Are we destined to be together? - Part17 in English Fiction Stories by Arshi books and stories PDF | Are we destined to be together? - Part17

Are we destined to be together? - Part17

Amy's pov:
After trip completed, we are back to collage... As there is lot of works to be done, We stayed for special class... My mobile charge is nearly full.. I gave my mobile to Harry to select song, they like... As I don't know their taste of songs... I just allowed them to select... After college, I went back to hostel, after refreshing just laid on bed... Thinking on trip days... Though I was afraid too attend trip.. Now, it have became one of fabulous day of my lifetime... As long as live, These day will be remember in heart... These are days, I enjoyed with Harry by playing games... I doesn't know whether he enjoyed or not but I am still love with days.. I doesn't know what destiny hold for me... It will unite me with Harry or not...Though I got 💔 hurt in many of occasion.. I am still in love with these days...After a while, I started doing my assignment... I need to take a help of other for taking printout as I am in hostel..I asked the help of kiren to take printout while taking for him.. He too agreed...
Next day, Kiren enter with Harry with printout....When he gave my printout... I asked him Amount... He just have a look at Harry.. Harry was too little irritated.. and then kiren replied that why are you in hurry... Pay it later.... I asked him to say.. Kiren finally said it and I have paid amount... He then gave money to Harry... Harry was little irritated but he got it... It seems Harry have paid behalf of me... But I doesn't like some one paying behalf of me.. ... I went to hostel after college work completed.... Jessie didn't complete work it seems.. Harry and Kiren haven't too .. They also stayed in college.... After coming back to hostel in night, I was worried without reason... I doesn't know why... I can't concentrate on work or food or sleep... After a sleepless night, I came back to college to find Harry met with accident yesterday night...When I heard I completely out of shock, I can't even think what should I do... I was worried.. I want to ask but I can't.. Just then I heard that Harry went to drop Jessie... While returning back he met with accident... While traveling with Jessie, Harry and Jessie had argument it seems... Harry asked her to stop connection with vinay... And Jessie didn't agree with it.. This made him to lack concentration.. and made him to met with accident... When I heard it... I understood that I have no right to ask him or anyone about him as he is currently boyfriend of jessie ( who I hate most in class) ... I was worried about him...I controlled my emotions not to show anyone... Then I got call from kiren.. to do help for Harry to complete the work...and he would be getting from me and submit it after completing it... When I got call from kiren.. I came to conclusion that Harry would be better and would be out of danger....I didn't even ask kiren about Harry... Mind started working how to complete work for Harry in, he can get his marks in internals... I started doing for him... I didn't have mood to have my food... After my completion, kiren got it from me and submit it to respective staff. .. Kiren started saying about Harry's health conditions... I listened to it...There was a relief when I heard he was fine...but I even pretend that I didn't listen to conversation... After some time I said kiren that Don't lie, Harry only got some injury... Kiren replied that if you have seen his condition during accident, you would have not said that.... I just nodded continued my work...
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