No Policy In Love-Part 12-Naughty angle books and stories free download online pdf in English

No Policy In Love-Part 12-Naughty angle

“Here comes a welcome surprise for you!”, exclaimed Vyomi, smiling and clapping at me. Karan shrugged, arguing,” Not fair! You girls never told me about this!”Vyomi pulled his cheeks, apologizing and he giggled again, as usual. I threw my mouth open and chuckled at them.” Wohooo!”, exclaimed I. Tanvi and Diya bowed to begin their performance; I was already feeling the award-winning vibes!

Tanvi played the guitar to Diya’s beats as the latter sang with her melodious voice:

Ugly is my face,

But that isn’t the case;

If you wanna love me if you wanna love me,

See what I seem to be.

If you wanna love me if you wanna love me,

See what I seem to be.

When the love is true,

It ignores the racist in you.

When the love is true,

You will pull me to the dias

With zero bias.

If you wanna love me if you wanna love me,

See what I seem to be.

My heart is pure,

With zero fear,

Accept me, my dear,

‘Coz I can fight for us,

With zero fuss,

I’m damn sure!

If you wanna love me if you wanna love me,

See what I seem to be.

If you wanna love me if you wanna love me,

See what I seem to be.

They finished the song, concluding the last stanza with a slow and sad tone.

I threw my mouth open at their sync-the guitar and the song!” It was amazing!”, cheered I, clapping with Vyomi and Karan. Above all, I was stunned by the song. As the performers smiled and bowed, I got up, recollecting at Vyomi,” Dude, it’s the poem I had composed for my college fest, back in twelfth grade. Aww! You had preserved it so safely?”She nodded and we hugged. I was literally in tears.”Vyomi, you are my bestie indeed! You gave life to my poem which had bagged no prize back in the competition. So sweet of you!”

We heard claps and saw Akshat sir entering the class. He was smiling at all of us and nodded at Diya and Tanvi. Akshat praised me,” Great work, Naomi! You are very creative, I must say.”I smiled and thanked him. He came closer, consoling me,” Winning or losing isn’t important. Your creative brains must keep exercising. Don’t let the flow go!”

He hugged me and whispered,” Sexy poem!”I felt cozy to be wrapped in his arms and resting my head on his grey formal shirt having wide diagonal white stripes running from left to right. Karan looked up at the ceiling and smiled at the projector. Vyomi and Diya giggled as Tanvi pretended as if nothing had happened and was busy pouting at her guitar.

”Akshat sir!”, I exclaimed. He released me. We blushed at each other. I swallowed my saliva. I massaged my left hair on the front. I looked away; he couldn't take his eyes off me, yet! What's going on, Kiku? Karan again let out his fake whooping cough. Akshat then looked away and stopped blushing.

”Awwww!”, exclaimed Vyomi, looking at us. Karan gave a naughty smile and winked at me while the musicians remained silent, staring at the floor.

“Hmmm…If you wanna love me...if you wanna love me, see what I seem to be. I was touched by these touching verses of your poem,”, explained Akshat, in his gentle voice. He was interrupted by Vyomi,” And so you hugged her. Awwww!So cute you are, sir!”I pinched Vyomi and gestured for her to stay quiet. I also signaled Karan to stop smiling like that. However, he let his finger through his lip to gesture how I had been blushing even then. Urgh! Why do my friends always tease my interactions with Akshat sir?!


Love is so blind that it just happens unexpectedly.
You may fall for anyone!
Would you let go of your policy if you fell for someone you shouldn't? What would you choose-your policy or your beloved?


“It's OK, sir! We did not see anything!”, commented Karan, closing his eyes with his hands and turning away from us. As the others too looked away, Akshat and I chuckled, blushing at each other.

“Naomi, it's still incomplete”, he reminded me. Karan turned back at us. Vyomi and the choir group too shrugged at Akshat. I blushed, as the scene of me refraining from kissing him that night replayed in my mind.” Are you sure you want me to complete it, sir?”, enquired I.

"Guys, observe the way these two are conversing with conspiracy..", Karan whispered to Vyomi. "I am damn sure our friend is hiding something from all of us", added Tanvi. Diya and Vyomi nodded at each other.

He nodded. I looked around to spot some of my other classmates entering the class for the lunch break had almost been over by then. Although they were engrossed in settling on their seats, I was surrounded by my gang like the border police.

“Wait, what is incomplete? What are you talking about?”, Vyomi spoke out, rolling her eyeballs between us.

“My hand…”, revealed Akshat, with a sweet and calm tone. He completed, blushing at me,” Naomi, leave my hand.”

I looked down and saw that his palm was still hugging mine. I shrugged while Tanvi spoke out my mind,” Sir, it's you who is holding her hand.”The choir girls blushed at each other while Karan chuckled and Vyomi winked at me.

“No. Naomi, you take out your palm first”, said he.

”Sir, what a logic!”, chuckled Karan, who later looked up and laughed.

I released my palm from him.” I need your song”, requested Akshat. He took the sheet from Diya’s hand. Walking outside, he blushed and I reciprocated it.

“Dude, he went”, whispered Vyomi. I looked around to chase her but she managed to escape to the loo!

A few days went by, equipped with continuous classes, group activities, and assignments. I was able to catch up and follow them. The first internal too was fast approaching.

As soon as college ended, while Vyomi and I were on our way back to our PG, we had a head-on collision with Akshat.” Good evening, Akshat sir!”, we greeted him who nodded. He was dressed all in black that day. He wore a black formal shirt inserted into black formal pants and a black coat which could be distinguished only due to the presence of the golden buttons on both sides. His face of golden complexion twinkled like the brightest star in the night sky. I couldn't take my eyes off him; he was so damn attractively handsome in black that evening!

"Stop it, Naomi! What's wrong with you nowadays? Why do I feel like you have been flirting with Akshat sir, your lecturer? Don't see him with a naughty angle. I have been observing you since the first time you met him. Why do you have a little closer touch with him? Stop, it's forbidden! Guru Devo Bhava! Don't you ever forget it...come on, Naomi!", I reminded myself. However, I stood there, continuing to blush at him!

He blushed back at me. "Sir, you look quite handsome today!", I commented. Vyomi threw her mouth open at me. She dashed my shoulder and teased me, "Dude, what did you just utter?!" I looked back at her and bit my tongue. Akshat patted my shoulder to call me. I turned and he thanked me, "Thenks, Naomi!"

Looking at me, he advised her,” Vyomi, one must always finish one’s incomplete works as early as possible.”She wondered and informed him anxiously,” Sir, I haven’t left anything pending. My Juveline Justice assessment is also completed and submitted on time.”

He chuckled, clarifying that he was just being general, and added,” I am telling so because I know people who have been keeping tasks incomplete for a long time." He closed his fist, emphasizing, "That's very bad, I say!”

“Akshat sir, I know what you mean but I am nervous. I am a girl. I am sorry that I still owe you my kiss of gratefulness. I feel guilty once again in your matters. But, I am shy as well. Why don’t you understand?”, thought I, looking up at the silver oak tree beside.

He concluded that he was offering a general piece of advice but I knew what he wanted to convey. I wanted to assure him. I thus blushed and nodded at him.

As he left, Vyomi and I too started walking away. As we reached the end of the corridor, I turned back and smiled at him who was walking in the opposite corridor.” I don’t think I can complete the incomplete task, Kiku. But, thank you for always being by my side! I don't know why but I feel very happy interacting with you. I have never been this close to anyone ever before..not even my friends!”, thought I.

He turned at me and caught me staring at him. He blushed. I shook my head, blushed, and ran away.

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