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New Start of Lovestory - Episode 34

Vikram slowly pushed her hair aside and kissed her sleeveless back. Ahana then burst into tears and hugged him. Vikram gave her a tight hug.

Ahana starts kissing, and then they both get intimate. The whole night was gone in intimate romance. Ahana was in his arms, and they both got intimate that night.

The flashback is over, and Vikram makes her wake up and asks, "In which world are you? Have you got ready for shopping? You have not changed the clothes; go, hurry up!" Ahana admired and adored Vikram.

Vikram was a little upset and asked if, before going out of town at the weekend, they would visit an orphanage.

Vikram was feeling upset that his family would not attend his wedding. His mother didn’t like him, but in an accident, his father, who adopted him, got killed. Because of the heavy bleeding and the fact that the hospital from where the incident occurred was a long distance away, there was no one to assist.

Ahana comes near Vikram and says, "My love, don’t worry; we will go. Vikram, when you flirt with me and make me angry, I like that, but not this person who knowingly makes me angry; I am standing here not talking or looking at her."

Vikram sees Ahana’s smile and hugs her, but suddenly starts crying.

Dr.Raj comes to his cabin. He sees Vikram as emotional and gets tense about why he is crying. Is everything going well, then, for what he is tense about? Dr.Raj comes and asks with concern, "Vikram, what happened? Why are you crying?"

Vikram says, with emotional feelings, "My family on my wedding day." They will not be here. Why? They never accepted me as their own son. Only my dad... accepts me, but I know he is not with me. But I also dream of having family…" Dr. Raj with an emotional face, says, "We are your family and Ahana. She is also with you; why are you so sad? Me, Jeevika, and Kamini are with you."

Ahana wipes the tears from Vikram's eyes. She holds his face and says, "Look at me; don’t be sad. I am with you, and we are all your family. Don’t feel alone. Dr. Raj, your best friend, is also with you. So please smile and come. We are getting late for shopping, okay."

Ahana holds Vikram's face and kisses him on the forehead, and Ahana goes to the washroom to change her clothes. Dr.Raj consoles Vikram. Dr.Raj asked him to get normal, and he says, "Vikram, happiness is with you, and you should keep the past aside and welcome new happiness with a smiling face."

Ahana goes to change the clothes, but she cries badly in the washroom. When she closes her eye, she remembers the face of Vikram, feeling his sadness and pain. Jeevika comes to meet Dr.Raj. Dr. Raj asked her to assist Ahana, but when she saw her crying, she wondered what had happened to her so suddenly. Jeevika goes towards her and asks her why she is crying.

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