completely emotional.. I called him.. His voice was very normal while attening.. His voice is not even in anger tune.. I asked why did He blocked me.. While asking I was burst into tears💧😢... And my mind with lots of thought that Really did he loved me Or all my imagination... Just before a finding he had blocked I thought to admit my love to him.. But just then scenario changed completely.. When he heard my crying voice.. His voice become tensed.. He started saying stop crying.. I can't... Stop it.. I said I ain't not crying.. Harry replied I know u are crying.. If you continue crying I would just cut call.. I replied I won't cry.. Stopped too..He asked me to say now.. I asked why did u block me.. He replied unblock you is not a big problem.. I want to know why did treat me special.. You did u care me more than other.. You don't talk to other why did you talk to me leaving your ego.. Just before I thought to admit my love.. Now I can't.. as I thought his block as rejection.. If you know someone going to reject them how would you say you love him...I replied him I doesn't want to unblock me... I just messaged you since we are of sametown nothing else.. And I cutted call.. After the call I burst into tears.. I was completely broken💔 in my heart.. No one has ever blocked me.. This is first time someone blocked me that to from the someone who I love most in the world.. I used to check his online to find whether he fine or not.. But now I can't... Everything just changed in a day... I thought that he would be with me lifelong.. But he left.. I felt like He doesn't love ❤ me anymore or did he ever loved me.... Heart is paining.. I never felt like this for someone ignorance...tears are coming likes falls.. I locked myself in room.. I didn't even go out for food too...
Whether Amy's love ended without starting
How will she handle..
Will she get alright.. Let see in upcoming chapter
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