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Revenge of the Ghost - 50

Baba continued the final and most gruesome chapter of Sonal’s life. He knew that it was important for Ravindra to know the entire story as that was the only clue to find his beloved Satya back to his arms safe and sound. 

‘Sonal was quite happy due to her litter adventure as other wise her life was a bit on boring side. Her entire life revolved around her family. Her husband the apple of her eye her daughter. She could not think anything else. Gayatri was eagerly waiting as her bait was there already and she did not want to take any chances of being seen with her as nobody must know that she was involved in what was about to happen with Sonal. Gayatri’s eyes were lit seeing Manusinh on the horizon. 

Manusinh was dressed as a very simple villager to fool Sonal. He had a suitcase with him too. He walked very slowly towards the bus stand and very near to where Gayatri and Sonal were standing. Gayatri indicated Sonal that he was the one. Sonal mustered courage from every single cell from her body and tried to talk to Manusinh. Sonal started to talk to him, and they were arguing about something. Shyam was still perplexed of what was happening in front of his eyes. He decided to wait and that was going to be the worst decision of his life.

Gayatri could not listen anymore and started crying. Sonal hugged her and tried to calm her down. As per the plan Manusinh accepted the love of Gayatri and told them that he wants to marry her right away in the temple. Sonal was delighted to hear the news. The trio started to walk. Mithu was still sleeping in her mother’s arms. Gayatri and Manusinh were talking but mostly just a few quick signs using eye movements. Soon Sonal realised that the road was not correct, she felt something was wrong in her gut but alas it was too late. Her mouth was covered with a handkerchief soaked in chloroform and she fainted immediately leaving Mithu crying. 

All these happened blazingly fast, and Shyam had a brain freeze. After a few moments he just ran towards his family. Meanwhile some other men were also there who were hidden till the right moment. They saw Shyam and they went ahead to stop him and decapacitate him too like Sonal. Shyam was strong but he could not survive these many people and after a huge round of beating he also fainted with a painful cry. He closed his eyes and deep down his heart he knew that he would be going through hell in a short period of time as he realised it was Surajsinh behind all these.

Sonal, Shyam and their litter princess Mithu all were taken to the same dungeon from where Shyam freed all those girls from the evil clutches of Surajsinh. At that time Shyam was unaware of the cruel future otherwise he might have taken a different approach for the entire situation. After a while Shyam felt a jolt of current as a bucket of ice-cold water was emptied over his head and a wave shiver ran down his entire body. He opened his eyes but could not grasp the situation. After a few moments he saw the entire scene. He was tied up upside down using a rope. Sonal was there but completely naked with her hands tied up and she was hanging from a hook.

Mithu was crying inconsolably in the corner of a room and just repeating the words please don’t hurt my mother please don’t hurt my mother please don’t hurt my mother. Every cry was sheer shock to Shyam and he could not see the helplessness in his daughter’s eyes. She was constantly asking her strong papa to help her mother and her father was also helpless. After a while Shyam realised that Mithu was also tied up but in a chair with some wiring wrapped around the chair. Shyam was trying to understand the motive of those wires and a loud painful shrill was heard. Sonal was awake now and she was screaming with sheer pain plus shame. Sonal was shivering with the sense of fear and what was about to happen with her. 

Surajsinh was there in a corner quietly waiting for all three to see each other so that he could plan his next most evil move. Surajsinh came near to Shyam and told him you ruined my business when you freed those girls, do you even realise how much loss of money and reputation I made because of that. And for the same you and your family would pay the price. I will sell your wife and daughter to the same client for free. And they would be very very happy to receive such a generous gift from me. Your wife will be raped every single day over there and after a while your daughter too but in some different house with some other client as she is young the client will also receive a good amount of money for her. Her tender limbs will be tortured or bitten I can’t tell. She will be raped but how brutally I can’t tell. ‘, Baba could not stop crying describing this entire event and took a pause for a while.

Every single eye in that room was wet and helpless as this was history and nobody can do anything about that. 

What will happen next? The final chapter of Sonal’s life was begun. Sonal and Mithu both will be tortured but for how long ? To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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