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Are we destined to be together? - Part13

Amy's pov:
We started to visit our tourist spot... In Ahamebad, we went to Lake, Sabarmati ashram.. I felt normal here during daytime(Temperature is too normal)... We went for shopping to buy things that would manage cold further as we are moving more cooler place in this tour with this winter season(Nov) ... We nearly spend 2 day in ahmedabad...We packed our things and planed to move to jaipur by train... This time Harry is too joined our compartment by creating fake drama... He just lay in lower berth of my berth.. Tried to get berth opposite to me but in vain...I feel little safer when he is here.. Train started by 9 pm... We went to berth for sleeping by 10:30 after having small talk.. Harry kept his things and went to his friends place... After a while he came but I was ready to sleep, He talked to me Whether ttr came or not.. I replied still not... He said me to call him if he comes and he went.. After this I slept.. In my sleep, I feel like Harry is suffering as I was suffering on previous travel... I opened my eyes I saw some one standing opposite to me but not facing me... I thought it as Harry and keep on calling him.. But he didn't turn and then I turned down to find It isn't Harry but someone, Harry is sleeping... I was shocked by this...person standing there went away without saying or seeing me back.. I slept with this... Morning I woke up very late.. My parents called me many times, I haven't heard... Harry was sitting in lower berth with difficulties.. He seems to woke very early..I came down... In sudden, I start remembering incident that happened at night whether it really happen or my dream... If it's dream then whether I have blabber Harry's name in sleep, this made him wake earlier... I doesn't know... I think I have dreamed as it has many possibilities since my hostelmate used to say I was blabbering someone's name starting with Har.. I used to thank god she is not my department or class as she can't find who it is... If Harry have heard my blabbering what would he have thought of me... I was little worried.. But I decided not to worry if He has heard that blabbered he may asked me...
I felt something weird of myself...I would wake even by small sound but time even after so many call from my parents, I haven't... I was heard that When we sleep near to person we love more, we have deeper sleep... I think this may be reason.... I love him a lot but I have no right on him.. It's killing me inside...
We have reached jaipur and we got ready ourselves in hotel room for visiting.. In first, we visited jaipur palace, I walked around palace with kiren and some boys classmates... Harry saw me walking with them, He came and scolded me that You shouldn't come with this boys.. And moved fast.. I was shocked with words... After a while, lily joined me... Harry called her to join with me.. I doesn't know what's going on him.. He is possesive on me and ordering me but he is committed to someone... If I have some power to know what is going on his mind it would be lovely.... But I can't... We visited Palace...Jaipur, pink city have lovable architecture...we used to visit place in Jaipur through travel bus.. After visiting palace we all moved to bus to our seat.. Harry broke his leg by hitting rod under my seat.. He is hurt badly... I was worried of him.. After palace, we went Jantar mantra.. Harry can't able to he didn't go in,.. I can't see him like this I went and came back as fast I can with maya... We two went sat with Harry... I asked him to have pain reliever but he replied No, I have... I don't need it.. I can't force him too... After sometimes, staff came, she called him to doctor nearby... Jessie was still inside jantar mantra with her friends...
Guys... What do you think of this part... Still Harry love for amy is alive.. Or Is he creating drama that he loves Jessie or he is fooling himself.... Will they get unite.... Let's see in upcoming chapters...

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what a love drama 🤣😂


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