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Kaju Kesar Burfi Recipe

   kesar burfi recipe is a simple and rich barfi recipe made with saffron strands and milk powder. It is a simple and easy Indian sweet recipe which can be prepared in any festive time like Diwali, Hoili, Rakshabandhan, janmastmi or any other occasions and celebration feast. If mawa is not available and you need to make an instant sweet dish, then this recipe can be prepared.
Let’s make this super delicious quick, easy and healthy kesar burfi with my easy step by step guide.

 kesar burfi recipe with milk powder is unique and a premium sweet by itself. when i started to develop this recipe, i wanted to have hard kesar barfi and i did end up making it with the desired texture. but i soon realised that it would not be a pleasant experience while eating it. the reason i wanted to have a hard texture because as time passes, sweets made from milk powder turns chewy. hence i had made it with sugar syrup, but i wasn’t satisfied with it. so my next option was to make a softer version of this sweet. i used the combination of milk powder and cashew powder and the result was amazing. i hope even you would feel the same for this sweet.anyway, some tips, suggestions and variations for a perfect, rich and creamy kesar burfi recipe.

1. 1 cup milk
2. ½ tsp saffron / kesar
3. ¼ cup ghee / clarified butter
4. 2½ cup milk powder
5. ¼ cup cashew powder
6. ½ cup sugar
7. pinch saffron food colour optional


1. Firstly, soak ½ tsp saffron and add pinch saffron food colour in 1 tbsp warm water (or in 1 cup of warm milk directly) for 20 minutes.
2. in a kadai add 1 cup milk (if you have soaked saffron in milk than take saffron milk into large kadai) and add ¼ cup ghee, 2½ cup milk powder, ¼ cup cashew powder, ½ cup sugar and saffron water
3. Stir well until the mixture is well combined and separates the pan holding shape.
4. Transfer the prepared mixture into a greased plate, thali or tray.
5. Set well forming a block. Top it with chopped nuts and press gently.
6. Allow it to come to room temperature.
7. Allow to set for 2 hours in refrigerator, or till it sets completely..
8. Once the burfi cools down, slice into squares or diamond shapes.
9. Serve barfi immediately. You can also store them in an airtight box. These barfi stay good for about 4 to 5 days in the refrigerator.


• Food color is optional. You can add the saffron water only.
• While setting the burfi if the mixture feels sticky than grease a katori with some ghee and roll it over the burfi. This way you will have smooth texture over the top.
• You can have sugar less or more as per your taste

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