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Tales From The Land Of Wasps


Is it possible to change into a wasp and fly away into the world of dreams? Małgosia sometimes played with children in the courtyard, but on the swing in her garden, she loved to follow the land of imagination. Dad displayed her slides on the wall. The heroes of the tales were her real friends. She found in books about the life on the other side…

Through the open window often flew intrusive insects. One of them fell into her ear. She woke up and wiped her eyes from astonishment. The room was swaying like a boat immersed in the sea. Pirate ships were swimming around. The girl looked at the picture hanging on the wall, it changed into a red bird in a flash. She wanted to get up and go for a walk with the dog, but she felt that something strange is happening. Can that be that she slept in dad’s shaggy jumper? She looked in the mirror and remained speechless. She was all hairy and wings were sprouting from the back. Woven from dreams they were glittering similar to the cloth from which she sewed dresses for dolls. She touched them to feel if they are real. In a moment she lifted up, happy. She has always dreamt about flying. It is surely a dream. Mum’s scarf was fluttering from a wardrobe. Setter in dad’s riding boots entered the room.

-I won’t go to the park like an ordinary dog. I want to know Your world. Maybe we will go to the amusement park? -she said with an Irish accent.

The girl couldn’t take a breath. Her pet, beloved cuddly toy spoke with a human voice.

-Altunia! Come here, I’ll comb You.

-Talk to me Alti, that’s how I have written in the family tree. I’m an aristocrat. You can make me an exquisite breakfast, this time I’ll eat bacon and eggs with You at the table and don’t pet me without my permission.

-I’m glad that I can talk to You. I’ve always wanted to know what You feel.

I think that You don’t understand dogs. We’re the most sensitive creatures in the world. You can talk with me because You’ve changed into a wasp in a wonderful way…

She looked in the mirror and she couldn’t believe. She was an insect. She had antennae, bug eyes and abdomen.

She looked out of the window. Trams were flying at the city like dragonflies. Computers and smartphones conquered the streets. Police dogs were directing traffic. The world was light and colorful like painted with multi-colored pencils. From huge hands growing from the earth like trees doors were opening, birds were flying from them. Suddenly she heard a strange patter. To her astonishment, she saw the most incredible species of dinosaurs which she later saw in the children coloring book. They were eating leaves from the trees and were talking with people about the construction of a new world. Lego bricks came to life, old ages started to mingle with the present time. Knights on dragons were entering the house, pirates’ ships were built with the high-speed hovercrafts. Małgosia moved her wings and suddenly she found herself in a familiar place. But it wasn’t similar to her kind-hearted kindergarten. It was rebuilt into a space ship. The most incredible creatures lived there about what she has never read in tales. People-Insects and doggy cats were teaching children alphabet and pronunciation, flowers were quarreling in English about the place in the main alley, lamps were perfecting image showing in the best light. She lifted up over the earth. She could fly higher than eagles and planes. She watched a new world from the bird’s eye view: auto-dragonflies, glider birds and parrot drones.

Suddenly the storm broke. The lightings changed children room into a huge eye of the cyclone. Red, golden, orange birds circled over the house. They flew from the lost planet of eternal happiness.

Wasps in suits were singing the music of Michael from The Jackson Five. They were playing football with Tsubasa. The world was suspended in the colors of the rainbow. The rain of sweets fell into the earth. Irysy and krówki conquered the milky way. Televisions jibber-jabbered at the table, computers advertised “Prince Polo” around. You could see in them how the world would be in a thousand years’ time and how it was before Christ.

The world was light as a soap bubble. It was flying higher and higher.

-If You are diligent and read a lot of books You’ll meet a nice surprise.

-What? I can’t wait!

- I’ll take You to a place which once exists and once doesn’t exist.

She jumped with joy. She moved her wings and flew away with her setter to a mysterious land where the river of caramel flowed, houses, schools, and kindergartens were built from wafers and gingerbreads and icicles of Italian ice-cream were hanging down from the roofs.

-Look out! If you taste these sweets the land will melt away.

-They look so delicious, that I can’t hold back.

-In grown-up life, you’ll have to deny yourself not once.

Ms. Pear went in hand with Mr. Apple to the garden over which hanged the cloud of whipped cream. In this land everyone was long-living. They didn’t know troubles and suffering. The King Honey First ruled there, taught his minion's goodness, tolerance and wisdom.

-O! If only on Earth it was so beautiful…

-It is only so in the fairy tales.

-You said that imagination has great power.

-In the world where you are everything is possible. Look only in the mirror.

