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Are we destined to be together? - Part18

Amy's pov:
I was worried on Harry.. I took my phone to call him but my mind stopped me from calling him.. It made me remember his words why do you text me...even after avoiding..Then I realized I have no right to call him... I didn't get sleep... Without my knowledge my eyes were filled with tear thinking of past fight with him... and all memories with him.... I took my mobile to see his photo... Tear from eyes started flowing like river... Pillow is only my friend where I can show my tear without getting judged....This night also changed into a sleepless night again... Next day, kiren informed me that Harry's hand has been fractured so he can't complete the changes to be done in assignment... Kiren asked me to complete... I agreed him.. Even without completing my work... I started completing for Harry and after completing, I gave it to I don't want anyone (including harry) to know I have done it for Harry....Kiren said No, he may lost it... Please handover to Harry when he arrive for exam... I agreed him...Few days passed, Class has been very bored.. Nothing feels to interesting for me... I started skipping my lunch and evening snack... Everywhere I go, my thoughts are filled with Harry...Finally, Day for external examination arrived ... Harry came with fractured hand.. I can't see him like this... Jessie came and started creating drama of taking care... When I saw him with Jessie I got changed into anger on Harry.. I don't want Harry's mark reduce because of my jealousy/anger... So. I handover assignment to kiren and said him to pass it to Harry... But Kiren started shouting from his place and started running to Harry... Amy has done your assignment.. Have it.. Harry started smiling... And turned to look at me.. I turned away without sparing a look at Harry and made my way to my place as I am still angry at him.... Harry gave it to Jessie to arrange.. Sitting near Harry and Jessie, kiren called me.. asked again to help Harry.. Before my reaction.. Jessie showed her anger reaction to Harry... Kiren started laughing...I just went out of place as I feel irritated... After a while, staff called me for viva, I was about to go out of my class so I have a look at Harry... Harry is too looking at me...When our eyes meet, He just shown thumps up.. I know he meant thanks and best of luck for my examination... I just smiled and went out of class..
I attend my external and return back to library as I have no mood to go back... If I go back to class, I have to watch Jessie and Harry's acting... But my heart didn't allow me to stay longer in library...I want to know how Harry handled his external... I just went outside class... When I see him with smile while returning from external viva... I felt happy and return back to library.. Spend my balance time there, As I don't want to give my heart a pain.... After coming back to hostel, I felt sorry for Harry.. I didn't even asked about his health... I felt myself as a egoist...but whatever I feel in my heart I can't win my mind to message about Harry's health....
Study holidays started.... I and maya came to college to get hall ticket, kiren and some of boys are there in class. ..Kiren, me and maya had a small conversation about exam preparation... Kiren got a call... He attend call... I started doing some work...i didn't pay attention to his conversation till I hear my name...He mentioned my name to person in line.. When he mentioned, I asked him Who is in call?... What are you talking about... Kiren in action replied that wait I will say... I know very well about kiren if he say like that he never say about... So I didn't ask further... Kiren gave mobile to near by boy saying that Harry is talking... Thus I found out that other guy in line is none other than Harry... Kiren started worried about Harry's health conditions... how would Harry write while his hand is fractured... When I heard, I worried regarding Harry but I didn't show it before him... Earlier I thought bandage would removed before examination... But now kiren is informing me that bandage won't be removed... I didn't talk further with anyone complete my work in college and went back to hostel... Only thing I can do now is too secretly prayer for him...
Guys.... What do you think of this part....

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