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Forgotten Promise - 6 - Fake promise

I was seated at my room drinking a glass of wine.

I signed staring at her picture.

This is for your own good Kelvin. I remember her say.

"I thought since you are back I would feel better still hurts" I said to myself.

Flash back...

I laid on her lap while playing games on my phone.


"Wait just a minute"


"I said-" My phone was snatched from my hands.

"Aww come on why did you do that? I was almost to the next level" I pout.

"Kelvin something has been bothering, I have always wanted to talk to you about it but..." She started fend ling with her fingers. I know she does that when she is nervous.

"What's that?" I asked looking up at her.

"Kelvin you keep scaring away all my friends, a-and I don't like that" she says.

"Oh...don't worry Alexa you don't need them" I said caressing her cheek with my hand.

"Get off" She said in annoyance.

"What?" I was surprised normally she would always listen to I say without getting angry.

"I said get off!" She shook her legs making me fall off the bed.

"Ah, my head!" I said rubbing behind my head.

"Humph , if you keep scaring away my friends then I wouldn't be friends with you anymore!"

I flinched a bit when she said that.

But you don't need them, you have me.

I stood up from the flour to sit beside her.

"Alexandra I didn't know you were that angry..." She looked anywhere else but me.

I frowned honestly I don't like when she does that.

"Ok I wouldn't disturb anyone you decide to be friend with" I said.


I bite my lips and crossed my fingers behind me "yes I promise"

She smiled "Thank you, here" she gave me my phone back

"But Kelvin I have never seen you hang out with other people your age, I mean you are three years older than me" she says.

"I have tried making friends in my class but no method I use works" I said laying down on the bed.

"That's not true you haven't tried anything"

"But I have tried a little"

"Maybe if you stopped glaring at people who want to talk to you, you might actually make some friends" she suggested.

"Nah not interested, besides the only people who wants to talk to me are girls so it's useless" I reached the next level.

"Yes I did it!, I finally did it!"

She giggled "Good for you Kelvin"

End of Flashback...

I signed again "Why can't we go back to the way we were?"

I suddenly heard a knock on the door which brought me out of my thought.

"Come in!" The butler enters inside.

"Sir are you okay?"

"Yes I am, what do you want?"

"Your mother is here to see you" He says.

Hmm... these days she is visiting me a bit more often than usual.

"Ok I am coming" I said.

I washed my face, wore a shirt and put a bit more perfume so she won't know I have been drinking but I know she might still tell if she came closer so I decided to keep a distance.

"Grendel!" She came closer to give me a hug.

"Mum I haven't taken my shower yet, so I don't smell too good"

I said backing away.

"I don't mind" my mum said coming closer.

"No mum stay back"

"Don't tell me you are shy to give your mother a hug"

She came and hugged me then kissed no cheeks.

"Grendel what are you talking about you smell good, did you use a new colon?"

Phew she didn't notice.

"Yes I did"

She frowned a checked my eyes, I look away.

"mãe pare com isso" (Mum stop that)
"parar o que?" (stop what?)

"Mãe, eu não sou um bebê, por que você fica de olho em mim?" (Mum I am not a baby why do you keep check on me?)

"Só estou preocupado com você, só pensei que você estaria melhor agora" (I am just worried about you, I just thought you would be better now) she says sadly.

"I am better I just need to sleep a bit more, anyways what would you like?" I asked cheerfully.

"Anything would be okay" She says not looking convinced.


I was looking out the window while drinking a cup of coffee then someone suddenly walked in.

"Ah Mrs Lidia I have been waiting for you" I said trying to sound cheerful.

"Y-yes you called me" She says.

Mrs Lidia is my cook.

"Mrs Lidia I wanted to ask you a question" I said bringing out a knife from my pocket.

"Are you the one..." I came closer.

"...Feeding my mum with information about me?"

She flinched then started to back away.

"You know I don't like people who don't mind their business"

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