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Are we destined to be together? - Part15

Amy's pov:
As kurfi is completely covered with snow, walking without support seems difficult.. With help of kiren, I climbed a slopy area... It is noted by Harry.. He went to place where stick are given and bought for himself.. And said to comman person walking without support seems difficult just get it... I went to get stick.. After that I haven't seen Harry, Jessie and some of Jessie's friends... I too didn't cared them... I started playing slide, ice ball throwing and started eating hot noodles which is sold there... For this cool temperature hot noodles remained yummy... After spending sometime we all of classmates moved to our bus for room.. We are vacating today itself as there is high snowfall tomorrow as per forecast.. For refreshing we are provided with only two rooms one for boys and other for girls.. Harry came near me and asked which is for boys..I know very well he is only trying have conversation.. But I ain't in mood.. Without reply I just raised my eyebrows.. Harry said that It would be awkward if opened wrong room.. I am not sure of which is boys rooms... I replied I was standing outside girls room... Other room is boy's room... I replied and went in....
After traveling we reached chandigarh we spend 2 days here... Harry didn't even bother about me... From there we went Delhi, here too visited many places...and last we went for shopping in delhi.. girls went to sarojini market and boys went to other market... We are asked to move to our respective rooms by ourselves by train Or bus or cab or Auto... To speak with heart.. I ain't interested in shopping here... I just done a window shopping for a short time... When I thought to return I found maya.. She too joined with me for returning... Mam too joined us... Frankly speaking I ain't good way finder.. Maya is best in finding ways.. She remember every places exactly.. We went to auto stand.. With visiting card we returned to our room... After a while, some one knocked our door asking Is Everyone came in room??... Yes, I replied..
Next day, we packed ourselves to train to travel back to our college... While waiting for train there is a gossip in between classmates that Jessie was separated from her group in sarojini market... Harry become worried even started crying for it in hotel room... After try a lot they found her. .. Harry is truly loving her but she is not worth of it.. She isn't true to him... I heard gossip as I was near to them..I was little worried about Harry that if he truly loved Jessie, if he came to know she cheated her will he able to handle it... I was also sad when I heard Harry cried because of her.... I doesn't know gossip is true or not... But it hurts me... It doesn't know too worry for which... Whether Harry doesn't love me... Or he is going to get hurt because of her... I doesn't want Harry to get cheated... I doesn't know how he will handle... With this our train return journey started... After shimla Harry and me didn't have any conversation... I have watched movie in laptop during travel... Most of them are all very tried... We finally reached our destination... With this our trip have finally overed... Days in this trip are unforgettable moments...
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