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You're my favorite rhythm... - 1


The most confounded word in nowadays society and in the youths heart.

Someone said " Love is in air "

Another said " Nothing like that exists."

You can said " Love is in my heart. "

Your friend may said " When you break up with your girlfriend / boyfriend, will your love go from heart to brain ? 😂 Don't you have a brain until then ? 😲 "

Haha 😅 Just kidding 😜....

For me love is all about feelings....

Seeing a beautiful flower may give you a blissful feeling...

That wonderful feeling we get when we see our favorite things like teddy, cricket bat, ice cream.... what ever it may be...

That feeling when we listen to our favorite song...

Even a message ( just a " hai " ) from our favorite person is an indescribably wonderful feeling...

A body without feelings is not considered to have life...

If you have feelings, you have love...
No need to have a boyfriend or girlfriend.


Anand Joshva

A music composer popularly known as AJ....

It's a miracle if you hear his music and have legs that don't dance and hearts that don't melt....

He is very quiet and only his music speaks to others...

There are only a few people in this world who have seen his mischievous talkative face...

At the age of 26, he is sitting on the throne of the music world.

Usually beauty is not needed where there is talent. But He is so magnificent that he draws my attention and makes my pen write about him 😂.

His music touches our hearts and his speech makes us fall in love...

Be safe his talk can make you fall in love too 💕....


Ananya shree

She is one of the few innocent girls living in this twenty-first century.

She lost her mother at a young age. Being the only daughter, her father loves her beyond measure. He did not even remarry so as not to lose his affection for his daughter. Unlike other fathers, he is a suitable modern father for this trendy world.

Ananya never hesitated to tell her father anything that happened in her life. Her father's favorite pastime is laughing at her daily pranks and messes.

The house they live in is a beautiful separate world filled only with father and daughter.

Her favorite thing to do is to sleep on her father's lap while listening to music.

This is where the game of fate begins... All the songs in her playlist were composed by AJ. His music, voice and lyrics are a lullaby that lulls her to sleep.


Office Time...

Ananya's childhood friend. Both of them went to school and college together and now work at the same place.

She is one of those people who know everything about Ananya. She has a lot of patience that's why she is Ananya's friend.

Shanvi : Hey, good morning Shree 🙂.

Ananya : Hey shan ( Shanvi ), come here. Why is this android phone so hard to use ?
( New Android user 🤐 )

Shanvi : 28

Ananya : what 28 ?

Shanvi : This is the twenty-eighth time you've asked this question in the past week.

Ananya : Don't be silly, come and help me.

Shanvi : What's your problem baby ?

Ananya : My neighbor boy Ramesh is always using this app. He said that there will be many videos in this and also there will be AJ songs too. I don't know how to open an account in this.

" The Great Alien in the 21st Century." Shanvi mumbled.

Ananya : What ?

Shanvi : it's nothing, I'm here to help you. Give it to me. First you need to create an ID for yourself. It's like Ananya...

Ananya : No, No... Use shree.

Shanvi : But why ? Ananya is better than shree.

Ananya : Dad call me shree. So i like shree.

Shanvi : Oh my dad’s little princess 🤦‍♀️.

She was watching Shanvi open a new account with great interest.

Ananya : Where can I find AJ songs in this ?

Shanvi : You can find not only AJ's songs but also him here.

Ananya : Really ?

Ananya started searching for his name in it with wonder in her eyes.

Ananya : There is a lot of Anand Joshva here, how to find him ?

Her face contorted in disappointment.

Shanvi : Oh my darling, This is his ID.

Ananya : Really ? how do you know ?

Shanvi : How I found out is because of the blue mark next to his name. This blue mark is given only to famous people. So now you can follow him and can see his post.

Ananya : Hey look he is very cute in this pictures. There is also a messaging facility here, can we message him ?

Shanvi : of course you can. But I can't say for sure if he will message you🤷‍♀️. Famous people like him usually don't reply to messages from common people like us. If that happens, it's your luck. It also has another meaning...

