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Game of Crimes - 1

Story by Keisha Musiyiwa

Agent Samrat stood at the window having his coffee looking at the city beneath him. Just then some men in Black suits came and they handed him a file. He opened the file and then he stared at them and gave them a slight smile. " Do you think you can do it agent," the men asked. "Yes," answered Samrat, " as long it's about saving my country I can do absolutely anything." Samrat was given a mission to catch one of the highest international criminal called the king. The King did child trafficking, robbed banks and also did illegal mining with the help of his assistants called the black widows. But the actual question was, who was the king? Just then Samrat was given a phone call to come to the bank because the king had struck again. At the crime scene he found a bracelet and he was sure that the king was actually a girl! After some time he was given a phone call by the king and was threatened to not tell anyone about what he had found. In exchange for that, Samrat asked the boss to meet him at the Prerna cafe and she agreed. Samrat went to the cafe and waited there, that's when a beautiful and gorgeous young lady walked in. Samrat couldn't take his eyes of her. The girl then came to Samrat's table and said, " hi I'm Urvashi sorry I mean the boss." Urvashi sat down and asked Samrat not to tell anyone her real identity and he agreed. Urvashi left the cafe and so did Samrat. When Urvashi reached her mansion, she went into her room and broke in tears. She took a locket and inside it there was a picture of a young girl and a boy, what could be the reason for this? Samrat also felt a strange feeling and then he also took a similar locket from his childhood box and inside the locket there were pictures of similar people in Urvashi's locket, how could they be related? The following day Urvashi was swimming in the pool at her luxurious palace. When she got out some of her bodyguards helped her dress up. What could the king be thinking of next? Parvati, Samrat's girlfriend had seen that there was a change in Samrat's behavior and she wanted to figure out what was the matter after all she was a secret agent just like her fiance. Just then she got a call from the head of agents to trap the king because Samrat had refused to do that mission so he went to Mumbai from Indore to do another mission. Parvati then agreed and went to the spot were the king had kidnapped the president's grandchildren for a ransom of 3 sacks of diamonds. When Parvati reached there, Urvashi had her little plan ready. Because Parvati had seen Urvashi, Urvashi killed her and when Samrat reached there, Urvashi was not there. He vowed to avenge her death and to punish Urvashi for what she'd done.

To be continued.............

By : Keisha Musiyiwa

If you want to read the next part u've to wait for 6 more days, till then stay tuned