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The Angel Inside - 24 - Flirty

Jay's POV

A week had passed and we were back at our house. Mom wasn't ready to let us live alone after the incident, she was scared to lose me, but somehow I convinced her.

Amy was now at a bit ease with me , she would still hesitate and won't open up but slowly I could see the changes and make her comfortable with me. Though she doesn't speak much but always tried. I was glad about it.

I was watching news like a radio and doing the chores, specifically i wasn't paying attention to it. But suddenly my ears caught the anchor reporting about an incident which said that 'Two mental asylum patients broke out and severely injured six people who were found in middle of the forest.... '
My eyes went to the screen which flashed the location. It was the same location where we were held captive.

My eyes went wide and for a few minutes I was blankly looking at the screen. My mind processing things and Amy's blood smeared shirt came in front of my mind, making me even more suspicious. She said the police arrested the kidnappers and there wasn't any news yet about them. Suddenly someone spoke behind me, making me flinch.

Amy: Don't think much about it , it was purposely kept as secret.

I looked behind as I sighed in relief. It was Amy. It was literally 2 in the night as I was taking a break from my work. My room's door was was open, no wonder she entered my room without any noise or I was too distracted to notice it. I looked at her as she leaned her shoulder again the door shoving her hands in her pockets. She was wearing a white loose shirt as her wounds were still healing.

Me: why are you here and at this time?

Amy: just needed a favour..

Me: what?

I said as I crossed my arms to the chest looking at her intently.

Amy: I want to you be my plus one for an event...

Me: which event?

Amy: it's buisness! Kind of a grand party among the other companies!

Hearing that one thing crossed my mind! It was buisness party, Amy is the CEO of Ace! It will catch attention and I don't like being the centre of attention!

Me: no! never! Take someone else! Not me!

Amy furrowed her eyes at my rejection.

Amy: why?

I didn't wanted to tell her the reason but I need to make one!

Me: ummm... Because I'm ugly! Andddd I don't like crowded places!

Looking at Amy's face , she didn't seem to buy my words. She sighed.

Amy: first of all.. you need to have an eye check up ,seems like your glasses aren't working! Second a hospital is always crowded with patients and you are a doctor, so don't lie!

I sighed.

Me: why me?

Amy: because you are my husband! Remember?

Shit!!! Try another one!

Me: still! I would be busy at the hospital! I can't and my chief won't allow me!

Amy: it's on Sunday from 9 pm in the night!

Me: i have many appointments to handle!

Amy: you don't do night shifts doctor!

It was difficult to create an excuse to her cause she wasn't buying my words at all.

Me: i still have for that day.

Amy: your colleagues could handle that too!

Me: i won't be permitted by the chief!

Amy: fine! If your chief allows you then you won't mind coming to the event, will you?

Me: i won't!

I said confidentilly.

Amy: ok!

She said as she left the room leaving me dumbfounded. She is really something.

The next day I was at the cabin of my work place- hospital of course!

The day was hectic with my seniors not sparing me and a ton load of work.

I was busy checking the test results of my recent patient. I could hear loud noises and chaos outside my cabin but it didn't bother me and suddenly the door burst open and it was none other than Amy with Emma and Noah following her behind.

Amy was in her formal attire as if she directly came from her office.

Emma: excuse me, you can't burst in the room without an appointment or I won't hesitate to call the guards.

Emma sounded furious while Amy raised a brow a her as she crossed her arms to her chest.

Amy: call them!

Emma: you are going to be in trouble for this misbehaviour.

Amy simply rolled her eyes at Emma making her more furious. I and Noah just watched the two ladies, not knowing what to do with them. When it came to my best friend Emma , she is short tempered woman. And teasing her a bit is like adding oil to the fire.

Emma trembled in anger as she charged towards my table almost making me think she'll punch me but thankfully she took the telephone and called the security. I tried to tell her that the woman she is arguing with is my wife, but it was too late. Emma yelled at the gaurds to come here right now and I tried to talking to her but she was scary.

Soon 2 of the gaurds entered in 10 seconds of the call as Emma staight away pointed at Amy asking to throw her out. But as they saw Amy they were frozen on their places.

Gaurds: So sorry ma'am for the inconvenience, I didn't knew it was you.

Amy smirked at Emma while Emma was dumbstruck.

Emma: the hell! You can't let any random woman enter a doctor's cabinet without an appointment!

The gaurd gulped at her furious figure.

Gaurd 1: Miss she is Ms. Ash , one of the major investor in the hospital. We can't do that.

Hearing that Emma and Noah were in shock.

Emma: but still she can't enter like that.!

Amy looked at her with a dark gaze.

Amy: do you wanna hear a fun fact Dr. Emma?

Emma frowned at her words.

Amy: this man is my husband and no one can stop a wife reaching out to her husband.

It took time for Emma to process her words and suddenly her eyes widened as the words hit her hard.

Soon Emma was slapped with embarrassment. And within this going on chaos the chief entered the room. Now it was over. He is the most arrogant , he would always pick on me , with the slightest mistakes.

Chief: who's creating a fuss?

His eyes went to Amy and within a snap the irritated man turned into a gentleman.

Chief: miss is something wrong here?

Amy: no.. Mr.Lee just a little misunderstanding. Isn't it Dr. Emma?

Emma nodded her head in nervousness.

