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Fate with a Deomnic Angel - 1

About five predators were running behind a pray. The prey did not know she would to go. It was raining heavily and the electricity was gone. Then she saw a very big mansion
that has endless boundary. She did not think anything that to whom this super mansion belongs to only she could think about the way to save her life from those demons
The predators upon seeing the name of that magnificent villa started shivering because the name written on the plate was "DEN's Mansion". the heavily pouring rain was so horrific and the lightnings were so terrific that one would freeze there. That innocent girl, infact, was not aware of the fact where she had entered. The electricity were gone. The watchmen were absent and the gate was not locked. Then that half died girl saw an AUDI A8 L entering into the villa. And she could only think about nothimg but escaping from those predators. She entered into that villa without thinking.b and after five mins of running after the car inside the lawn she started fainting and fell there unconscious

After that night

That innocent girl woke up in the morning. She found herself on a bed and looked around. Then she found herself in a small room.She went to the window and started enquiring of the surroundings. She came to know that she was kept in a small house she tried to remember the last night and she realised that it was not that same mention ho yaar see enter last night. Where is she? Who brought her here? who what happened to her she didn't know.

Then she heard the sound of opening of door. She suddenly become horrified. She held the vessel kept on the side table so that she can offend herself. On opening the door, she quickly attacked the person . But that strong man held her from her wrist and the vessel fell on the ground. He pulled her closer hold her tightly so that she couldn't move. Then he put his finger on her lips gesturing not to shout. Then she got relaxed. But many questions are arising in her mind. That man came near her. Insisted her to sit on the couch. Then he checked her temperature. The temperature was normal. Then he gave her medications. She was eagerly noticing that strange man. After giving medication he told her to take rest and closed the door and went away.

Then the girl thought that to enquire that house. Then open the drawer and search about any information. He found the identity card of that person. To her utter surprise that men turned to be a doctor. Then see you went to the basement and went to the kitchen where she found that man preparing the soup. She eagerly asked him about the last night. But he didn't told her anything and signalled her to sit on the table. He served her the hot soup. When she took one sip, it was so hot that she almost threw it out. That strange person came to her and snatched the spoon and he himself blew the soup and gave it to her. After taking one sip, the girl looked at him. When there eyes met, the there was a pin drop silence. The only sound was of the wind waving outside and the birds chirping. Breaking the silence the girl asked about him:-
"Are you a doctor? Thank you for saving me from those bastards. I don't know how I came here
Please mind me telling what happened. I am eagerly waiting to know."

An awkward silence fell on that room. The man told her "Nisha!!..." Upon listening her name she became surprised and asked him how he knew her name. That man continued " listen a man yesterday night came to my house. The owner of that mansion is my friend and told me to check you. At the time you are very weak and the temperature watch 102°. So I gave you some medicine and rested you on the bed hello I am Arnav. I am a doctor from the Aevenue hospital."

Hello friends this is my first time that I am writing a novel here .I hope you will like it and don't forget to give me your feedbacks and ratings and keep reading I will publish the new episode as soon as possible thank you