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Eyes Of Darkness - 3

The place was getting windy n I noticed huge clouds accumulate in the sky. Jahseh played the ' i don't care part' as I worried my way through all the mischief that he caused. I took one last glance outside wen my eyes saw Reedah . she looked different today with her hair flowing backwards and feeling the wind beneath her ,I couldn't help but stare .                                    " she's my next victim" Jahseh grinned as he stared at Reedah.       " wat a joke" I cracked a smile.         " I ain't joking Wayne...I get wat I want n ryt now im craving for Reedah" he looked straight in my eyes then walked out.

As I ran down the corridor Jahsehs words kept banging in my ears it was now that I realised that Reedah was wat I wanted despite a tender age. It had started raining n as I approached the door Jahseh walked in n didn't bother talking but walked away. I quickly grabbed an umbrella n rushed outside .

" HELP!" . As the voice got louder I could feel my hrt poumding with fear i jct knew Jahseh had done something then I saw it Reedah struggling for her lyf in the swamp . It was cold amd the land had gotten slippery but I managed to grab some tree branch n I no tym she was safe with me . I took off my jacet n gave hher.

" he wanted to kill me" she sai with tears in her eyes " it happened so fast but luckily u came....u saved me ".                                                     " I would always come to ur rescue now c'mon lets go inside"

" how dare u wayne ..i had her where I wanted her to be " .It was now that I saw that its either me or Jahseh was taking this too far.        " remember ur family betrayed u even though they showed love ...Reedah will be ur worst nytmare".                                             " I was jct helping ".                           " trust n care will kill u".   

Maybe Jahseh was ryt ...jct like my family !!!! Wat if Reedah be try as also n turns out to be even more worse. It was then that I decided that Jahseh was my only family n nothing else apart from that.

Alot of thoughts now accumulated in my mind and i knew very well that i had no choice but to choose it either Reedah or Jahseh. I so badly wanted to do wat Reedah wanted me to do to be wat she wanted me to be but its like jahseh stood in the way of it all its like he had bkocked me from going my own path and he had chosen something for me that wasnt supposed to be for me but i had no choice but to protect Reedah so i cooperated with him.


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