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Revenge of the Ghost - 49

Baba continued without any break as he knew deep down his heart that he had to finish the story as soon as possible to have any chance of saving Satya. He knew that the further delay would be mortal for Satya. He never said this to Ravindra, but he feared that very much but the only thing now in favour was Mahabali’s presence as it changes the entire scenario. 

‘Sonal woke up with a firm desire to go to any length to help Gayatri. Actually, Sonal is a very innocent girl and first time she is feeling responsible for an adult and she felt very proud from within and that was the most dangerous thing for her. She finished the household chores earlier and went to the temple as that was the only place where she could meet Gayatri. She waited there for an hour, but Gayatri never came there. Sonal was very worried hence decided to visit her home. She was not aware of the address so, she confirmed with the priest from the temple and went there. She found the place but, she hesitated for a while to knock. 

After a while she knocked, and nobody responded. Her heart tremored with horrible thoughts. After a few knocks, Gayatri opened the door. She was taken aback to see Sonal there as she never anticipated that. For some time, she was unable to move and suddenly hugged Sonal tightly and started crying. Sonal pulled her inside the house and gave her a glass of water. Gayatri told her that the man of her dreams is living the village by tomorrow and now she can’t do anything to stop him, and she will lose him forever. Gayatri informed her about that same bus station from where Sonal’s husband and his friend saved all those girls from the evil clutches of Surajsinh. 

Danger was in the air; unknown evils were laying the trap to capture an innocent soul. A certain painful death was lurking around the corner for Sonal. Sonal was in shock to process all these information. The only challenge for her is what to tell Shyam and what to do with her daughter. It would be extremely difficult for her to convince Shyam to let her go that early and that too be with their daughter Mithu as there was no other option for her to drop her daughter anywhere else. Sonal knew that if she discusses all these things with Gayatri, she will not let her come to the bus station. 

This conundrum led Sonal to the biggest mistake of her life. She went home after consoling Gayatri. Sonal felt proud and she went home. She decided to convince Shyam by hook or by crook. She was a simple girl and completely unknown to the horrors of the world. She reached home and got ready for Shyam. Shyam came home at that night, and he found Sonal in a very different mood, and he was lovestruck that night. He was completely speechless and agreed to Sonal’s plan without thinking much. 

Sonal convinced Shyam that her brother is going to pass by the village bus stand, and she wants to meet him, and her brother wants to give gifts to his favourite niece. Shyam hesitated first because of the time and the incident which resurfaced in his memory almost stopped him to say no. But he could not say no to his beloved wife who was looking at him with twinkling eyes and Shyam also committed the biggest mistake of his life to say yes to the most dangerous plan of Sonal. Sonal and Shyam slept within their home hoping for the best possible future, but the fate had decided something else for them. 

Sonal woke up early the next day and prepared food for Shyam. She fed Mithu and had some breakfast too as she knew that it might get a bit late too. They were about to leave the house and Shyam stopped them. Sonal’s heart missed a beat, but she kept her cool. Shyam caroused her head and kissed Mithu’s forehead and once again confirmed that it is necessary to visit the bus stand so early. Her brother could come to their place for a while and can take the afternoon bus. Sonal knew that it could happen, but Gayatri’s love will leave early in the morning, so it was mandatory for her to reach at that time only. Shyam was feeling something odd at his heart but, he could not put his finger on it. 

Sona left the house and Shyam was watching her leaving the house and his heart screamed as loud as possible, but the scream was not even heard by Shyam. Still Shyam felt something and after a while decided to go after his family. Sonal was unaware of this development. She was taking longer strides than usual as her heart was feeling funny about this whole situation. She was about to be the centre of someone’s love story and that gave her goosebumps. Mithu was still sleeping on her shoulder, and it was a bit stressful on her body. She was sweating but she was happy. 

She reached bus stand and Gayatri was there. Gayatri was shocked that she was accompanied by her daughter. Though Gayatri was alright with Surajsinh taking revenge on Shyam by hurting Sonal but she was not a monster. Her daughter was too young to be a part of this dire situation. Gayatri with a heavy heart made up with the situation. Sonal asked about the guy. Gayatri said to her that he will be there soon and asked her to sit at the bench near the bus stand. Both sat together and Gayatri took a deep look at them both. They started to chat about Gayatri’s love life. After some time, Shyam also reached there. He saw Sonal talking with some girl who was unknown to him. ‘

What will happen next? The final chapter of Sonal’s life was about to begin. Will Shyam be able to save Sonal? To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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