She looked in the grandmother’s mirror. She saw a train going into the past, inside chairs seemed to look at her with little gray eyes, oranges were dancing like oriental dancers, still, life was coming down from the old pictures and as a living wandered in the corridor of the rushing vehicle. Birds settled down in the antique clock, the dog wagged his tail at them, books told forgotten stories. Two frogs jumped to the room cracking that they’re princesses from the green kingdom.

The room went green taking the form of shaking jelly. You could jump on it like on the trampoline with the ever-growing group of royal frogs, walk through the walls and closed doors. It was infinitely incredible.

-Great…I can walk through the walls; I don’t need windows and doors.

-The world belongs to you princess!

Everything is so soft like chewing gum, objects extend.

-If You want, you can take something to your hand and form something new, only use imagination.

The girl took a piece of the picture and formed a flower, she didn’t like it, so she changed it into a bird. In a flash, she taught him how to fly using a sign language. Perfect play, better than old origami!

-And now I’ll show You a trick possible only in the Land of Wasps.

They sat in the children bed which at once started to fly.

-We’ll fly into the future.

They got in and glided twenty years ahead. The girl saw herself with the children at the blackboard. She was teaching English preschoolers. She had a home and a happy family. She was writing tales about her experiences from childhood.

Suddenly time twirled. The house lifted up and started to rush nowhere.

-In the Land of Wasps, every sorrow can be changed into joy.

-And now I’ll show you a trick possible only in the Land of Wasps.

-I think that this book is wiser more than one sage.

-From now You will always be happy.


Flowery People

Małgosia suddenly found herself in the flowery world cracking from the excess of colors, shapes, voices, thoughts, and prejudices. She tasted life with all senses like a well-baked mum’s cake. She was listening more and more to the huge ear of the flowery world. Something started to rattle. Blurred memories, whispers, and voices were coming from inside, flooded with light, saturated with colors.

Faces were moving and restless. She was running losing herself, opening pages of the new events, but everything became for her blurry, reality seemed to be inaccessible. She had to pretend that she understands the world of talking birds and insects, but it was too much for her. She walked slowly in the crowd and in the dazzling brightness of the cars, like a little lonely ant and she didn’t feel the part of the surrounding reality. She preferred to look and taste the beauty of the drop of dew, changing the movement of face, mimicry, to listen to the whirr of existence.

Flowery People and Insect-People were in great friendship. In this land the sun was always shining, no one was sad and didn’t know what evil was. Flowery creatures have never been ill, they lived long and happily. The world was an eternal play of imagination.

-O, if only Earth was such a beautiful, paradise garden.

-Suffering is needed.


- For people to appreciate more its absence.

The flowery world had one weakness. It existed only when it was dry and hot. With the rain of tears, the garden melted and disappeared.

-As you can see goodness and health are fragile.

-What can we do to save them?

-Do good, respect health.




Drawery People full of thoughts and memories were the separated world. There were the corners of existence going to infinity. This interior, the richness of colors, shapes, and voices made Małgosia into astonishment. She stood close to the coral time which resembled foamed sea hiding its mysteries. She wanted to get inside, but it was inaccessible for her. Drawer people were still searching the stairs leading to the interior. In their kingdom, everything was blurring, losing shapes and names. Life played with death, it was music and her echo.

They walked with difficulty, jammed, hiding fears, they were like unwritten pages of the books. Closed they came to life when someone opened the drawer. Cities were built inside where kings and ordinary people lived. You only had to look inside and small kingdoms, empires, and civilizations raised. Pages of the exercise-book were changing into planes and pencils into ballet dancers.

-Don’t touch them, because they’re so fragile that they will break in a moment. Like corals strung on a thread. That’s the life of the pigeonholed people.

-I’d like to talk to them.

-You have to learn their language.

-The whole world separates us.

-Look out when you clean the desk, pencil case, and school accessories, you can hurt its being. Every object has a soul, you have to only learn to see and hear them, not only think about yourself. Pens changed suddenly into the army of soldiers, they started to fight with the sharpeners. She found a sentence on the desk: “fulfill your dreams”. In every drawer a new dream was waiting and a new world to discover, you had to only find the key and the door to the most magnificent tale was opening. In the first drawer, she saw little people, everything was diminished there. You had to tiptoe not to afraid creatures little and helpless like children. In the second drawer there was the world of giants, in the next lived animals speaking with a human voice, in the another there were pencils changed into wizards, flying trams, glider birds. She opened the old, creaky door.

