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Eyes of darkness - 2

It was crowded outside and evetyone wanted to know what happened to Rheedas friend. I clenched my fists in fear in moved closer to Jahseh who seemed to not be affected much by the situation. The police had asked for the three of us ; me , Reedah and Jahseh for interrogation since we where the last to be with the victim.

I was panicking as we approached the offices and where told to sir.Reedah had already taken a sit and she was very much confused as we where...." Do any of you know what really happened" the first police man asked with a serious note. I looked at Jahseh once again and led out a big gasp.   " not really" Reedah said" we where in the halls when I went out".   " how abt u boyz" the officer turned to us . " we didnt see much ,we where in a hurry to get water then off to the big game" Jahseh answered . I gave him a big stare this time that the officer noticed n turned to me " Wat's ur name".     " Wayne ".     " wat abt u.....do u know anything".   I looked at Jahseh who ignored me instantly and I shook my head . The officers left and I felt relieved for a moment.  " I know u did it Wayne but I won't tell" Reedah said while looking me straight in the eye .  I wanted to say the truth but I was caught up in within the shadows of Jahseh . SHE left . " one more slip off n I'm gonna kill u Wayne"      " at least I tried " I glared.                 " try harder next tym...Reedah can't control ur lyf ".                           " she doesn't .....she's jct a good fend".my tone became a bit loose.   " jct be careful ..its either me or Reedah n u know we can't avoid frndship more than love" he leaned closer to me" remember family cut u out so theirs no need to try n create one"....

People had gone to the grave when Jahseh spotted a new vvictim. Lily was the creative one , smart n intelligent n also the perfect catch for Jahseh . He grinned at me n went closer to Lily. " hy beautiful u wanna go out with me "......... Of course she said after all Jahseh was a ladies man n I knew that by midnyt she would be gone ....... I left the two immediately n went to a more quiet place n started to think abt it when I saw Reedah .                           " wheres Jahseh ???" She folded her arms. " with another prey??".     " I don't know Rhee " I shook my head." Jct forget abt him".                 " u want me to forget a monster".   " his not a monster.....his me".         " can't u see the difference".            " Rhee , his the side of me that's all I can imagine" I gasped " maybe I don't say it but Jahseh is grt".           " I know everyone tries to hide the bad side " she winked at me " Wayne its not bad doing so but once again CONTROL JAHSEH".........

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