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She Lost__Incomplete love story - Part 1

"went to kashmir to have a honeymoon"
"Honeymoon,"listening to Vibha,Anu hesitantly said slowly,",Go after marriage?"
"You? Didn't see you before"Manav said after seeing an unfamiliar girl in the drawings room.
"This is Anu.My aunt's daughter came yesterday night"Deepa walked into the drawing room before Anu could speak.She spoke while introducing Manav and Anu each other,"This is Manav,Rajan's friend"
Anu came to Jabalpur for the first time with her mother.Something happened in Amy's heart during her first meeting with Manav.Manav's charming personality impressed her very much.The same thing happened with Manav.
Earlier Manav used to come to his friend Trajan's house after many days.But after meeting Anu ,he started coming everyday with some excuse.. One day Manav said to Anu,"You have come here first time?"
"Yes"Any responded with a shook neck.
"Bhedaghat, Gauri ghat, Madan Mahal are many mythological and historical sight's here.
Manav took the responsibility of showing Anu to Jabalapur city.He takes Anu daily. Wherever Manav goes with Anu ,Deepa also used to go with them Deepa was Amy's age.While walking with them,she understood that Manav and Anu were beginning to love each other.Even then, she sobbed Anu's heart one day.After knowing Anu's heart, Deepa told her aunt.Radhika about Anu and Manav's love.
Manav completed software engineering.He was selected in a multinational company on the college campus.He had to go to join duty after one month.
Manav was handsome,he belonged to their caste and he was also employed.What could Radhika then object her daughter's love? When Radhika talked to her sister,Nita said,"Manav is a good boy.He is Trajan's friend.The family is well known.If Manav and Anu want each other,then there is nothing wrong in their relationship.
Nita and Radhika went to Manav's house and talked to his parents about Anu and Nana's relationship.Manav's parents had no objection to the son's choice.Anu and Manav were engaged after both families agree.
Anu returned to Delhi after a month.But she didn't come alone.She brought memories of the moments spent with Manav to her heart.They started talking on the Mobile every day.They were lost in love for hours.And then Manav went to Mumbai
During the day,Manav did not get time to talk due to work in company.But at night he did not forget to talk to Anu.Both of them kept talking till late night.
Time passed slowly.After passing BTeck Anu was also selected in a multinational company in Mumbai.
Radhika does not send her daughter far away for a job.But Amy's fiance was already there so she agreed to send the daughter..
Anu had informed Manav about her arrival.So Manav came to the station to take Anu himself.Anu started living in relation with Manav.
The company of Manav and Anu was different,but the time of office was the same.So they used to go out of the house together.On. Sunday there was an office holiday.They enjoyed the day completely
They used to go on the beach on a holiday.Thry would enjoy the cool waves while sitting on the beach.Days passed by.
Manav and Anu lived in the same room under the same roof.How long could the physical distance between Manav And Anu may remain