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Revenge of the Ghost - 48

The prayer was magical, and everybody was in a trance in a never-ending loop of tranquillity. The prayer was over but still no one opened their eyes. Their brains never registered that the prayer was over. Mahabali opened the eyes and looked at everyone. He felt happy seeing that everyone was calm and with energy to fight any evil. But deep down his heart he knew that it was quite a daunting task because the enemy was an extremely powerful evil. The atoms of air in the room were silent and there was absolutely zero movement from anyone.

Mahabali coughed and suddenly the trans was broken. Everyone came to their senses but filled with a different sort of energy. They never felt this much spark in their lives. Everybody folded their hands and bowed down to Mahabali. Mahabali raised his hands to bless everyone. Ravindra stood up from his place and asked baba, ‘Baba can we now finish the story, so that we can bring my beloved Satya home unharmed.’ Baba agreed and started the story. ‘Sonal could not sleep that night as she was trying to scratch her brain out to find out who that person can be who is loved so passionately by Gayatri. Sonal just could not sleep. Finally, she slept with a thought that she will find out from Gayatri who is the lucky person and will help her to get that man.’

‘Next morning Shyam left for school and Sonal finished all household chores as quickly as she could. She asked the next-door neighbour to take care of her daughter for a while. She knew that Gayatri will be there at the temple around 10 am in the morning and she will wait for her. Sonal was feeling responsible, and the fangs of treachery were being tightened around her neck. She was very gullible and very trustworthy as her pure soul was yet to be corrupted by the world’s gruesome actions. Sonal reached to the temple like a bullet and her eyes were trying to find Gayatri.’

‘Gayatri was nowhere to be found. Sonal became restless, but she was not aware of Gayatri’s address. So, apart from waiting she had no other option. After a few minutes, she decided to enter the temple and ask someone about her whereabouts. Sonal went straight to the temple priest and asked about Gayatri. He said that she was supposed to come at this time only and asked her to wait patiently. Sonal’s heart was filled with some unknown fear, and she was about to cry, and she saw Gayatri from the corner of her eye. Her heart leapt the boundaries of joy and filled with utter and pure happiness. She just ran towards her and bombarded her with a series of rapid questions without even listening to her answers or waiting for her to reply.’

‘For a moment Gayatri felt for Sonal and her heart told her that this is a very innocent human being, and she is taking advantage of her. But then natural survival instinct kicked in and she removed every ounce of remorse from her heart as she knew deep down her heart that if she didn’t deliver, she would meet a very nasty fate and she was not ready to face any consequences because of the same. Sonal literally dragged Gayatri to the corner, and they sat on a bench and then Sonal’s entire face became a huge question mark. Gayatri quietly replied with a pool of tears in her eyes that and started to explain the result of her being late. She said that her mother was looking for a groom for her, but she loves that other guy, and she couldn’t marry him. But she is not brave enough to tell this to her mother and her life will be completely ruined now. She started to sob quietly and hugged Sonal very tightly. She kept on crying, and it was so natural that Sonal’s dress was wet enough for her to believe her entirely fake story.’

‘Sonal took her wet face in her hands and said that she will do everything in her power to help her so that she didn’t have to marry the person chosen by her mother. Sonal asked that why she can’t tell her mother about the person she likes and wants to marry. Gayatri replied with even a louder cry and said in a broken voice that her mother is a stepmother, and her mother just wants her out of the house. Sonal could not understand how to react to this news. As during those times most of the people were pious and God-fearing people and they were too afraid to do any wrong to anyone. But here the case was different, Gayatri’s fake story had an evil mother who was forcing her to marry someone for the sake of marriage and not fulfilling her duties as a mother.’

‘The news made Sonal completely dumbstruck, and she was unable to process. Her pure and simple heart could not understand why someone would do something like this to someone. Then she decided in her mind that she will do everything in her power to get her married to the man of her choice and she promised the same to Gayatri.’

What was the evil plan of Gayatri? Will Sonal suffer a dreadful fate at the hands of Gayatri? To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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