Amy: it's good that you are here, Mr. Lee. I actually wanted to discuss something with you.

Chief: what is it Ms. Ash.?

Amy: I was just reviewing the hospital and I feel that there is some biasness in here. Dr. Conor needed a week off for some personal issues and you didn't permitted it! Why?

Chief: I uh actually he is one of our best doctors in the hospital. That's why we needed him.

He was a cunning man and knew how to turn things around the other way in his favour.

Amy: Mr. Lee you know in any company , the most important asset other than reputation is the employees. You better don't mess with the staffs. I don't want my reputation to be spoiled by you.

She said refering to me , if I ever mistakenly murdered my patient out of fatigue and indirectly her name would be ruined. She is indeed a dealer who always looks at the big picture.

Chief : i totally agree with you Ms. Ash!

Amy : you better do.! Well I wanted to borrow one of your best doctor for a few days. Do you mind Mr. Lee?

My eyes widened as I remembered our last night conversation. She came here for permission.

Chief: no worries, Ms. Ash! You could hire any of our doctors you want. It's totally fine.

I looked at him in pure disbelief. While Amy secretly smirked at me.

Amy: Dr. Jay Conor.

His eyes widened at Amy's statement.

Chief: sure ma'am no problem.

Amy: I hope you get my words now . I need to have a private talk with my man so it would be better if you guys leave.

She said emphasising the word 'my man' .

Mr. Lee's eyes widened hearing that I was her husband. He acted as if he saw a ghost. I wanted to laugh hard at the sight but I couldn't. Noah left with Emma who was totally pissed off by Amy, shutting the door behind leaving us alone.

Amy: well you need to come with me. I need to choose the designs of the clothes.

She said as a playful smirk was plastered on her face. I didn't knew what should I do.

Me: I need to assign my work for today to my colleagues.

Amy: I would be in the car ,come down in 10 minutes.

She left leaving me no option but to do whatever she asked.

✨✨✨Time skip ✨✨✨

Amy's hands were on the steering wheel as she drove to God knows what place. It was dead silence. She broke it.

Amy: You could have told your chief that you are Mr. Conor's son and he would have listened to any of your problems. He seems to be biased when it comes to you.

Me: i don't use my identity to get an opportunity it's my passion that brings me here.

Hearing my response she smiled and it was genuine, for a while I felt that she was testing me and wanted to see my reaction.

It was silent again until Amy stopped in front of a big building, call it company. Is she taking me to her workplace? With all the confusion I followed her inside the building. And to my surprise it was a fashion agency.

We walked in and I didn't knew why everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at her. They all stood up from their seats. Until Amy gestured them to continue. It was shocking. Amy had a stern look as we walked through the hallways and entered another room.

The people in the room split into 2 queues facing Amy and they had some files in their hand. Looking at the asethectic and people I knew they were fashion designers. There were sudden footsteps that resonated the room. A man walked through the queues.

He wore a quirky outfit though it was a formal attire of blazer and pants but he had shiny embroidery on his blazer. It was all glittery and fancy. I observed his body language, it was different, more feminine. He was unique and different. He walked towards us while swaying his hips with a playful smile being all confident.

He stopped infront of me. His eyes staring at me for head to toe. He looked amused. His eyes never leaving my face as he looked up because he was shorter than me.

Amy: will you stop gawking at him?

She said in the most intimidating tone. As if she wanted to shoo him away in an instant.

Viona: Handsome! Myself Viona!

He said in a soft girlish voice as his painted nails traced my shoulder.

Viona: broad... Bless my eyes.

He said whispering to himself , having an few inch gap between us. I was puzzled.

Soon Amy cleared her throat catching viona's attention.

Amy: we are here for buisness! I need the designs.

Viona: where did you get this gem from? Gosh he is fit to be a model!

He gasped dramatically like a young teenage girl.

Amy: he's my plus one for the event.

Viona: you really have an eye for better model physique, he matches all the standards. Why don't we hire him as a mod-

Amy: he's a doctor!

She said annoyed as viona continued literally drooling over me.

Viona: the hell! I thought he must be some rich CEO!

Amy: viona! The designs! and I need a makeover for him. Now!

She said irritated.

Viona sighed.

Viona: fine!

Viona clapped his hands as the designers showcased the clothings on the mannequin.
They were formal attires but with different and unique designs but I chose something simple and plain.

Amy sighed.

Amy: doctor your choices suck!

I felt offended. It's show time!

Me: remember you are one of my choices!

Amy: exactly!

I shot her a glare as she glared back.

Viona: Guys Stop fighting! You both look like a married couple!

Me and Amy: of course we are!

Viona's eyes widened hearing us.

Viona: my goodness! Such Greek god is married to this heartless women.

He huffed dramatically.

Amy glared at viona as he spoke.

Viona: gosh only if I met you earlier than her!

He was clearly flirting with me!

Amy: I am going to choose the designs for you!

Me: no that's not happening!

Amy: your fashion sense is horrible!

I sighed in defeat.

Me: fine! If you choose for me then I will choose for you! Deal ?

Amy huffed.

Amy: deal!

Hey guys it's been a long time I have updated anything. Hope you like the chapter and thank you for the support you are giving to my stories. Share what are your views and guesses on what's gonna happen next chapter in the comments. Till then ✌️ peace.