She went to the wardrobe. She took her favorite clothes. It appeared that they could move her into a different time. Somehow, she has never liked to wear dresses and tights, but she saw that after wearing them she could travel to another planet and know its inhabitants. In a new world, everything was possible. It was sufficient to have a dream and furry wings took her wherever she wanted. She had to find a suitable key for the magical desk. It happened that this key was learning a new word. The girl started to read more tales, dictionaries, and belles-lettres because she wanted her dreams to come true.

Thanks to the wings she visited all the countries of the world. She was moving in time, she learned history, geography, and literature. She discovered how big is the power of thought and imagination. She lived in the land of pure white, everything was fleeting here, it lasted only a moment and then it stopped to be. She traveled there where instead of people walked clocks in hats, they were driving cars, building new civilizations. In this place time was flowing too fast, she couldn’t keep up with him.

-I want to save him. Be always a happy child. Just like in my dreams. Why it can’t be like that?

-If you were a child, you would be really unhappy. Dreams are beautiful only for a moment, then comes reality which can be beautiful too. You only have to use imagination, change bad moments into joy-said Irish lady.

Suddenly the strong wind started to blow. It turned over the pages. In one moment, the letters woke up from a dream and started to walk in the city. Some of them wanted to be free and changed into birds. It was strange to meet wandering letters in the street. Suddenly the whole world was filled with the alphabet from the tales.

-People think that they know our world, but it hides many mysteries. In every letter, there is a treasure more precious than gold. Who will discover hidden meanings, will be the happiest sage-said the setter.

-Why people don’t read tales and stories, they prefer to close in the circle of computers and televisions? -asked the girl.

-It’s easier. Life written in books is richer but more difficult to learn.

-It’s a pity that I’m not a dog, then everything would be much easier.

-O princess, believe me, our world is more complicated than you think. Be happy that you have a loving family and a dog, the most faithful friend.

-Take me to the other land that I would tell children and grandchildren.

-Bow-wow-barked the dog and together they soared.

She landed in the country where ruled the color blue, yellow and red. When she woke up, she was in the place of eternal happiness. Adults didn’t have to go to work and children get up to school. Duties were changed into pleasure. This world was infinite, it was swimming like a river, it was swaying like a pendulum of a clock. It resembled a cat’s cradle. Lakes were looking at people like the faithful river. You could see your soul in them like in the mirror.

-What is happiness?

-It’s different for everyone.

-Dogs are happy when they have treats and comfortable bedding.

-Probably we are the happiest when a man likes back our fidelity and devotion.

Suddenly the drawers and wardrobes extended like telescopes, they started to look at me and smile. I was sure that they hide the stories of the past years. I learned that dresser was once a princess and coffee table the knight in the Romanian chariot.

Drawery cities were flooded by the tea with lemon.

-I have to save it and clean up.

-You can do it like in life, there is always a way.

Drawery city closed and started to dream for the next years.

-Maybe it will wake up when it grows up.


On the Other side of the Mirror


Gosia remembers how she didn’t want to get out of the house of dolls and children bathtub. She imagined that she hides time to the pocket and changes its course. She was coming back to a little girl listening to her world. Every moment was filled with longing for childhood. Life was closing in the room of play. She felt like a spider tangling the net with the thread of imagination. She created new kingdoms on the pieces of paper, she rambled to the past.

She folded life in drawers like maternity clothes. Time stopped to flow then. Every word, the look was a story. Moments resembled the river of her childhood where she felt safe and peaceful, she could be whatever she wanted in spite of the world. She floundered in the water like a heron, she was touching the sand soft like a dream, she was paddling, the water was still, clean like her reflection in the mirror, fear and anxieties disappeared, everything was possible, she imitated the flight of birds, she felt one of them, free and comfortable with herself. The border between childhood and adulthood didn’t exist. She could dream, she didn’t hear the voices of the street, cars rushing nowhere, there were only her and the river. She was looking with joy at the hut from the children adventures. It was built with leaves and letters of memories. She laid on the back and turned her face toward the sun. She was approaching to the footbridge taking her away from adulthood. Green waves entwined her body and soul. She wanted to spread her wings and fly away.

Mom, Dad, and dog, it was all her world which provided peace. Time was playing with her, it was looking at her with a pinch of salt when she was changing into a bird, stone, river swimming to the desired goal.

Life seen through the mirror has broken to pieces.

Grown-up Małgosia cleaned her room of play. She closed the drawers of the desk.

She got dressed and combed her hair on her own. She didn’t need the Land of Wasps any more…



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