Ananya : What does that mean ?

Shanvi : Maybe it's a fake account. This is the problem with social media. There are lot of fake accounts here. So you should always be careful and cautious.

Ananya : Oh... But...

Shanvi : Don't give any reason. Don't forget this " Strangers are always danger. "

Ananya : Don't scare me 😥.

Shanvi : Haha 😆. Okay relax... set up your bio later...

Ananya : What should I write in bio ?

Shanvi : Look at other people's accounts and you will get an idea.

Ananya : But...

Shanvi : Oh god, i totally forgot shree i have an meeting. I will talk to you later.

Ananya : But shan wait..... She escaped, now who to ask ?

As she searched around, everyone was busy with their work...

Ananya : Am I the only one do not complete my work here ? 😮‍💨 It's ok shree... if you don't work for one day what loss will this company go through 😁 ?

She started scrolling through other people's IDs.

Finally she set up her bio like this...

Shree 💕
Dad's little princess 👸
Music ( AJ only ) lover 🎶
Die heart fan of Anand Joshva ( AJ )
Born in the first month of winter...

Finally she set up his account with his ( AJ ) photo.

Ananya : Oh my cutie pie 😍...

She looked at her phone like this and left the day without doing any work. Good timing for her, manager didn't come to office today so she escaped.

She came home and told her father everything that happened. Her father listened to everything she was saying and hit in his head, literally he can't understand what was in his music.

After dinner, she went to bed, but she couldn't sleep.

Ananya to her micky ( Micky lover ) : Hey micky, Maybe if we message him he will see our message ? But what do we message him ? Do we call him by name or Sir ?...... It is very confusing. No its better not to message him.

She left her phone on the side table and tried to sleep. It was sleep, that refused to come to her.

She Picking up the phone again, it showed 1: 30 am.

Ananya summoned her courage and picked up her phone and typed " Hi Anand "

Seeing the light on in her daughter's room for so long, her father came to see if she was asleep, he suddenly open the door. In that sudden moment she unknowingly pressed the send button.

Dad ( Sharma ) : Aren't you asleep yet ?

She pulled the blanket and wrapped herself, saying, "I fell asleep, Papa."

Sharma smiled at his daughter's action and left.

She was shocked, when she removed the blanket after confirming that her father had gone.

She sent him a message from her account.

Ananya : Oh no no no, What to do now 😖 ?

Her heart rate was rising in anxiety. Her hands started shaking nervously. The phone slipped from her hands and landed on the mattress.

[ She feels like she kills someone. 😂 ]

She taking a deep breath and thinking patiently for a while, she remembered what Shanvi had said,
" We can always delete the message we have sent if we want "

After making a decision, She looking for the delete option, she went crazy not knowing where it was. Poor girl 😂....

Despite many attempts to call Shanvi, she did not accept the call even once.
If only Shanvi was in front of her now, she would have torn her in two😂.

Not knowing how to delete the message, she cross her night with sleepless.

She gets ready for work by checking her phone every half an hour. Hoping that if she go to office, she can delete the message anyway with the help of Shanvi.

Even the bus didn't come for her today. So she hurriedly got into the auto. She felt like the clock was ticking very slowly today. Her office, four kilometers away, today seemed to her to be some 50 kilometers away.

I don't know if her time is good or bad, God doesn't think as she thinks.

He read her message while she was on her way to office.

She screamed "NO" in shock.

Shocked by her screams, the auto driver suddenly braked.

Auto driver : what happened sister ? Is there anything wrong ?

Ananya : No no bro, you go faster.

But to her surprise she got a reply from him.

" Hai Shree "


Have you ever been in this situation ? 😂.

Have you ever messaged a person with hesitation ? And later Has that person become your best friend…

What is going to happen next ?
Is that really a AJ ? Or any fake account ?

Of course you will have to wait to find out.

Take care 💕