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Come Back to Leave Me... Again - 25 - COMFORTING HER

January 24, 2016         

‘Dipen, I want to see her, It’s been a month. Please check her WhatsApp profile picture from your phone.’ I said to Dipen when we were at a pub in Dubai Nova Hotel, near to my home.

‘Who?’ Dipen asked.

‘Of course Hritisha, who else can it be?’ I said.

I knew that Dipen must have saved Hritisha’s number in his phone and he can see Hritisha’s profile too.

‘No way, I won’t see and I won’t allow you to see as well’ Dipen denied many times to see or show me her WhatsApp profile picture. I begged him by saying that it would be the last time, after that he could delete her number too. Therefore, neither he nor I would see her WhatsApp profile, because Hritisha blocked me.

He agreed.

‘Please come back Papa, I miss you. RIP’

I was stunned after reading Hritisha’s WhatsApp status. I could not speak a single word and was staring at the line ‘RIP’. What does that mean? Who expired? Her dad! Alternatively, maybe she was missing her bade papa to whom also she used to call PAPA. She had hidden her profile picture and last seen; only her status was readable.

‘What happen? Why do you look shocked?’ Dipen asked me.

I handed over him the phone and told him to look at Hritisha’s WhatsApp status. He gave me the same expressions.

‘Seriously Siddhant?’ Dipen asked.

‘I don’t know yaar, how can I confirm the news?’ I asked.

We were avoiding eye contacts with each other. Suddenly I realized that I still have Suraj’s number, Hritisha’s cousin. I got up; went out and dialed Suraj’s number. It was around 11:30 PM in India and he must be sleepy, but I could not wait till morning.

‘Siddhant? What’s wrong with you?’ Suraj asked when he picked up the call.

‘Sorry Suraj, I know it’s too late to call, but tell me the truth, did Hritisha’s father expired?’ I asked him.

‘Yes, on thirteenth January’ He said.

Tears were rolling down my face.


‘Due to Low Blood Pressure and Heart Attack’

‘Fuck Man! Can I talk to Hritisha please?’

‘Dude, it’s too late, and she is not in the condition to speak with anyone. Please leave her alone for few days.’ Suraj Said.

‘Ok Ok, I can understand. Please take care of her and console her from my side.'

‘Hmm,’ Suraj disconnected the call.

I sat on the couch outside the pub and started crying. Dipen came after paying the bill, I informed him about the truth that Hritisha’s father was no more; he died on January 13, 2016. He took me to the home and suggested me to sleep for a while.

The next day, I purchased another internet calling card to call Hritisha.

‘Hello? Kaun?’

‘Kaun? Reet?’ I asked.

‘Yes, who are you?’ Reet asked.

‘I am Siddhant from Dubai, how are you?’

‘Hi, Siddhant.’ Reet replied. I could feel sadness in her voice too.

‘Can I talk to Hritisha please?’ I asked Reet.

‘She went downstairs with mummy; her phone is with me, anything urgent?’ She asked.

‘Nothing, I just came to know about uncle’s death. So, I thought I should call her.'


‘Is everything alright now? You? Hritisha? Aunty?’ I asked.


‘Okay. Please let me know if you need my help and tell Hritisha that I called’ I said to Reet.

‘Okay. Bye’

‘Bye. Take care’ I said.

I knew that Hritisha would not call me back. I wanted to console her. Therefore, I sent her an e-mail.

Hi Hritisha,

I came to know that you have lost your father. I am sorry to hear that this happened to you. I am not sure what to say and what to do, but do not hesitate if you need any my help.

This must be a tough time for you and your family; I can actually understand. No one can change the Great GOD's plan. However, He is in a better place now. We all have to deal with losses and time heals all the wounds.

Please be strong. Give my regards to Vidhyaben and Reet. God bless you and your beautiful family. You all will be in my prayers.

May your father's soul Rest in Peace.



Siddhant Shah and Family.


Hritisha replied.

‘Don’t try to be the GOD now. You told me that I would not be happy in my life ever. Congratulations! Your wish has been fulfilled. Just because of you, I lost my father. I hate you Siddhant from the deep of my heart. I mean it. Never show me your face in my life. You are dead for me Mr. Siddhant. Now it is time for you to celebrate. Enjoy! In addition, stay away from me. Please’


I replied.

‘Come on Hritisha! I know I said harsh words to you on that day. However, I did not mean it. I cursed you only once, which was not from the heart even.

Many things in life we say in anger, but that does not mean that we need to stick to those words. I agree that I cursed you very badly and I apologized too. However, you need to understand my situation as well. I was not in proper state of my mind on that day.

Why did you take those BAD words so seriously? I told you plenty of times that I still love you; I want you back in my life, I can still fight with the world for you, and I can love you even more than before. Why didn’t you take these words of mine seriously? If you think that I am bluffing by saying the caring words, you must believe that I may be fooling by saying harsh words too. It should not always be one-sided Hritisha.


Hritisha replied.

‘Whatever Siddhant. Please don’t fuck my mind and my life. Stay away from my life. Don’t message and call me.


I replied.

‘Hritisha, are you mad? How can a person make you cry who always try to be with you by begging everyone?  Yes, I wish for many things. Life would be much comfortable if we get what we wish.

I still would like I could be with you.

I still would like I can make you laugh,

I still would like I hug you and tell you ‘don’t worry my Bacchi, everything will be fine.'

I still would like you to pamper me more and more.

I still would like you to take care of me like your child.

I still would like you to become angry when I drink alcohol.

I still would like you to become conscious when I delete my WhatsApp profile picture.

I still would like you to send me a sound clip of ‘Muuuaaaah Bettu.'

I still would like you to wake me up in the morning and force me to go to the gym

I still hope you send me a mirror selfie in the morning from the washroom of GENPACT

I still would like you to buzz me during your lunchtime.

I still want many things, but not all wishes are fulfilling. According to the same logic, I told you that ‘You would never be happy in your life,’ but that does not mean I wished your sadness.

Please don’t think such things and make me feel guilty. It was an unfortunate face of my life, and I lost all my senses. Forgive me if possible.

It was the last e-mail from my side to Hritisha She never replied after that.

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